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Conan Tamboli Heidrich


Magister Magi of Water Magic






Silver Gray


Blue (right), Hazel (left)






Conan is normally a cheerful, accepting and dorky sort of person. He tends to not think before he does something, blurts out the first thing on his mind, is easily distract-able and takes others at their word. He enjoys helping others and has a childlike trust in most people, preferring openness and honesty, but as a result a lot of subtle cues will go over his head.

All that said, he's fiercely protective of the things and people he cares about. Conan dislikes fighting and prefers peaceful solutions, but he will defend himself and others when necessary. He's not the best at verbal expression, but he's talented with magic and not too shabby at flailing around.


Conan enjoys arts and crafts, practicing his magic and music, long walks on the beach, and in general being easy-going and enjoying life. He enjoys Eregan'rian folk songs best but likes a wide variety of music, though things running closer to "classical" appeal to his tastes more. Theoretically enjoys cooking, but he's horrible at it.


250 Years AgoEdit

His name was once Conri Ivarr, son of Lord Cadell Ivarr and Lady Alannah Mulrennan. Due to an accident and a flux of pure eden, Lord Cadell had gained the gift of sight, and he was often wandering around their castle as if lost, reacting to things that weren't there, staring at Conri as if seeing right through him. In his bouts of lucidness, his presence was demanded by powers greater than himself. Despite his problems, he was a highly desirable bachelor and was quickly matched up with Lady Alannah. Conri only remembered one time where they had touched in something resembling an affectionate manner, a quiet moment in the library during the last time he visited them...a week before he was arrested for treason. Other than that, his parents came and went through his life, so he had the castle staff for company.

Conri showed his talents at a young age, inherited from his mother, and was put through formal schooling. Lady Alannah thought that this would make him more desirable as a husband, in the way that his father was more desirable for his talents. When Conri came of age, he instead decided that he was bored of castle life and wanted to travel the world, and his father gave him permission to do so. This was how he met Phaidra, Emidio and Alarice--the three mages that changed his life.

The three of them became fast friends, their bonds enduring for years as they dabbled in research and honed their powers to greater extents than schooling allowed. They eventually embarked on the project that would become known to all others as the Tower. It was a project that was originally research into portals and miscellaneous things, but grew to start messing with Abyssal energies and theories of creation. As the project went on, Conri slowly went insane, becoming more obsessed with the prospect of power and playing god. Their friendship was also starting to deteriorate. Government officials became more suspicious as rumors spread of young mages signing on for the project and then never returning home. Ultimately, it all came crashing down when Alarice implicated the other three (escaping an accusation for another, unrelated crime she had committed), and they were arrested and sentenced to death for high treason and countless murders.

Conri was prepared to accept his death, he had a contingency plan in place, something that they had all planned out a long while ago...the only thing he had been frustrated about was that he was so close to completion. Lord Cadell unexpectedly showed up on the day of his execution, however, pleading with the judge to give Conri an alternate sentence. The reasons cited had to do with Conri's numerous contributions to the world in the past, as well as a vitally important vision that must be carried out, but ultimately it was Cadell's sway on the people involved that convinced them.

The alternate sentence was carried out--Conri was turned back into the state of a baby, then frozen in time, to awaken again fresh and ready to start a new life.

Before AoHEdit

Conan's current life was started on a small semi-tropical island called King's Coast or Eregan'ri--not a floating one, one of the ordinary ones on the ocean. For the first eight years of his life, he grew up in an orphanage. To him and the other children, the orphanage was always known as the "big house", and he remembers loving to look out over the nearby cliff and watch the sea. Another few of his favorite activities at the orphanage were rolling down the nearby hillsides, attempting to climb trees, and watching in awe at how many flowers would bloom in spring. The other children considered him a bit weird, so he often played alone.

Conan was finally adopted by two women, Anala Tamboli and Naomi Heidrich. The two were both magic arts teachers, who met when Anala moved to the island to begin her teaching career; since then, they fell in love, married, and settled down. When they decided to start a family, they had considered several options before deciding on adoption, and fell in love with Conan upon meeting him. They proceeded to baby him in every way possible as he grew up. When it turned out Conan had talent--and a lot of it--they were quite pleased and started his education early. Thus Conan grew in his power and his confidence. By the time he turned 18, he had taken a few magic classes in the local college and was quite sure he'd be better off taking a more active job instead of pursuing a college degree. So he signed up for a monster hunting job.

Except...real monsters are scary. Conan learned the difference between sparring with one's parents and teachers and fighting for one's life very quickly. And he also quickly found out he didn't particularly like putting his life on the line so much. But when he took on other odd jobs after that, he got very bored or was fired for being such a dope...and so he searched for a position where he would be able to use his magic without putting himself in so much danger. It seemed to be the only thing he was and could ever actually be good at.

Well except for the fact that in this academy, you're never really safe...


Conan applied for a vacant position at the Academy of Heroes, and was surprisingly accepted! He was given the official title of Magister Magi of Water Magic by the staff. He had a bit of a setback where he was incredibly late to his first class, but after that he strove to be more punctual. Conan enjoyed teaching his students and had many adventures over the years. Unfortunately, due to the events at the end of Semester 5 he was forced to leave the school.

Post-AoH Edit

Conan attended classes at the University of the Magi to become a properly accredited teacher. He is qualified to teach Water Magic and Runic at other magical colleges. He was given an offer to teach at the University, but recent events changed his mind.

Return to AoH Edit

Conan has decided to return to the Academy and take up his old position as Magister of Water magic. His relationship with his parents is strained as a result of his decision, but he's made up his mind. The Academy is his home, it's where he belongs and it's where he should be.

Events at AoHEdit

Winter, Semester 4Edit

During his first experience with winter at the Academy, he went on a foray into the forest with Viveka to chop down a suitable tree for the Azureus dormitory. Instead of getting a Christmas tree, they and several others ended up burning half the forest down fighting against a herd of angry Cephalopinus, squid-like creatures with the likenesses of pine trees.

Spring, Semester 4Edit

Conan found a mysterious spyglass while cleaning his room. He wasn't sure how it got into his things and didn't recognize it as his, so he began playing around with it. With Viveka and Taiga's help, they realized the spyglass had the power to see through illusions, and they discovered a tall, blue stained-glass and white marble Tower floating over the lake that they were pretty sure wasn't there before. With several other people, they decided to explore the Tower...and it wasn't something he'd do again. That's all he'll say about it, if asked. He still feels like he was responsible.

Conan and Viveka vanished not long after entering the first floor, leaving the others trapped and with no way to go except up. They solved puzzles and fought their way through the floors of the tower, eventually being confronted by the spirits of the mages that still lingered in the Tower, who were intending to sacrifice them to finally complete the "final door". It was a door that they theorized to lead to the heart of the abyss, the one last step that they were to complete before they were arrested. Phaidra and Emidio's spirits tested their mettle first, though they had expected to win and were eliminated instead. Conri, who possessed the body of his rebirthed self, seemed to be their last challenge. He had set Viveka up to be sacrificed, so everyone worked together to save her. However, Viveka was also possessed by the final spirit, Alarice. She finished off Conri with a blast of lightning after everyone had weakened him, attempting to kill them all herself next. Everyone helped Viveka regain control of her body at the end, then escaped when the tower started collapsing.

When they returned, they learned it had been about three weeks since they went inside the Tower even though everyone perceived it as a half-day at most. It is unknown why the Tower collapsed at the end; it might have been some failsafe or it might have been sabotage. Regardless, the Azureus lake now features a few broken and half-sunk pieces, as well as a thriving giant plant stalk growing in the middle.

Conan still has a faint scar on his back from where Viveka had struck him, resembling a lightning arc. He fell into a deep sadness after this event, hiding in the Azureus basement for three months. It also resulted in Conan obtaining most of the memories of his former life, which he processed over the course of the summer. He seems to have come to better terms with it now. Again, though, he'd prefer to not talk about it.

Fall, Semester 4Edit

In the fall, he and several others found a commission for investigating the disappearances of three people in a small town nearby. Conan decided it would be all right to go with them, especially since he was a teacher and should probably supervise these sort of things. They found out that the three people had disappeared in a mansion, long believed to be haunted by the townsfolk, and as they entered and explored it for themselves, they found out that the rumors of hauntings were true. Indeed, they were nearly killed several times by angry spirits who wanted revenge for events that happened nearly two hundred years ago.

Hm. Two hundred years ago, things were apparently not that great.

In the end, they found out what happened--a son of the family who owned the place had been killed on a hunting trip, which led to the banishment of the other son on suspicion of murder. In fact, it was the son's sister who had committed the murder and set up her brother for reasons only she knew (Conan, if asked, would guess it had something to do with the man she was being married to, and she was a meanie, but otherwise he had no clue). She believed she had gotten away with her crime, but on the night of her wedding, the family butler revealed that her sin would be laid out for all to see, and in her panic she murdered him and left a servant in charge of disposing the body. Unfortunately, the servant set the body on fire, which caused the house to catch aflame, killing everyone in the process.

The party was able to prove to all the ghosts what really happened that fateful day, in a trial that put Lakhana's life at risk. They saved her, but in doing so proved that the murderess' spirit had moved on to the next life. The ghosts then became violent, turning into an enormous ghast bent on destroying the nearby town and taking their ultimate revenge. It was with everyone's combined efforts that the ghast was felled and they could finally bring the spirits peace.

Winter (Again), Semester 4...?Edit

The Academy was assaulted by Abyssal creatures. Conan has no idea what set this event off in the first place, all he knows is that the sky went black and things were being destroyed everywhere. He tried to look out for the students and eliminate the abyssal monsters, realizing that Celie's helpful summons were probably not helping the situation at all but unsure of what to do about it.

Then, the dream happened. He, along with many other students, fell into a dream-like world where strange events happened. It was difficult to tell what sort of place it was, but it seemed to have something to do with Celie; there was also a strange creature phantom that tried to speak to them, which turned out to be Professor Yuki, but he kept being killed by the ice creatures that were there to protect the place. Every time they fell asleep, or went unconscious, they all continued to be separated from each other.

For a while it seemed like they would be trapped forever, until a mysterious young woman with long silver hair (urk!) wearing blue (urk!!) appeared at the top of a clock tower in a large round room full of stained glass windows (urk!!!). After Conan stopped freaking out, the woman whose name was Vi told him and the others with him that she would help them escape, as long as they agreed to stop Celie from freezing space and time itself. They agreed, then dueled an ice dragon who claimed they knew too much and had to be eliminated. It was a very tough fight and everyone barely held on, waiting for the mage to create the portal that would release them from the dream world, but they eventually made it through.

Afterward, they kept their promise and confronted the headmistress, attempting to stop her summoning ritual. Viveka tried to talk to Celie first, but when Celie refused to stop, she and Conan had no choice but to battle her. It was a long fight; Celie proved she wasn't a headmistress for nothing. However, before they could knock her out, something in Celie seemed to...snap. She sprouted small wings of ice. The last thing Conan remembers of the fight before blacking out was Celie looking at him with a piercing and unfamiliar glare, commanding him to die.

Conan woke up days later in a makeshift hospital wing in a lot of pain and feeling like his body was frozen through. Even today, he has a scar over his heart where Celie struck him, though it's difficult to see. He was eventually informed that the summoning of the Ice Phoenix had been successful despite their efforts, injuring and killing thousands. However, someone--no one knows who--had somehow stopped the Ice Phoenix, and Celie herself had vanished.

He was angry, upset, anguished. He had failed to protect Viveka and his friends. He had failed to defend the students of the Academy. The whole world was in danger and he had been powerless to stop any of it. It's not that he wasn't grateful that someone did manage to stop the Ice Phoenix and that everyone was saved, of course, but maybe if he had been stronger...

He also wondered what happened to Headmistress Celie. He's mostly convinced that there was something wrong with Celie and she hadn't been completely herself at the time--maybe she had been possessed by something evil, as he had once been. He's hoping that was the case. Conan couldn't help but occasionally wonder whether anything would have changed if he had gotten to know her better. Maybe if there were signs, he or someone else could have intervened sooner.

Once he recovered, Conan stayed around the academy to help with some of the reconstruction efforts, then decided to take the summer off to go back home and visit his parents. His break was not only for de-stressing, but also to train more intensely so he could become a better teacher and a better guardian.

Semester 5Edit

The Academy seemed to have mostly recovered from the events of last winter, and business went on as usual: classes, dances, and so on. The Halloween Ball reportedly ran into some trouble a few hours after he decided to retire early, but that seemed to be the worst of what happened so far. Thankfully, the other teachers were there to help contain the situation.

Conan met and befriended a lot of new people this term, helping him put aside some of the sadness from before. Of course, he may have put it a bit too far aside--one of his new student bffs, Helena, convinced him to try some of her "Jovial Juice". It was the third or fourth worst decision he'd ever made in his life. The incident--and others related to it--were forgiven eventually of course, with their friendship no worse for wear.

Though the ball at the end of the term was fun, the semester ended in a fiery blaze where he did his best to protect his charges and was lucky enough to get out of the ship wreckage only mildly injured. Several other students, however, were not so fortunate. Conan's parents expressed extreme concern and pleaded with him to return home before something happened to him too. Conan was extremely reluctant, as he felt that he had a duty to everyone at AoH, but in the end he chose his family and returned home.

Semester 6 Edit

Conan came back to King's Coast and decided to go back to school while he was there, intending to get a real teaching degree so that he could continue to pursue his career path at other institutions. He submitted his application for the University of the Magi and was accepted. He went through a vigorous educational program that further honed his abilities and graduated as a qualified Magister of Water.

Toward the end of the summer, he was hired to assist with a construction project in Clifftown. He used his Runic skills to design wells that would perpetually generate fresh water for years to come, a boon to the residents of an otherwise dry desert town. Clifftown was a short airship ride to the Academy of Heroes, so he came back to visit the campus a couple times when he had time off. Afterward, he was offered a position as a teacher at the University of Magi. However, he turned it down to the dismay of his family and friends.

Semester 7 Edit

Conan's returned to teach Water magic at the Academy. He's ready for whatever may come.


Conan's (living) family is very small. They're close-knit and loving, but their bond has become strained as of late. The conflict is based out of love and deep concern for their son, as they feel that the Academy is too dangerous for anyone to be there.

Anala Tamboli (44) - The more calm of the two parents, her sense of humor is so subtle that everyone initially thinks she's serious and scary. In fact, while she is highly organized and driven to completing her work, she's quite relaxed in temperament. Her parents died in her twenties and she has very few living relatives beyond them. Thanks to Naomi, and to an extent Conan, she hardly feels the pain of her loss anymore, but still makes yearly visits to her parent's graves. Anala is a specialist in Light arts.

Naomi Heidrich (45) - Like the sun, Naomi is a shining ball of happy. Everyone who meets her can be expected to be greeted with a big smile, a hug, and even a slice of pie if she was in a baking mood (she often is). Naomi grew up in a good, happy home with a close-knit family and all the warmth and love you could want. Thus, when she came out to her family, she didn't expect them to react so coldly. They have pretty much cut ties with her at this point, and she still doesn't understand how the people who told her they loved her all her life could reject her so. Thankfully Naomi did have a support network of friends, and meeting Anala was one of the best things that happened to her, in her opinion. By this point in her life, she's stopped dwelling on it anymore, and tries not to be sad for Anala and Conan's sake. Naomi is a specialist in Wind arts.

Conan has also made many acquaintances and friendships over his time at the Academy. While he's forgetful and tends to mess up on the names of people he doesn't know that well yet--nothing personal!--he cares for the people of the Academy and is always up for tutoring or simply spending time together.

Friends and Aquaintances: Viveka, Ebo, Venna, Mahift, Laymann, Taiga, Mori, Nick, Zeenyx, Talim, Helena, Shuto, Saga, Azalea, Erika, Sofya, Lei Xi, Fantine

Deceased: Lakhana, Madison

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Conan has his magic at his disposal, as well as his staff, which shrinks into the form of a recorder for travel convenience but at full size is longer than he is tall. His staff also has the ability to store water-aligned Eden for later use. He has the most affinity with Water and Light, but he can use the other elements reasonably well. The only one he really doesn't like is Lightning; it used to make his skin crawl, but after being nearly killed by it now it makes him legitimately fearful.

In combat, he's more of a mid-range fighter, excelling when he has some distance to react to the opponent but has trouble reaching far targets. The reach of his staff solidifies this further. He's sturdy enough to take a hit or two before going down, though he'll overreact and cry a bit.


Elemental Affinity: Water (Primary), Light (Secondary). He is also decent at Fire, Wind, and Earth magic. Not great with Dark. Can use Lightning, but not employed because it scares him.

Highest Tier: Magistral

Knows Runic: Lurahn'tir and Demonic.