Character Sheet
Aoh adele grunewald by ainokiseki-d31qrrd


Adele Grunewald






Dark Blue




5'0" (w/o shoes) / 107 lb

   5'2" (w/ shoes)


  • Blunt
  • Naive
  • Feminine
  • Tsundere
  • Soft spot for soft things
  • Bookworm


  • Reading
  • Evesdropping


Before AoHEdit

Adele comes from a family line of nobles that are known for their knowledge in the magic arts. As a child, he was raised by an overprotective mother and a lazy factor for a father. For his 16th birthday, Adele was supposed to go through a coming of age ceremony that required the mastery of at least one elemental magic. However, being as spoiled and untrained as he was, Adele couldn't even conjure up enough Eden to make a decent puddle of water. This caused Adele's father, for once in his life, to go into a panic. The son of a family of 'magicians' can't even do magic correctly?

"My son, as a father I must take immediate action!"

"Did you say father? Oh, I didn't know I had one of those. Hmph..."

"Gwahaha! Don't be silly my boy. I have a grand idea. As your father, and also as one of the famed factors of this empire, I will have you enrolled at the most prestigious Academy to hone your magical (and hopefully physical!) skills!"

"A-Academy? Are you a madman? With... commoners?! Why can't you just train me? Since you're just so amazing, father."

"Gwahaha! Trust me, it's a much more enlightening experience!"

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit

After seeing the variety of people at the academy, Adele no longer calls just anyone a "commoner". He didn't want to admit it, but most of the students at AoH were more qualified to be high class than he was. Actually, most of the people he met were of a higher class than he was. The diversity of the academy intrigued Adele, and that's when Adele began to take initiative and learn about the different cultures around him by reading in the library daily. Often more than he should though, he tries to use his newly gained knoledge during the wrong situations. Which leads to much misunderstandings...

Reguarding his process in controlling his eden, Adele can finally control it enough to create low-level ice skills. He can also create puppets from objects, but not move them yet. The chances that Adele's spells work although are 50/50.



  • Cyrus Grunewald XII: Father
  • Eloise Grunewald: Mother


  • Neku Shirogami: First roommate
  • Taiga Kurosu: Roommate
  • Ivory: Mentor
  • Remy Mercier: Stalker