Bronze Dragon Clan is one ofthe dragon hybrid species in the world of AoH. The race is created in January 2010 by DarkDragonTanis.

Physical AppearanceEdit

AoH AHPD Lendys by DarkDragonTanis

Lendys in customised Azureus House Police Department (AHPD) uniform and Thuril

Bronze Dragon Clan is associated with water elements and its people are known to have tanned skin, dark colored curvy hair, eyes with slitted irises, 6 short horns on the upper part of their head (3 on each side), a pair of bat-like wings that matches the color of bronze (ranges from brown to yellow) with multi-colored wing membranes, and middle-length tail with fin-like appendages. The lifespan of a Bronze Dragon is approximately 60 to 80 years and considered short for a Dragon race. They are known to have the ability in flight, breathing in water and water manipulation. However, the sighing of this type of dragon race is quite rare, hence not much reports has been made over times thus not much are known in many fields such as their ability to transform into full dragon form, social interactions etc.

Ecology & SocialEdit

Bronze Dragon Clan is one of the tribes that lives in the sea, typically dwelling in underwater caverns. The clan lives in colonies with hierachy based on the ability of magic used by each individual. Their main diet relies on smaller sea creatures like fish and can be quite territorial in their hunting grounds. As one of the many tribal traditions, Bronze Dragons takes high concern in their territories and will fight against other tribes for various reasons. Though live in a colonial society, they are also known to be racist against other races, as they take pride on their own kind and would never take anyone other than their own kind as their partner. Observation reports shown that there were no other races lived together in the colony. However, reports also shown that Bronze Dragons has co-exist with Bronze Wyrn, a type of wyvern that lives in the sea.

Magic & AbilitiesEdit

Lendys mother

Loushia with her tribal tattoo

As one of the magical sea creatures, Bronze Dragons excel in water magic manipulation. Each dragons are born with a special magic skill, be it in attack, defensive, mentality, healing, and many more. A dragon will receive a tattoo in their 20th birthday in proving their type of skills, and the tattoo will be on the left side of their chest right below the collarbone. However, only one type of skill could possess in a dragon. A Bronze Dragon also possesses other abilities such as Night Vision breathing underwater and even flight.

Every 50 or 60 years, a dragon will born in the tribe who possess all the abilities that individual dragon could gain, and able to master them all. This dragon will become the chief of tribe as he/she have the highest magical ability and have the capabilities to lead the tribe. However, when a dragon with such high magical capabilities is born, another dragon will be born at the same time with the lack of magical capabilities. These dragons are branded by their tribe as Broken Dragons.

Broken DragonsEdit

Broken dragon tattoo

The Broken Dragon tattoo on Lendys' left chest below collarbone

A Broken Dragon is born at the same time when the powerful Bronze Dragon is born every 50 to 60 years. 

They have the tattoo of a partly shattered dragon on their chest to differentiate them from others. The Broken Dragons are born with magical abilities but lack te ability to utilize them at will, as the link between the individual and their magical source is missing. However, they may able to use them occasionally but never when they needed.

At first the Broken Dragons lived among others in the colony, with a minority of numbers within one. However as time goes by the number increases as Broken Dragons mixed with normal ones and had offsprings. The trait of Broken Dragon tend to inherit in family bloodline i.e. if one of the parents is one, the offspring may become one. This had lead to the weaken of magic in the tribe. As a race who relies on magic heavily, this has endangered the clan till the Chief noticed the threat to the kind. A council was made in solving the problem and they found out that it was the existence of Broken Dragons endangered the magic. Thus all Broken Dragons are called out and executed without them understanding the reason, as this matter was kept in secret to protect their people.


Incomplete Dragon tattoo (left) and Chief Dragon tattoo (right)

However, after the Broken Dragons ceased to exist, a new problem arise within the tribe: There were no dragons with the magical capabilities of a Chief were born. This has been remained for many years until the tribe realized the existence of Broken Dragons. Broken Dragons were once called the Incomplete Dragons due to their lack of ability in magic, and this has been happened in the tribe since the tribe existed. Their existence is to balance out the Chief Dragon's magical abilities.  

As a result, the tribe decided to keep the Broken Dragons - who they refer to as Incomplete Dragons -  and made a rule to protect the balance of magic and forbidden to have descendance. Indirectly they had considered the weak in the tribe, forbidden to form any relationship with anyone, which made them left out alone within the society. However, the feeling of sadness, desperation and solitude has driven them crazy, which they had unable to handle them and went into suicide. Hence the Broken Dragons died in young age. The situation remained until a female Broken Dragon decided to leave the caverns and lived on the surface. The tribe sent out a search party to look for the Dragon, only to find out her decision to live outside of safe place of the tribe. Decided to give this a chance, the tribe helped in buiding a house for her. Surprisingly, the suicide ended afterwards as the decision has given the Incomplete Dragons a happy life to live on. Since then, a new rule was set to send out young Broken Dragons to the surface to live with the older ones, learning how to survive, the importance of Broken Dragons and the promise to protect the tribe's magic. However the rule also cause the Broken Dragons to be exiled from the tribe, losing their family name in the process.

People known in this RaceEdit

  • Lendys
  • Loushia, Lendy's Mother
  • Haurach