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Aiden is a dorky, innocent, friendly, gullible, and naive young man who was very sheltered most of his life. Being the son of a swan maiden and human he has a pair of white feather wings on his back and is capable of transforming into a swan. Though he was not born with the wings and he is embarrassed by his swan transformation ability and is not quite able to control it, so he can find it frustrating to "swan poof" when he is stressed out or receives a sudden shock or surprise. He enjoys socializing and dreams of being a hero one day. To find the maiden of his dreams, save her, and live happily ever after is his fondest wish. He does not like hot weather but does enjoy swimming. Not being fond of sloppiness his unruly hair can irritate him. He loves sweets and bread but does not like meat so much.


  • composing music
  • playing piano
  • swimming
  • fencing
  • sampling sweets and breads


Before AoHEdit

He lived with his father in his manor his entire life. Though there is a nearby village he has not been there often, as his father keeps him in the manor and on the grounds of his property most of the time. About the only traveling Aiden has done has been for and during fencing competitions he has been a part of. One day white feathered wings appeared on his back. As he was not born with them he was a bit clumsy with them at first. But Draco was born with his wings, so he was able to help Aiden adjust to it somewhat.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit

  • Met Snow and Mayur
  • Learned to to shift his wing size and make them disappear from Transformation Magic class
  • Attended the Winter Ball with Snow
  • Completed his final exam with Snow as his partner



Father - A wealthy human. He's very protective of Aiden.

Mother - A Swan Maiden who disappeared once her young son let slip to her where her swan skin was one day.


Sonatina - Pet/Companion: A vain little songbird who likes reflective surfaces and fell in love with Aiden's swan form. She began following him around after seeing him swan poof. She adores attention and likes handsome men, but gets jealous of cute girls. Aiden likes to keep her around because of her ability to mimic sounds, such as instruments.

Draco Vesylia - Childhood Friend: The two met at a fencing match Draco happened to be watching and that Aiden was competing in. They quickly befriended one another as Aiden holds Draco in high regard and thinks it's awesome that he is part Ice Dragon (he thinks being part ice dragon is cooler than poofing into a swan). Aiden enjoys sparring with Draco when it comes to fencing as well as teaching Draco many other things and just spending time with him. Performing and practicing the piano for his demi-dragon friend was also something he enjoyed. Aiden also likes to sing karaoke with Draco, though his voice is terrible the demi-dragon has never complained or teased him about it. He just makes sure he remembers the ear plugs.

Mayur Kamal - Role Model:

Snow Mishibari - Love Interest: