Iah is a tough teacher, with an affinity for punishing those he feels aren't living up to their potential. But both
AoH Iah Saphiir S2 by tealgeezus
assignments and punishments are always designed to further a lesson.

He departed from the Academy after Semester 2, assumed to be continuing his relationship with Joel.


Iah spent most of his adolescence as a serf for a wealthy, noble family. After managing to escape one night, he was found by a former teacher of the academy who was impressed with his natural affinity for magic. Ever since that day, Iah has seen the Academy as his home, and never ventures very far from the property. Having trouble showing his emotions, and having a natural inclination toward boredom, Iah has a tough time making friends and tends to lean toward seduction when meeting somebody who he feels any connection to.