Aoh under the rain by naru kii-d4jg7cu

Nori enjoys the sakura under the spring rain at the teahouse.(by Naru-Kii)

The teahouse is a building which was constructed in Semester 1 as part of the Spring Festival, where Azureus held a specialty booth that reflected the Japanese tea custom. It is built in Eastern style, and consists of areas for eating, relaxation, a kitchen, and an outside pier that extends onto the koi pond next to it. The teahouse also sits next to a sakura grove, which puts out beautiful blossoms every spring and is within a close distance so that teahouse patrons may take their food out for a picnic under the branches if they would like.

The koi pond by the teahouse is also where Blinky was born. It is considered part of Azureus' territory, but is not to be confused with a different lake on campus. For a while in the teahouse, there was also a small store that sold Azureus-branded products along with other general goods - the store doesn't really run anymore, but the merchandise is still there, with many more in stock down in the basement.

Because of the propensity for destruction in the teahouse, a spell has been put on it so that the building can repair itself after suffering any extensive damage, even if it were to be flattened to the ground. However, the results can be unpredictable and the teahouse never looks exactly the same as before when this happens. Sometimes objects will go missing and never be seen again as the teahouse repairs itself over them.

Nowadays, although quite understaffed, the teahouse still caters to visitors and guests from the other houses, and remains a landmark of Azureus. It is usually taken care of Azureus student volunteers, and continues to be a central meeting area for Azureus students besides the common room of the dormitories. Its location on the grounds makes it a convenient spot for anyone who is looking for a place to rest or a bite to eat after being outdoors, especially as it is open just about 24/7. It is much less populated in the winter, because its thin walls provide little insulation.

Azureus Tea MenuEdit

Besides carrying the usual cadre of teas, Azureus is the birthplace of a great number of special-effect teas, most of them the result of wanton experimentation or dubious tea dealers. They are listed below with their duration of effect.

  • Genderbender - Changes the drinker's gender. Clothes remain the same. [20-120 minutes]
  • Animal- Changes the user into an animal (full animal - no speech or Eden use). Species vary but the most common are domestic cats and birds. [1-10 hours]
  • Sparkle - Gives the drinker glitterskin - color of sparkles may vary. [10-180 minutes]
  • Kid - Turns the drinker into a child in body, skill, mentality, and memory, ranging from 5-10 years old. [1-3 hours]
  • Octopus-head - Turns the drinker into an octopus head, with optional crab claws. [~3 hours]
  • Kemonomimi - Drinker earns ears, tail, (wings if applicable) of a random animal. Some animals provide a slight sense boost. This does not alter strength or modulate abilities. [1-3 hours]
  • Shrinking - Drinker shrinks in side depending on amount taken. Minimum size is 3 inches in height. [1-5 hours]
  • Growth - Reverse of Shrinking tea. Cap at 30 ft. [1-5 hours]
  • Mood - Drinker changes color based upon mood [20-180 minutes.]
  • Bubble - No effect. Just tea... with a lot of soap in it.
  • Love Potion Brew - A bottled iced tea drink, and the effect can be assumed based on the description, but no effects have been witnessed as of yet. It has a peachy sort of fruit flavor.
  • Missile Tea - A very spicy tea that results in smoke blowing from the ears and sparks if one opens their mouth after drinking it. Also warms up the body to a toasty temperature. Perfect for winter! [~1 hour]
  • Beard Tea - Causes a beard, which can be of any shape and style, to sprout on the drinker's face. Eventually, the beard starts to shed off as the tea's effect wears away. [1-2 hours]

Most of the time, the tea is unlabeled and can look like any other ordinary tea, so extreme care must be taken when selecting tea to drink at this house, which contributed to a great part of Azureu's reputation. Newcomers to the Academy are always warned about the effects of Azureus' tea, and other Academy students usually avoid it whenever possible. In fact, some Azureus students themselves have been completely put off drinking tea for a very long time.