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Aoh ao xue


Ao Xue

Real Name:



Appears to be around 21






Left - red, right - golden yellow




Quiet, composed, distant and cold, people find it hard to get close to her due to the mysterious aura around her. However once going through her cold exterior, she is actually a caring big sister who cares of the person around her, though sometimes a bit air-headed due to her lack of interaction with society. She tends to act in unusual way which could surprise others who are not familiar with her as she lacks common sense.




Before AoH

Xue remember almost nothing during her awaken of slumber in front of a shrine, and a boy in the age of 12 greeted her. Later the child's trusted aide brought her to the tribe, which later she realized that the boy was the younger brother of the Emperor of the White Dragon Clan, The Sakurayin. She was also informed that she was supposed reincarnated into the White Dragon clan, the Sakurayin from her previous life through a ritual for all the Dragons to free themselves from their preious life. However due to an unforseen error during the ritual, she wasn't reborn into the territory of the clan, instead she appeared around the shrine where the boy found her. She spent most of her life later in the tribe learning magic and other stuffs.

After many years (she has lost counts) fragments of memories have came back to her: the death of someone dear to her, rampage, death bodies, the feeling of remorse and self-hatred. These negative feelings confused her, and almost driven her into madness. She seek comfort to the elders of the tribe, they told her it was the memory fragments of her past life, which may be too condensed to be purified by the ritual of reincarnation. To cease her insecurities, the elders made another ritual on her to uncover her soul. It was then some other fragments arose from her mind: a school ground, some blurry images who talked to her, and even smiled to her. Confused, she tried to figure out the place in her memories, eventually led her to an academy known as Academy of Heroes. The name rang a bell to her, which she decided to enroll to the academy to solve out the mysteries.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit



Xue has no family members (at least what she knows) as she woke up from a place she never knew before, only the Royal family of Sakurayin clan can be considered as her family member, technically.