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Aoh-fantine s7


Fantine Rêve





Hair Color:

Carnation Pink

Eye Color:

Metallic Blue


5 ft. 3 in. / 105 lbs


October 31

Fantine Rêve is a mage who came from a family of magic experts and studied at the Academy of Heroes. "Fantine" means "childish" while "Rêve" means "dream", both in French.


Fantine is incredibly childish, curious and quite restless. She acts like a goody goody eight year-old. She pouts when disappointed, bounces when happy, runs with arms spread like a bird's wings when overjoyed, and gets amused by nearly everything, as if she knows nothing about the world around her. She is obedient. She is also rather impulsive, as she doesn't think twice before acting and almost always goes for the last resort. She has determination that is somewhat unmatched. She will do anything, even things outside her ability, just to reach her goal. It's quite difficult to make her change her mind. She decides her actions based on what a stereotypical children's action cartoon/movie protagonist would likely do, and that makes her really reckless. She is quite emotional as well, as it is rather easy to make her cry, tears of joy or not. She can also sleep almost anywhere if she lacks sleep or when she gets too relaxed.

Beware when she pops a gasket though; she will give you a death stare, and ice will form on her sleeves and boots. When provoked further, she will throw a barrage of ice attacks on the offender. Thankfully though it's very difficult to get her angry.

The recent events at the academy seem to be slowly changing her however. The big sister/mother figure in her revealed itself. She will now do anything in order to protect, help and assist. She now treasures life and the bonds forged, appreciate the feelings and emotions of people. She may also comfort those who are down and will never leave until the person feels better. She's also very concerned of everyone's well-being so much that she will not stop trying to intervene as long as she is convinced something is wrong. She has also matured, no longer going for the last resort unless when in dire need, and she has taken a dislike towards those who do the same, especially when the last resort in question has ill side effects that hurt deeply others' feelings. She learned take responsibility as well.

Her child side is pretty comparable to Kiyal Bachika with a mix of Pearl Fey. Her serious, motherly and badass sides can be compared with Tifa Lockhart(minus the tendency to hide her feelings) and Yoko Littner.

Likes Edit

snow, rain, sunrise, sunset, strong winds, being cool (though she, by default, instead comes off as cutesy or "moe" unless you bring her to the battlefield), symbolism, ice magic, lightning magic

Dislikes Edit

too much heat, grumpy people, bad/heartless people, deaths


Watching plays, drawing, listening to the radio/music, day-dreaming, wandering around, reading storybooks or books about magic


Before AoHEdit

Her hometown, Éclairé la Ville, is in Alius, a land on the surface of the water rather than floating on air (like the academy). In this land, magic and 1930s vintage style life are in one. Some people are blessed to be born with a talent in magic. Some will have a hard time learning to cast spells than those who are gifted. Some are completely unable to use magic. Nevertheless, the existence of cars, trains, helicopters, airplanes and jets are proven to be convenient, and people don't completely rely on magic unless really needed. It may be a technologically advanced nation, but magic knowledge in this country is not only backward, but also deemed to be fraud by some citizens.

Fantine was a spoiled yet well-disciplined child who enjoyed the company of her parents all the time. Since her father worked in a hospital, she always came with her mother. She was usually left with her aunt who worked at the same establishment as her mother, but during the times she wasn't, she watched her mother teach ice magic with the eyes of a dreamy child. When her parents get back home from work, they give her full attention and love.

Unfortunately, her blissful life soon came to an end. Two months before her sixth birthday, during a vacation, a terrorist group attacked the hotel they were staying in. The terrorist group was composed of magic experts who use their magic for their own gain. Her mother was at the lobby at the time and thus became one of the first to be targeted. Fantine's father couldn't heal her mother's wounds, they were so serious even his exceptional skill in the magic of the Healing Arts he couldn't do anything. The renowned ice teacher died on the hospital bed, hand in her sister's grasp. Her father died three months later when a patient ran amok because of a spell cast on them and absorbed most of the medic's life force. Since her aunt has already been looking after her way back when she was still a baby, she (her aunt) took the responsibility to take her in.

Her aunt helped her adjust to her new home by teaching her refined ice magic, as ice magic always amazed her. She discovered her memory vision magic when an image of her grandmother dying popped out in her mind. She asked her uncle about why was she seeing images of "grandma" dying. Her uncle assumed it could be because of her memory vision from her father (his best friend), as the Rêve family is also a master of Memory Vision magic. Her memory-seeing skills can't be trained because the skill is dormant in her. She was just able to see memories because of the huge amount of Eden in her that sometimes go slightly out of control. Instead of causing her to accidentally cast any other spell, the extra eden gets used by activating memory vision. After she has adjusted enough to the changes, she was taught by her aunt the art of Sound Magic, a type of magic could not be found in books (lost magic), and that only a few can cast as of present, and is also what the clan of her mother passes by from generation to generation. Her Eden control was also trained along the way.

At this time, Fantine and her aunt thought that Magia Étude style of teaching magic was enough, until despite all her magic training, Fantine failed to save one of her cousins from getting kidnapped because she was too weak.

When news about a magic school called Academy of Heroes came to the city, her aunt decided to enroll her there as Magia Étude cannot yet provide magic knowledge to the students that will allow them to maximize their eden channeling potentials.

Academy of Heroes [3rd Semester]Edit

Her aunt had her assigned to the Incarnatus Dorms. During her first year, she didn't have any friends yet. This was the first time she passed by Minoru Hamano, a student from the Azureus Dorms, who happened to admire her (she doesn't know of this however). She also grew to like Celie Sylvia Eiriol in an instant upon joining the Ice Class for the first time. During the exams she helped defend the clinic with the help of Tracey Kingston of the Flavescens Dorms and Minoru Hamano.

Academy of Heroes [4th Semester]Edit

She couldn't help it but to worry about the events that happened when the Rift opened and Abyss Spawns attacked the academy. After she finished the finals for Semester 4 she was immediately sent back home by her aunt. Even in her hometown, far from the academy, the skies were of monochrome shades. One day, the sunlight shone again, only for her to discover news about the Child of Ice Incident, in which Celie went mad and battled with her supposed allies, a mysterious thing made her transform and summon an ice phoenix that nearly destroyed the whole of Edenia, and Celie herself (who should be unconscious or dead) finished this ice phoenix off. She couldn't believe why Celie would ever try to destroy Edenia.

After she went back to the Academy for the start of Semester 5, without her knowing, her aunt contacted the administrators of the academy to move her to the Azureus House to cheer her up.This way, she can be closer to her favorite teacher (whom her aunt didn't know went missing). She only discovered that she was to be moved to the Azureus Dormitory when she received a letter from the school administration that told her to transfer.

Academy of Heroes [5th Semester]Edit

She suddenly became a lot active during this time. The sudden activity is most likely an effect of the toll Celie's disappearance has on her, doubled by her finding the hair ribbons of the missing headmistress. Her natural love for helping others became stronger. She desperately searched for Tenno's creations and even volunteered for the boutique.

During the exams she's seen a number of deaths right before her eyes, more so than what she's witnessed last semester. This left psychological scars on her, which caused her to feel guilty every now and then, even when she should not.

Academy of Heroes [6th Semester] Edit

Thinking that she was responsible for the deaths that occurred at the Battle of Caelestis Edenia, she decided to apply as teacher to teach students abilities and spells that will allow them to protect themselves and others, and prevent casualties as much as possible.

Academy of Heroes [7th Semester] Edit

She was trying to master Memory Vision once and for all, thus making her have poor good night's sleep. This never gave her eye bags however, because she got back her lost sleep time during the course of the day.

Sometime before the second wave of classes for the seventh semester, Fantine, as per Ciramath's suggestion, took blood samples of herself, Oswin Alius, and Eleanor. She had them tested with Alius's technology and, hers and Oswin's had a certain degree of significant match. This gave evidence that Oswin Alius could be an imperfect clone of the missing Oswin Rêve.

After the revelation, Fantine sent Eleanor to work with the Alian police to actively search for illegal magic, eden and alchemy research facilities in the country to find Oswin Rêve if he is still alive, and to see if any of these research facilities even attempt architectural tier life magic in the first place.

Equipment and Magic Spells Edit


Aoh-fantine's weapon

The World Staff, a Monde family heirloom.

Headphones - A pair of headphones that can pick up and play audio from radio waves. Formerly belonged to her father. The bunny ears came from a headband given to her by her mother on her fifth birthday.

On Semester 6 she began to wear a new pair. The new headphones has magic crystals attached to the ear covers. The headphones also has bunny ears attached to it. This new pair was aesthetically modified during the course of Semester 7.

Celie's Ribbons - Tied over her white (always obscured) hair ties. The stray eden from Celie attached to it slightly speeds up her ability to convert eden to ice eden. She doesn't know of this.

Aoh-fantine's new weapon

Lapis Varisia, previously a simple jewel, now a spear.

World Staff - A staff/rod that has a blue sphere which channels eden for the user. It allows Fantine to make beams of various elements without knowing how to convert eden into that particular element. Its handle was cut to half during a fight against Abyss Spawns. It was magically fixed and now sits in a shelf back at her real home.

Lapis Varisia - A spear which has a tip made from a jewel Fantine found in the garden ruins in the Academy, a jewel of the same material the sphere of the World Staff is made of. She asked her aunt to sharpen the edges and tips of the jewel and mount it on a handle. She still uses it more like as a wand though, occasionally as a flying broomstick.

Aoh-fantine 2014 concept weapon

The Lapis Varisia with the sniper rifle attachments.

Sometime in Semester 5, the jewel was discovered to have the ability to channel eden in order to slightly modify objects through ways that mimics fabrication magic, in exchange for continuous supply of eden from the user. Fantine learned to turn the Lapis Varisia into a rifle.

To help her have more range without expending Eden to turn the spear into a sniper rifle, she had attachments created for the spear for her to be able to emulate a sniper rifle with it. The sniper rifle attachments include a fake trigger, pistol grip, bipod, scope and scope rings, and a fake hammer.

Goggles - a pair of goggles that has a magic crystal attached to it that allows it to record short videos provided she manually channels Eden into it to make its magical properties work.

Fantine wanted to "always see the truth from now on", so she had magical goggles made for herself.

Magic SpellsEdit

Glacial Spear - A bolt of ice eden that leaves an icy mist upon contact which freezes surrounding areas. Learned from Ice Class Semester 2.

Silver Armor - A forcefield of ice eden that freezes projectiles upon contact. May also freeze, slow down, or weaken melee attacks. Learned from Ice Class Semester 3.

Ice-Make - AKA ice sculpting, it is making anything out of ice. Learned from Ice Class Semester 4.

Eden Purification - Knows a few methods of eden gathering and purification, one learned from Eden Purification Classes, others learned from books.

Zhen de Feng - Creating an extra limb that can help with reaching things with wind eden. Learned from Wind Class Semester 5.

Water Parrying - Manipulating water to use as a shield from projectiles and quickly shooting the water into the enemy, making it an effective offensive attack as well. Learned from Water Class Semester 5. 

Memory Vision - The ability to see someone's memories. Passed down from the Rêve family. Although a dormant ability, a few factors can make the eden in Fantine's body go slightly haywire and therefore activate it out of her own will. One of these factors is getting her into a life and death situation.

Sound Magic - The ability to manipulate and even generate sound. Passed down from the Monde family. Since Fantine's skill in sound manipulation is barely trained, she can go only as far as make the music from her headphones audible to those near her without hurting her ears, or make sounds more audible for herself. When aided by the Lapis Varisia, she can generate very high-pitched supersonic soundwaves. Fantine is slowly learning to do better in sound magic by reading her aunt's notes.

Seabram Disca - A spell in which the caster creates a skateboard of eden in order to go anti-gravity. Learned from Sielith Xenon.

Praesid Levertis - A spell that allows user to effortlessly jump to and from high places. Learned from Sielith Xenon.

Cold Surprise - A spell that involves focusing ice eden on a surface and using the focused eden to cast a spell as opposed to gathering eden into the hands then casting the spell. It is the first spell she taught as an ice magic teacher.

Shotgun Ice - A combination of Glacial Spear and Ice Bolt that travels at a very high speed. It works like a shotgun shell. It is the second spell she taught.

L'enfer Congelé - A mist of ice eden that freezes anything it touches. Fantine may also make the ice eden enter the targets' pores and freeze them from the inside. It is a self-made magistral tier spell.

Un Autre Apocalypse - A pair of wings crafted of ice eden forms on the users' back, and the 'wings' freeze anything that touches it. A multitude of Shotgun Ice shots can be fired from the wings. The wings do not move and cannot be used for flight. An invisible barrier of ice eden freezes most anything that tries to get close to her while using the spell. The barrier breaking is a signal to stop the spell. It is another self-made magistral tier spell.

Other Skills: refined tier life magic (e.g. healing), manipulating water (provided there's a nearby body of water), making small rain clouds, utilizing cherry bombs, onionades and peppermines, making strong blasts of harmless wind, generating flashy, rather harmless lightning sparks



Corbin RêveEdit

Fantine's father. He had a history as part of the mages unit of the military of Alius before he settled down and became a medic at a hospital who healed patients whose wounds or ailments were inflicted by special magic which required Eden to cure. He came from a famous family of mages known for their exceptional skill in Light and Healing Magic, and their ability to control their Eden with ease; They can easily learn how to use spells of all sorts of elements with a little adjustment. The ancient magic of Memory Vision is passed down from generation to generation in this family. His name is French and means "little raven".

Hilaire Rêve Edit

Fantine's mother, formerly "Hilaire Monde". She was an ice magic teacher at the only magic school in Alius; Magia Étude. She is from another famous family of mages known for their amazing skill in Ice Magic. They, too, have the ability to control their Eden with ease. They are masters of the lost magic of Sound Manipulation. Her first name is French and means "happiness", her former surname means "world".

Corneille Rêve Edit

Fantine's uncle. Unlike Corbin, he remained to be part of the military, although he settled down into a reserve officer. He sidelines as a stage performer who heavily relies on his light manipulation magic to make flashy performances.

Cerise Rêve Edit

Fantine's aunt, formerly "Cerise Mémoire". Unlike most of Fantine's relatives, she is not gifted with Eden control, and therefore can hardly if ever use magic. She is an expert with the workings of the psyche, and works as a counselor and therapist for the mind.

Oswin Rêve Edit

Fantine's cousin, eldest child of Corneille and Cerise. He usually played with his sister, and with Fantine and the others during family reunions. He was kidnapped and was never found.

Lucette Rêve Edit

Fantine's cousin, second-born child of Corneille and Cerise. She usually played with his brother, and with Fantine and the others during family reunions. She wasn't around when her brother was kidnapped.

Oden Rêve Edit

Fantine's cousin, youngest child of Corneille and Cerise. He was born a few years after Oswin was kidnapped. He was able to somehow serve his purpose of preventing Lucette from feeling lonely.

Adèle HouletteEdit

Fantine's aunt, formerly "Adèle Monde". She is a magic and eden researcher stationed at Magia Étude. She is Hilaire's younger sister. She has been looking after Fantine ever since Fantine was a child. When her sister and brother-in-law died she took in the kid they left. She also teaches Fantine Sound Magic during the latter's stay at home (every end of the exams of the previous semester before the next semester starts). Her first name is French and means "good humor", her surname means "cave".

Eleanor HouletteEdit

Fantine's cousin, daughter of Adéle and Ignace. She used to be Fantine's playmate until Adèle and her husband separated. Her father brought her with him. Sometime during Semester 5, after a significant number of years she reunited with Fantine and Adéle.

She studied stealth, light illusion and wind magic at a different school and as part of the mages unit of the military of Alius, she is taking extra courses in guns and magitech.

As of S7 she works her way up the ranks to be a captain.

Ignace Houlette Edit

Fantine's uncle. He is an engineer who specializes in making magic items and magitec. He separated with Adéle in order to work on a distant place without having to worry about a family. After a significant number of years he returned to his wife and niece with his daughter. He remarried Adéle (as he never fell in love with any other woman at his distant workplace) and put up a magitech and weaponry workshop beside his family's house using the money he collected from his job.

Friends Edit

Minoru HamanoEdit

He and Fantine did group works a few times together, but aside from that they usually just pass by each other. He tends to be fidgety and tense around Fantine. This and his unusual vibes make the former very curious of him.

During the S5 Nature Hellion's Beach Bash, Minoru used a magic stone to increase his confidence and tell Fantine his feelings, but the moment was broken when the stone's effects wore off at the worst time possible, causing him to run away. When Fantine realized his efforts, she has taken an interest on him.

Sometime on Semester 6, Minoru asked Fantine to be his date for the Valentine's Day. Fantine happily accepted the offer. They also fondly bonded during the Water Orb class, in which Fantine was the substitute teacher (due to the absence of a water magic teacher).

Tracey KingstonEdit

She and Minoru met her during an exam. They are not very close, but they are close enough to see each other as new friends.


Her overall badassery, awesomeness and her being a tomboy amuses Fantine. She always wanted to be as cool as her favorite fictional characters, and Ivory being able to jump from balcony to balcony on their first meeting prompted her to try to be best friends with her.

After semester 5, Ivory left. The sight of Ivory's bright red scarf flowing in the winds as she walked away to an airship left an impact on Fantine, making her wear one as well the following semester.

Evelyn Dawn EiriolEdit

They met on the hallway. The fact that she is Celie's younger sister made her very curious of her and prompted her to make friends with her as well. When Fantine narrated to her how her days were in the Academy, the recent tragedy slipped her mouth. This made Evelyn cry, so she had to comfort her honest to heart. Now they trust each other as friends.

Fantine now checks out on Evelyn and supports her in her lovelife with Daryl Aurumhart. She discovered about this relationship during the S5 Spring Ball.

As of S7, during Evelyn's Ice Bolt Class, Fantine told herself to stop looking after Evelyn and leave her to her sister Celie, who returned on the previous semester.

Piaculisse FidestrosEdit

They met in the Incarnatus Dorms. Pia showed her an ancient artifact she dug from the ruins, and they went to search for more artifacts in the said ruins.

Madison StrikefallEdit

They met when Madison was flying with the use of certain runes. Madison crashed at Fantine, and Madison cushioned their fall. Fantine was amused by Madison's gentlemanly-ness. They also did water parrying at water class semester 5 together.

Forahe KeikyabantoEdit

During the S5 Welcoming Party, Forahe was in an isolated corner in her fortune telling booth. Fantine's curiosity brought her to the said corner. She mentioned about returning the plushies and found out that even Forahe herself managed to find one. She encouraged the fortune teller to return it. Since it was Forahe who was given more help than the other way around, she (Forahe) returned the 10 cents payment. Impressed by her honesty, Fantine instead left a coin of her hometown's currency and greeted goodbye. Forahe kept this coin.

During the Semester 5 Exams, she witnessed Forahe sacrifice herself in order to defeat Sylphie. Upon seeing the tragedy before her eyes Fantine became very determined to protect and to defend anyone and anything worth protecting, in this case the ship Caelestis Edenia and every ally on it. She also returned to having braids on her hair in memory of Forahe.


Fantine just happened to be passing by the toy shop when Tenno tugged the extensions attached to her hoodie and asked her to search for his creations, which are poorly made yet cute plushie versions of the first ice teacher of the Academy. Fantine found one and returned it to him. In turn, he gave her a blue crystal which she happily accepted. Fantine promised him that she will find more plushies and return them to him, and that they will meet again. 

Sergio Kalis Edit

She first saw him during the S5 Winter Ball Prom King Contest, in which they were both contestants. Fantine came to know Sergio a tid bit more when she accepted an invitation to the latter's birthday celebration. She gifted him an ice sculpture which, in the hands of misfortune, melted in an incident that followed the celebration.

During the S6 Winter Wonderland Welcome Fantine heard Sergio sing for the first time. Amazed by his voice, Fantine cheered him on and consequently became a Sergio fan.

Shuto Miyazaki Edit

During the S5 Nature Hellion's Halloween Fright Night, Shuto brought up that his birthday was coming. In response, Fantine gave him an ice sculpture of himself in his werewolf costume. When Fantine said her birthday was also approaching, Shuto in return allowed her to choose one of three food stubs he had left. Fantine picked the one for the café.

Oswin Alius Edit

Fantine found the young man while conducting an ice class for the first time at Avin Forest. He was driven half-conscious probably by hypothermia. She rescued the guy and when she found out that he had amnesia since like forever, she named him "Oswin of Alius", in reference to his place of origin, which was one of the few things about himself he could still remember.

Sometime during the second half of S6, Oswin began to doubt himself, believing himself to be an experimental being, a "death god" who lived in place of countless other lives lost. Fantine promised to get him out of his dilemma, and she planned to do this by using Memory Vision on him.

Idols Edit

Celie Sylvia EiriolEdit

Celie's prowess in ice magic plus her very cheerful and friendly personality made Fantine look up to her as a role model. Above all, Celie reminded her of her mother, the late Hilaire Rêve, who was also happy-go-lucky and excelled in ice magic.

Fantine continued to trust her despite eyewitness accounts all claiming that she really intended to destroy the world through the Child of Ice Incident, with no other circumstances to consider to lower the degree of her offense.

When Celie returned after an unexplained absence for an entire semester, it was discovered that she somehow developed amnesia and couldn't remember anything that happened during S4. Fantine seeks to unearth her lost memories using Memory Vision and discover the truth so she can defend the previous ice magistra better.

When Celie's birthday for that year came, Fantine gave her a present; small hand-made stuffed dolls of Celie herself and her sister Evelyn.

Sofya Moriagorre Edit

Fantine thinks that Sofya is the personification of the awesome woman she wants to be. Strong-willed and fierce, but also caring and heroic. It is mainly because of Sofya's ideal that "[Her] students are her priority" that she cooperates with Ciramath and his secret safety tactics plan.

Sometime before the end of the 6th semester, Fantine told Sofya about Ciramath's secret safety tactics plan and the special case of the potentially dangerous Oswin Alius in lieu of reporting them straight to the headmaster. The dark magistra kindly offered help in keeping Oswin in check by entrusting Fantine one of her phantoms. The ice magistra, feeling honored, bowed in deep gratitude and gave her coworker a small ornamental jewel of the same material as the tip of her spear.

When Sofya's birthday for that year came Fantine gave her a present; a small hand-made stuffed doll of Sofya herself.

Helena Rosemary MiyazakiEdit

During the S5 Azureus Sakura Festival, the Light Music Club had a concert. Fantine witnessed her beautiful singing voice when she sang at the stage. Because of her singing prowess Fantine became a Helena fan. Fantine also attended her wedding.

Conan Heidrich Edit

Fantine likes his cheerfulness and dorkiness very much, which "awesomely" as Fantine calls it, contrasts with his exceptional skill in water magic. Fantine even felt very regretful for forcing the water magic teacher to resurface painful memories regarding the Child of Ice Incident. She is currently looking for an opportunity to say sorry.

During the S5 Nature Helion's Halloween Fright Night, Fantine gave Conan an ice figure she crafted with ice eden as a form of apology. She shed tears of relief when Conan forgave her.

Enemies: Edit

Viveka ErmengildeEdit

While Fantine doesn't really view Viveka as an enemy, she was very suspicious of her because when they first met, Viveka hid her own name. She thought Viveka might be a sort of spy or secret agent who's posing as a graduate. However, during the S5 Sakura Festival, when she saw that Viveka really did have friends among the older members of the school community, and that she could face those friends with what seemed to be no single hint of regret or the like, she became less and less suspicious of her and awaited the day when she can ask her details about the Child of Ice incident, in case she knew something. Unfortunately, when she did, her wrong choice of words and actions made her appear to be harrassing the teal-haired girl and therefore her chances of extracting information have been seized.

During the S5 Nature Hellions' Beach Bash, Fantine asked for an apology from and told Viveka to "smack [her] in the face" for harassing her. Viveka denied the offer and this moved Fantine to tears and made her bawl like a little girl.

Ciramath Nehant Edit

Fantine doesn't view Ciramath as an enemy, per se, either, but she has taken a great dislike towards the him. They first met a few hours before the Semester 6 Winter Wonderland opening party. Now they help each other solve the mystery of the Child of Ice Incident and Tien's involvement in it. She also decided to cooperate with him in securing safety within the Academy grounds.

Their good terms with each other wavered greatly when Oswin came into the spotlight. When Ciramath brought him up, Fantine saw his methods of investigation, and she deemed them as rather ruthless. He goes for the "break-their-sanity-way" too soon, and doesn't consider the feelings of the traumatized. It was made worse by when he criticized the ice magistra's immature demeanor, which the latter believes has nothing to do with the actual maturity and capabilities of herself.


  • She is a shipper-on-deck.
  • Her event-exclusive alternate outfits are all likely to hold references to and inspirations from characters of other media.
  • The bunny ears attached on her headphones can easily be mistaken as real bunny ears, if not for their different color compared to her hair.
  • The fake bunny ears look exactly like Oswin's. The only difference is on what part of the head they are attached to.
  • The Lapis Varisia is inspired from Gwendolyn's spear.
  • Her remembering a "certain someone" from Azalea's bandages references the fact that some characters in anime and JRPGs have bandages wrapped around them even when not necessary.
  • She is a walking personification of Shout Outs, save for her character design and back story.