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Incendia Aedan










Cobalt Blue


163 CM/43 KG


Wingfril Village, Kingdom Of Lanos

Appearance and Personality Edit

Incendia is a girl with long orange hair tied in a ponytail and cobalt blue eyes. She wears a dark green top, a chainmail skirt, shoulder plate armor and mismatched gauntlets on her wrists- one enchanted with a defense spell, given by her late father. Her main weapon is a broadsword with a chain attached from the handle to the hilt.

Her house uniform is a variation of her main outfit, consisting of a blue top with a white blouse underneath it, and a navy blue ruffled skirt. Her metal boots are also swapped for a pair of black school shoes and knee-high black socks.

Cendy is for the most part, generally friendly unless disturbed when reading. She also shows hints of stubborness to back down from a challenge or listen to the advice of others if her mind is set on something. This often leads her into trouble which she may or may not regret afterwards.


She enjoys reading in her spare time and can sometimes be seen carrying a stack of spellbooks or various journals detailing Edenia’s monsters, all borrowed from the library. Her other hobbies include mock battles and metal forging. She also works in her uncle’s armory shop as a blacksmith when she goes back for the holidays, helping him forge weapons and armor.


*personality changed so she'd be easier to RP...sort of. Actual Cendy is more stubborn and etc.*


Cendy comes from Wingfril, a small village located in the outskirts of the Lanos Kingdom. Lanos had been in war with a nearby country, the Siras Empire over a piece of land located in the middle known as the Eden Plains. Legend says that it holds a great source of Eden, powerful enough to take down other nations.

Before AoHEdit

When she was around eight years of age, her parents and aunt were called to fight in the 20th cycle of the war due to Lanos having a shortage of soldiers and field medics. In the meantime, Cendy was sent to live with her uncle who had stayed behind to help forge weapons for the kingdom's armory and to look after his son (her cousin) who was barely a year old.

A few months later, they received a letter saying that a great number of the army had perished in the battlefield, her parents and aunt included. Unable to take the news, she tried running away- although it wasn't long before her uncle found her and gave to her a birthday gift (her right gauntlet) from her late father (who had told him to give it to her should he not return.)

Cendy graduated one of the top students in her class with an affinity for Fire Eden. She then applied for a place in the Academy Of Heroes, vowing to become stronger so that she could help turn the tides of battle when her turn came to be called for the war.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year Sem 1]Edit

Fire Eden class was pretty uneventful.

-Learned Enflame from Shion. (Incarnatus)

Water Eden class was also pretty uneventful as she didn't have to go into the river.

The RisingEdit

Chapter 1

Teaming up with Yuena from Azureus and Manami from Incarnatus, they were assigned (under the not-so-watchful eye of Tien) to replenish the Eden Barrier crystal using the Eden source they were given. However, they encountered a Lightning Striker in the cave, who warned them to leave. Manami and her both agreed that Yuena should be the one to talk to the Lightning Striker in the hopes to change his mind and let them pass, but Yuena had a nervous breakdown due to her fear of lightning. In the end, they managed to convince Yuena to talk to the Striker while Manami was in charge of defense and Cendy in charge of creating the puzzle stones for the Barrier.

Chapter 2

The team disbanded due to various reasons and conflicts.

Academy Of Heroes [1st Year Sem 2]Edit

Talim, Hobby and Cendy had gone out for a walk around the village. Finding a bar, they decided to enter. Cendy ordered the most potent drink there and Talim had to help her get back to her room.

Met Louise, a tall fox-girl and is going to the Halloween ball with her. However, neither of them can dance. (ongoing)

Woke up in an unknown cabin in the woods on the continent below with Mahift, Louise, Sergio and Talim. Flora joined them soon later. Now, they have to figure out how to get back, as AOH's location always changes.



Gareth Aedan Late father. A retired knight that joint-ran a blacksmith shop with his brother, but got called back into the 20th cycle of the Lanos-Siras war. Died of wounds and blood loss.

Elanor Elicia Mille-Aedan

Late mother. Runs a potions and medicines shop in the village. Recruited as a field medic in the 20th cycle of the war but died when the enemy raided their camp at night.

Ferum Aedan

Uncle. Currently runs a blacksmith shop supplying weapons for the Army while raising his son.

Gwendolyn Blythe

Aunt. Specializes in healing magic and works in a healing shop. Recruited as a field medic in the 20th cycle of the war and died in an Eden blast attack.

Kane Aedan

Younger cousin. Likes asking questions about almost everything and is always full of energy.

'I'm eight and a half this year!'

Friends (Wingfril Village)

Lenne Gardens

A spirited thief girl with high agility, a year younger than Cendy. Sometimes gets caught but even then, she's released fairly quickly as the villagers know that her family has many mouths to feed, with she and her brother being the sole provider.

Lenneth Gardens

Lenne's older brother by three years. Kind and wise beyond his years. Runs a small farm, and feeds his family by selling the produce at the village market. He and his siblings have been orphaned ever since the death of their mother three years ago. They have had a hard time getting by with whatever little money they had, so Lenne resorted to stealing to help her brother and younger siblings, although he's against it. Has four other younger siblings besides himself and Lenne, ranging from four to eleven years of age.

Keiran Ravell

A boy with messy blond hair a year older than Cendy. His weapon is a bow and arrow with which he uses to hunt. Skilled with his hands, he likes making various traps which he then teaches to Kane, who looks up to him like an older brother figure.

Friends and Acquaintences (Academy Of Heroes)

Conan Heidrich

Water Eden teacher in Sem 1.

Shirahime Manami

A kind, somewhat girlish-looking boy from Incarnatus who has since left the Academy. Teammate in the Sem 1 exams.

Yuena Song

A soft-spoken girl from Virens with a phobia of lightning and an ability to talk to animals. Teammate in the Sem 1 exams.

Talim Swyftglide

A gryphon from Azureus learning more about human culture. On their first encounter, they went to a bar in the village and Talim had to help her get back to her room.

Hobby Dragonis

A boy from Azureus who seems to like rock gardening. Also went to the bar in the village together.

Flora Sprouse

A small girl from Incarnatus with an intense love for sweets. Cendy first found her shrunk to chibi form in a box titled 'FEED ME' outside her room door. Since their second meeting, she's returned to normal size.

Louise Lupei

A fox-girl from Incarnatus, Cendy's partner to the Halloween Ball. Might have a slight affection, if not admiration for her.

Mahift Netama

A horned-folk from Virens. Met in a lodge. He seems like a good person.

Sergio Kalis A tall boy from Virens. Met in a lodge. He seems like someone who plans his actions.



By snapping her fingers and focusing, she can create fireballs in the palm of her hand or above it and throw/shoot them at targets up to 100 ft away.

Flame Arc

A wide-area damage spell, capable of wiping out multiple targets at once. Requires cooldown time.


Cloaks appendages/held objects in fire for a charged attack.

Superheated Waterjet

Creates a jet of scalding water hot enough to burn flesh or cook objects. Can fail and turn into water vapor instead if the temperature is not controlled properly.


Creates a high-powered jet of water strong enough to bore through rock. Water source must be nearby.

  • Updated, now able to cast it by pulling water droplets out of damp air since the events of The Rising.

Withstand Minor shielding spell. Effectiveness increased due to defense-enchanted gauntlet. Deflects a certain amount of damage 1x before shattering into light fragments before dissipating. Current shieldable radius is around 1m^2.


-Has a high Eden Capacity (that runs in the family) but is unable to fully access it. Hence, her current accesible Eden Capacity is only slightly above average as of now.

-USED to have an uneaten candy stash left over from last year's Halloween. It's gone now.

-Is gentle towards small children.

-Secretly has a fondness for cute things although she would never admit it.