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Fereinn is not the kind of guy who would get angry easily unless a friend of him would get into troubles. Even if he gets into troubles way more often than them. He's really friendly, and very curious too. That implies some sort of strange questions, but Fereinn he's not as innocent as he looks, he's clever enough to know how to not ask too personal questions. Though he kinda lacks of tact. However, his curiosity in science often makes him testing anything that has a slightly chance to work. (example : glider made out of metal) Speaking of his tastes, he loves good food, and so it's why he learned how to cook. And he's not so bad at it~ He also likes music, mostly very old rock, but likes classical too (he learned piano not so long ago).



Before AoHEdit

It's the story of a boat engineer. A pretty common engineer. His job on the boat is to make sure the motor is working, and to help designing new pieces for continuously upgrade the boat, so it's a vehicle that many companies would like to use. The only particular thing is he has almost no Eden. He had a wife, who happened to prefer to live on the boat, near to her husband than waiting him all the years. Things going on, they had a child, and they named him Fereinn. Like his father, he has almost no Eden control. (BEST INTRO EVER)

Fereinn was pretty attracted by the machinery, like his father, but he wasn't totally enjoying the sea. It took him a while to get used to the roll of the boat, and it was then easier for him to concentrate on his hobby, which consisted of building machines. Any kind of machines. He created a sort of catapult, though it couldn't throw charges heavier than 1 lb. He did many others engines like this, with good ideas but technical issues when it was built.

When he was around 14, he started to travel on the land instead of study on the boat. During this moment he discovered that the few Eden he has was still enough to enchant his machines and whatever. He had the feeling that it could help him building almost living machines, but how ? Then, he worked on a glider all made of metal, which would barely fly without any Eden. And even with Eden, the glider has not fly very long. When Fereinn tested it, it flew 1 minute and then totally crashed, with the result of a lot of shapes of metal everywhere. And an unusable arm then. He broke it so badly that it had to be amputated after that. However, his love of creation didn't leave him at all, and without his left arm, he was really hopeless. The only thing he could do was plans. So he did an arm one, but even with that, he couldn't do anything, until he meet Drei. Drei is a sort of doctor, though he has no degree but a lot of wisdom. 3 months later, they managed to build the mechanical arm Fereinn designed, and then it took some other months to him for getting used to it.

Then, a few months after he was 18, he tried to enter in this academy in the hope he could raise his Eden control to build engines that could help people. Yes, magic toasters does count. Though it was in vain. By the time he gets to the academy, all the places were already taken. From then, he used to live in Tornal, a town near the academy, studying the art of machines and surgery, paying his rent by fixing random stuff in the town. He's also sending letters to a friend who managed to get in the academy. Or sometimes, he just enter and goes talking with new friends he met inside. He also tried a second time to enter the Academy. Failed again. Has turned 19 not long after.

Finally, after camping the Academy entrance for days, he managed to enter during the second semester enrollment wave.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit



Snow Mishibari: "Cuteness overload" She's now acting way less innocently than when we first met, I guess she's just becoming more mature ? She's still acting as cute as before, though.

Luciana Chronaim : "Living pillow of doom" She's extremely kind and smart but awfully shy. Used to randomly make things come to life by accident due to her Dark magic.

Razelein: "Wants some tea, cat?" Became a master in the making of death-tea. Can be kind and devilish in the same time. I assume that's why I respect her that much.

Ivory: "Shiny~" A kind kid. She's very attracted by shiny things, though....certainly because of her past. She might just be a kid, but she has a quite strong constitution. Ah, she's also my roommate.

Arthur Thompson: [CENSORED]

Taiga: I don't know him that much, but he seems to be a nice kid. He also looks like someone trustful.

Neku: I don't see him very often...or rather, I don't talk with him that often.

Reisei: She....isn't shy, but always talk softly, which is a bit confusing.


Vera Simons : Helped her once in shop, and talked with her another time. Very kind but also very very proud.

Saki : Just've been introduced. (KIDNAPPED TO THE TEA HOUSE )


Hyrum Sulefur

"Please be gentle~" Cute and extremely kind guy. Talked with him several times already. Fere promised him he will protect him during a battle if needed.

(:U This is outdated. LINLIN.)