The Azureus dormitory building is a tall 5-floor brick building, decorated in blue with some Victorian-esque detailing. As you approach the front of the building, you can see a garden, as well as a path that forks to the right leading to the Azureus teahouse. Each floor is different and they have been stacked on top of each other in a somewhat unbalanced fashion, creating an asymmetrical look that might as well be held up by magic...

The dorms have 61 rooms and can house 107 students, not including the second floor.

What follows is a rough description of each floor.


  • Bedroom & Office - This used to be Professor Conan's room before he retired from his post as water magic teacher. The basement is also decorated with a mosaic that Conan made.
  • Swimming pool, which is heated in winter and includes a hot tub. Was Conan's property, but open to any student!
  • Storage and utilities - Hardware, tools, the hot water boiler, etc.

First FloorEdit


  • The entrance is a covered porch with double doors leading inside.
  • Mailboxes are located right outside by the door, set in the wall.
  • When you enter, on the left there is a shoe cubby, [other rooms] and a directory panel which lists all students and where they are staying. On the right is an umbrella stand, a coat rack, the common room, and the entrance to the second bedroom wing
  • Towards the rear is the main staircase to the upper floors.

The Common Room

  • It is a room with lots of comfortable couches, chairs and tables to lounge around on. The floor is carpeted and of course the room is decorated in a blue color scheme. There's a blackboard where messages can be written, and also a blue Azureus banner hanging on the wall. The windows in this room are large to make the environment seem bright and airy, and a fireplace is provided for heat.
  • In the corner is a kitchen area for those who want to prepare food. This kitchen tends to vanish sometimes, however. It reappears but usually the food items don't.
  •  In the common room is also a closet meant for extra linens, tools and cleaning supplies.

Mail + Office Room - Located behind the mailboxes, this is the sorting station for incoming mail, where mail can be dropped off and delivered. Packages are stored in this room for pick-up, and the room contains school supplies and stationery for everyday needs. Mail volunteers for the school have access to this room.

Dining Room - Located just behind where the kitchen (usually) is. It contains long tables and chairs for those who want more of a community experience when eating, or when the teahouse is too cold for meals.

Game Room #2 - A new game room has been built, accessible left from the entrance hall, owing to the old game room being too cold. Most of the stuff from the old game room has now been moved here. It contains many board games, playing cards, a tennis table, and materials for arts and crafts, as well as tables to play on.

Laundry Room #3- A new laundry room has been built so students no longer have to deal with the frozen one or borrow a key for the 5th floor room. Contains 6 washers + dryers. 

Library - Accessible from Common Room. It was newly expanded between Semester 5 and 6 and has more bookshelves than before (although they haven't been necessarily filled yet). The library also includes space to relax and read, and a study room for those who want more piece and quiet while poring over magical theory.

Bathrooms - There are two communal bathrooms on the floor from when there used to be bedrooms here. They are available for guests to use, and also still include bathtubs and showers.

Second FloorEdit

Most noticably, the second floor is completely frozen and ice coats the walls and the ceilings. Nobody really knows why. It's rumored that Magistra Celie lives on this floor, and some say that they can feel her presence there, but to be honest nobody has ever seen her here. Oddly enough, even after Magistra Celie vanished, the icy nature of the floor still hasn't gone away.

Despite having the most rooms, the second floor is considered to be uninhabitable by anybody except perhaps pure ice elementals, and it also sometimes causes problems with hot water on the upper floors. There's a common area of the floor near the stairs, which might be a nice place to stop by during the hot summers.

Game Room #1: It's a large room that served as the former game room. Most of the stuff inside has been moved to Game Room #2 on the first floor, but you can still skate and play hockey in it. 

Laundry Room #1: It contains six washing machines + dryers, but because of the frozen plumbing, it's difficult to get them to work. Some of them are a bit damaged because of the frustration of students trying to wash their clothes.

Third FloorEdit

Study Room - Visible upon turning left while exiting the stairs, it's a room at the end of the hall full of desks work tables and chairs for those looking for a quiet place. Has a balcony for a nice view. 

Kitchen + Dining Lounge - On the other end of the hall, it is a prominent feature of this floor. On one side of the kitchen is a bar counter that can look over the dining area. Students can sit at the counter to eat too. The dining area is an open area of tables and chairs, and there are some sofas there as well. The area opens onto a balcony patio that gives a view of the Academy grounds.

Bedrooms - Capacity: 36

  • For three people each, these are the largest bedrooms. Some have a couch inside too. There are 4 suites of 3 rooms each.


  • One for each room: includes bathtub/shower, double sinks, water closet

Fourth FloorEdit

The fourth floor doesn't exist, but there is a story about how it was made completely out of bread and then promptly devoured by a "hungry cat." Some believe this cat to be the former Home Economics professor, Panko. It might as well have never been built at all, except that while climbing the stairs past where this floor is supposed to be, there is a distinct smell of freshly baked bread.

Fifth FloorEdit

Uniquely, the apartments on this floor have two levels in them. Upon entering any apartment, there are stairs that lead to a lower story. They might have been built like this to account for the missing fourth floor. Also, there have sightings of fish-like ghosts on this floor, and they might have been  Professor Iah's more... unfortunate koi pets. Some of the fish ghosts are also quite mutated. Besides the fish ghosts, there's still a faint scent of bread wafting up from below. ApartmentsCapacity: 35

  • The upper floor, where you enter, has a living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms (one double, one single).
  • The downstairs part has a bathroom (double sink, toilet closet, bath closet), some storage, and three bedrooms (two doubles, one single). The lower level isn't visible from the outside of the building.

Laundry Room #2 - There was another laundry room installed on this floor, since the second floor laundry room is more than a little troublesome. However, it's smaller, containing only two washers + dryers, and only people with keys for the fifth floor can access it. 

Sixth FloorEdit

Aoh lendys and yukis room by darkdragontanis-d4ivdhk

Lendys and Yuki's room in the dorms (a papercraft by DarkDragonTanis)

There is nothing too remarkable about the sixth floor, except that is the highest floor of the dorms, and also that it has a balcony that circles the entire building. There is an extra room 666 that appears from time to time, which has also been spotted in the Virens dorms.

Apartments - Capacity: 36

  • Each apartment contains a living/dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and four bedrooms (three single, one triple)


There's a small balcony on the roof where one can stand and see the view overlooking the grounds. Otherwise the roof is pitched and care should be taken when standing on it, especially in inclement weather.