Character Sheet
Dysdamion Argyros


Dysdamion Alexander Argyros


Dys, Lexie (Call him this at your own risk)






Dirty Blond




5'11.5" / 182cm

Dysdamion Alexander Argyros is currently the teacher of Combat Magic and Tactics in the Academy of Heroes, as well as one of the supervisors of the Azureus house.


Hardworking || Short Tempered || Passionate || Energetic || Headstrong

Dysdamion is an energetic and friendly person, although he's more than a little awkward when it comes to interacting with people. He doesn't fancy speaking in public, but if it's related to his interests, he doesn't mind. (read: COMBAT). He's got a short temper, so he's rather easy to make angry; He's also not the bast at trashtalking, so a quick mouth and snarky remarks would get you in deep trouble extra fast. Best way to get to him is to fight him. Head on. Like a man. He's not against helping people though, and doesn't really mind and actually encourages people who want to learn (unless of course you make him mad). 

Hobbies and Interests Edit

Hand-to-hand combat is his favorite style of fighting, even though it's not his best. He enjoys having spars and combat in general, however. His other interests are spelunking (cave-exploring), analysis of artifacts, and the branch of magic he uses himself; rune and inscription magic.


Before AoHEdit

Dys is the only child in a family of explorers. His father is a normal human, and a veteran spelunker (cave-explorer) while his mother, a famed archaeologist, looks human, but appears to have some abilities that point to the fact that she has more than just human blood in her. Due to the nature of their profession, Dys ends up constantly traveling with his parents to place after place, and mostly ends up going to ancient dig sites and abandoned quarries.

This lifestyle led to little to no interaction with other people, and he hardly met anyone his own age. Because of this, he wasn't very good at talking with other people. This led to him being extremely shy around others, even if he wanted to be friends with them. His lifestyle allowed him to say reasonably fit, and gave him the chance to learn parkour and other hand-to-hand combat skills (though he never really had a sparring partner).

Both his parents have the ability to use runes to channel their magic abilities, and because of that, Dys learned how to control and craft runes as well.

One day, while helping his parents excavate underground tunnels, he attempted to open a sealed region of the ruins with an artifact that he guessed would be able to unlock the way. Instead, he set off a trap, detonating a large amount of dark energy and causing a massive cave-in. Dysdamion's mother tried to absorb the energy, but it ended up being too much and taking her life as a result. His father, on the other hand, lost both his legs in the escape. Dys himself had a large amount of dark energy placed in him from when he tried to aid his mother, although it wasn't enough to kill him. Filled with guilt, Dys set off on his own, promising to come back only when managed to find a way to fix the mess he made and the situation he brought upon his family.

While traveling, he heard about the Academy of Heroes, and thought that he might be able to learn if he went into the Academy. Part of him was also longing for friends, and experience what it would be like when around a lot of people.