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Aoh enro shinryu by phantomscythe666-d31qibx


Enro Shinryu


Enro, En






Azure blue


Greyish blue




  • An optimistic boy with cheerful and carefree nature
  • He is timid and is scared around strangers, which made him crying easily



Before AoHEdit

Enro and his twin brother Ethycs was born in a small village with a tradition of having a dragon as partner. It can be start from an egg or passed down from their parents or something (Ra is from an egg obviously). Enro is perfectly normal and healthy but Eth is born with a serious heart disease, and he passed away at the age of 5.

On his funeral day, Eth, driven by jealousy and anger for he cannot live longer than his brother, had made a contract with Death for immense power and became a spirit-Death. He possessed Enro and went on a killing spree with scythe!Ra. The elder of the land then sealed Eth inside Enro with the help of his dragon holding him back, and knocked him unconscious. He gave him a bangle which will help in controlling the unstable personality change, and told him to never take it off (because Eth might take over him again <-- he din't tell him this). Enro, not knowing what happened, agreed with it. (<-- 5yr boy...)

The land was a mess after that incident. Only the elder, Enro and his parents survived. They sent him into AoH after hearing about it, in hope of getting rid of Eth and his dual-personality-syndrome-thing.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit

Academy of Heroes [2nd Year]Edit



Enro only remembered that his parents were dead when he was 5 years old. He never remembered that he had a twin brother, Ethycs.

Ethycs - He was born with a serious heart disease and died at the age of 5. Jealous and angry at that the fact he can't live longer than his younger brother, he made a contract with the Death to gain immerse powers and become a Death himself. Eth possessed Enro and went for killing spree with Ra who morphed into a scythe. The elders sealed Eth inside Enro's body and gave the boy a bangle to prevent Eth from taking over Enro again.