Character Sheet
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Draco Vesylia


Ice Dragon and Human




December 25




Dark blue


Navy Blue


6'5" [196 cm]/255 lbs. [ 116 Kg]


Main - Dark; Sub - Ice


Draco is quiet and rather formal. He depends more on cold logic and does not like to rely on emotions or feelings to guide his actions. This tends to make him come off as unsympathetic as a result. He is quite blunt and direct and is not quite able to lie. Instead he tends to opt for fact omission rather than outright untruth. As a result he will often, without the intention of doing so, offend or upset others. He is also more of a pacifist despite his intense focus on training and gaining strength and knowledge. He does not like to get into physical confrontations and would much rather have a calm rational discussion. He can get rather obsessive when he becomes interested in something. If something really catches his attention he can tend to become engrossed and ignore the rest of the world around him.


  • Reading
  • Training: physical combat or Eden manipulation
  • Flying: aerial maneuvers practice and for leisure
  • Weapons training and maintenance
  • Fur/pelt trading: he likes to trade the furs and pelts of animals he's hunted


Before AoHEdit

Draco lived with his mother and father in a castle surrounded by high walls most of his life. His father travels around often and is rarely home, his mother does not spend much time with him unless she is training him. He was rarely permitted to venture beyond the walls, though he had also shown little interest in such until meeting Aiden. Neither of his parents wanted him to get close to the nearby village or be seen by any of the villagers. As they would be prejudice against him upon seeing the shape and colouration of his wings and tail. They have not forgotten the time an Ice Dragon destroyed most of the village and surrounding forested area. As it so happens to be, most of the area around the castle was destroyed at about the same time. So there is more new growth than old around the village and castle. The villagers are unaware of Draco or his mother being anything other than human. And Draco being unable to suppress his wings and tail as his mother had, was restricted to remain behind the castle walls unless accompanied by one of his parents.

Draco met Aiden at a fencing match his father had taken him to. They quickly became friends and Draco was permitted to write letters to and visit Aiden. Once befriending the other boy Draco became more interested in socialization and learning more than survival and combat skills.

After reading about and seeing photo's of Aiden's time spent at the Academy of Heroes, Draco grew interested in it himself. Aiden invited him to the Spring Festival as his guest. After spending some time at the Azureus Tea House and meeting some of the other students and guests Draco decided that he also wanted to try enroll into the school. Needless to say he was accepted and became a part of the Azureus House alongside Aiden.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit



Mother - She is a half-blood human/ice dragon. Quite the purist regarding dragons despite her being a half-blood herself. Not friendly or kind. She is, and always was, very strict with Draco. She is magically bound to the castle grounds, meaning she can not venture too far, or for too long. She despises this and she is not on good terms with her husband, Draco's father. Draco adores her and strives to win her praise and acceptance. This seems to be an impossible task... but he seems to have no intention of relenting.
Father - A deceptively charismatic human. He is a Dark Factor, and a rather powerful one at that. He always keeps up a mask of cheerfulness and friendliness. He is also rather skilled with potions. His utmost joy is experimentation and gaining knowledge, despite the cost it can inflict on others. He is not often around at the castle. Though he is viewed as something of a hero to the nearby village. As they believe he is the one who saved them from the dragon who attacked them about a decade or so ago. Draco used to fear and despise him for a while. But after attending the academy and seeing how behavior of other humans can be about the same if not worse than his father... he has grown to respect the man and his fear and hatred has ebbed. He is still cautious around his father though. He knows how manipulative he is and does not fancy being used like a pawn or science experiment.


  • Aiden Adare - Childhood friend: The first person Draco made friends with was Aiden. He influenced a lot of Draco's early life and helped "humanize" him quite a bit. They are quite close and affectionate. He is the major reason Draco decided to attend the academy. Draco enjoys fencing and karaoke with the swan boy, as well as listening to Aiden play pieces on the piano he has composed himself. Though, by far his favorite activity is have fencing sparring matches with Aiden.
  • Reisei - Close Friend: Might not have been one of his first friends, but she is the only one at the academy that he is very comfortable with besides Viveka. He used to be quite affectionate and friendly, but that has changed to mostly staying close to her in a bit more of a protective manner. He enjoys being able to use Standard/Common Dragonspeak with her, as it is his first language and the one he prefers to use. They teamed up for the S1 final exams and became room mates after going through the maze of the Frozen Abyss and then they've mostly stuck with each other since then.
  • Snow Mishibari - Friend - The first person he befriended at the academy. He was introduced to her through Aiden at the S1 Spring Festival.
  • Kiri Akuma - Friend: Also one of his room mates. He met her in the summer after the first semester and became quick friends. Though she had confessed to him eventually he rejected her feelings and they were able to remain friends.
  • Chance- [former?]Room Mate: He does not know Chance very well at all, though he is one of the room mates he shares his room with. They also worked together with Reisei in the S3 Final Exams.
  • Samantha Asins - Friend(?): He was introduced to the Roseus girl through Reisei. It was a bit of a bumpy start but their friendship had been growing steadily, but slowly. They had a falling out and had not interacted or spoken to each other since.
  • Viveka Felice Ermengilde - Friend: After a few favorable interactions and conversations with her Draco has developed a liking for her. If there were anyone he would feel comfortable having a casual [or serious] conversation with other than Reisei, it would be Viveka. He enjoys her company as she serves as a breath of fresh air and a reminder to Draco that not everyone on campus is an inssuferable idiot.
  • Lexyr - Aquaintence: Draco met the Flavens student through Lexyr's attachment to Reisei and Kiri. Despite them being opposing elements Draco does not mind him so much. He enjoys having someone he can use Dragonspeak with. He also seems to be one of the only other (of the few) dragons he's met that hold anything close to similar views on what dragons should be and what is proper behavior for dragons. Though what views they hold that are similar are few and far in between. Draco is immune to most of his sarcasm or even his sense of humor in general. This seems to serve as a sligth annoyance to Lexyr at times, and sometimes reminds the Fire Dragon of how much human behavior he's picked up with his extensive exposure to them. Though after Draco found out Lexyr had conciously and willfully taken a human as his mate... a lot of what little respect he had for the dragon evaporated.
  • Lendys - Friend: Draco met her shortly before part one of the S4 exam. They hit it off quite well and Draco relates to her better than most anyone he's ever met. He considers them quite great friends despite them only knowing each other for a short time. He also enjoyed having her as a partner for the final exams. He was sad to part ways with her after, but he was in a rush to find Reisei during part two of the exams.