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  • Full of life
  • Energetic
  • Curious
  • Reckless
  • Gullible
  • Tomboy-ish

Always grinning and full of life, Ivory loves adventuring and discovering new things. She can be stupid, reckless and acts before thinking- only to find that she's already in trouble, but that doesn't stop her from doing it again! Because of her curiosity, she takes an interest in almost everything and won't hesitate to teach what she has learned with everyone. She likes to help out anyone and enjoys being a senior to the new students (even if she is younger than they are), often telling them, "You can count on me!" She is quite mischievous and will play a part in pranking friends. Ivory is idiotically honest and because of her trusting nature, she is very gullible. She has some mannerisms which are typical of a boy and is quite vulgar as she never really had a female figure to look up to while growing up, and... the Azureus house isn't exactly very elegant.

However, after being in the academy for a few years now, she has matured quite a bit from her experiences and lessons she has learned. Though she is still a little childish and reckless, her actions now come with a bit more thought. But due to losing many of her close friends as they have left the academy, she has lost a bit of her spunk from her early days from the pain of saying goodbye.She is still very friendly to new students, but is now more wary of making close relationships. 


  • Hunting for treasure (collecting shiny things)

Ivory has an uncanny obsession with things that sparkle or shine. Anything that fits that description, she will take and hide away in the treasure box under her bed. It can be anything as ridiculous as a shiny spoon, a golden chess pawn, a glass eye and more. There was also a time when her unfortunate friends drank the infamous Azureus tea where the side-effect made them sparkle. Due to the overwhelming brightness of her friends, she became a little crazy, blinded by the light and kidnapped them to put in her treasure chest (not to worry, the side-effect was only temporary and she was able to gain consciousness when they stopped sparkling).


Before AoHEdit

Ivory was a pirate that travelled around the world in search of her older brother.

Early ChildhoodEdit

She used to live in a peaceful village in an island far off the mainland, but a freak forest fire burned it down. However, it was no accident. It was due to demonic beings that her village was destroyed, although Ivory is unaware of this. She was out of the village trying to hunt by herself after an argument with her brother, and upon her return, the village had already been destroyed. The Shaman of the village gave her the talisman that she wears around her neck and with her last breaths, she told Ivory to find her brother and save him. Ivory never found out the reason why or where her brother had gone to, but she never really questioned it either.

Growing upEdit

In the second stage of Ivory's life, she lived as a pirate, travelling with a crew whom she considered 'family,' they may not be tied by blood, but they're as close as any family can get. They found her on the island where Ivory's village once was, whilst looking for treasure. They took her in out of pity because she was only a child and though she disliked them at first, she grew to love them as her own family. Initially, she decided to travel with them in hopes of finding her missing brother. 

Throughout their travels, the Captain realizes that Ivory holds special magical abilities, and decides to enroll her at the Academy of Heroes so she can discover and further develop her skills.

Academy of Heroes [Pre-Year ]Edit

Ivory first found the academy through a flyer promoting the academy's first Spring Festival  while walking around Edenia,  as her pirate crew decided to make a stop on the floating island to gather some supplies.

There she met many of her close friends that has now, whom she treasures dearly, and had a lot of fun interacting with the strange students.That was when she also discovered her Eden alignment was Air/Wind due to another visitor and potential student called Nick who charmed her blue headband and she started floating in the air. Initially, she wasn't planning on staying for very long and only decided to check out the festivities. She became very acquainted with the students of the Azureus house, as she frequented their teahouse stall and was almost sacrificed to the Demi-God Koi Fish 'Blinky' (which is the product of pollution, from students pouring toxic, undrinkable tea into the pond by the teahouse).

Little did she know, the actual reason for going all the way to a floating island to 'gather supplies' was because her Captain wanted to apply for her to attend the academy as he noticed that she has magical abilities that she is unaware of, and he wanted her to discover and develop her skills.

She was never told the reason why they suddenly just enrolled her to the academy and left her without letting her know (well, if they did tell her, she'd probably refuse), but she trusts them, and looked forward to the life in the Academy of Heroes with her new found friends. 

Academy of Heroes [Year 1 ]Edit

Semester 2 Edit

Ivory joined the academy in it's 2nd Semester and discovered many things about herself that she did not know. She took Wind and Water classes and learned the 'Storm Burst' and how to concentrate and feel the water particles around her to create rain.

For the Final Exam, she teamed up with Raz and Viveka (Team RaViOry. They split up to complete the three tasks given to them. Her mission was to find a crown in the Forest of Illusion and return it to the Wyvern's cave (in return she was able to take a treasure from the Wyvern's nest for herself) and finish before the set time. Before the exam, Raz and Ivory made a bet that whoever finished their task first was the winner and the loser was to give a piggyback to the winner. In the end, they both arrive at the same time, Viveka beating them both. 

Semester 3Edit

In the 3rd Semester, she attended Wind andFire classes. In Wind class, she learned how to create a wind shield and in Fire, she learned how create and control different kinds of flames to only burn what she wanted. Signing up for the Fire class was accidental- she meant to sign up for Water class, but in that semester there was no water class. She had difficulty with the assignment as it triggered traumatic memories she had in her childhood. Fortunately, she was found (and saved- in her mind) by fellow Azureans: Endo & Ra, who helped her complete the assignment. They probably don't know how grateful Ivory was when they found her.

For the Final Exam , she teamed up with Fereinn and Neku, (Team F.I.N ) to defeat these strange creatures who attacked a nearby village.  

First WinterballEdit

For this year's Winterball, she partnered with Puri and together they entered the Winterball King and Queen competition, getting through the judges to public voting. They managed to get further in the competition than they thought. The crown may not have ended with them, but nevertheless, they had a lot of fun. Puri and Ivory swapped positions at different parts of the night, at one point Ivory would be the 'lady' while Puri is dressed as a 'gentleman' (and vice versa). 


(There are missing arcs here... ehe, I have to come back with logs somewhere ;;)

Ivory's first year at the academy was very fun and eventful. She formed very important friendships and made lots of friends. However, all good things must come to an end... and many of her friends left the academy. The Azureus teahouse suddenly became bigger, and empty. 

She too was due to leave after a year in the academy, after graduating-- but for some reason, her family- the Captain and Crew did not come back to pick her up like they promised. With a worried heart, she stays alone in the academy and waits. 

Academy of Heroes [Year 2 ]Edit

Semester 4Edit

This semester ended up going for a whole year, this may have been due to abyss rifts (see Academy Lore) that have frequented this semester- keeping the teachers and staff at the academy very busy, pushing everything else back. During this, Ivory spent it alone. Her activity in the campus lessened as she spent her graduate days mostly in the empty Teahouse or in the forest, training by herself. She did not attend any classes this semester or the second Winterball. 

Due to her close friends leaving the previous year, the sadness she experienced was something she could not bear. For this reason, Ivory lost the original spark she had when she first came. She had never felt so lonely in her life. 

When you've experienced happiness, that is when you truly feel loneliness...

Although her own family (the pirates who adopted her) did leave her at the academy, they promised to come back to see her, so she knew she would see them again. They also send a package every year on her birthday as well. However, for her friends going to their seperate ways... back to their own land... or even to another world... there was no way of knowing if she would ever see them again. She misses them very dearly.

Fereinn, her roommate also had not returned yet from a beta-Academy mission, so she is currently by herself. Her worries about him disappeared, after she recieved a letter from him saying that when he returns, he will help her find her older brother. 

Monet Event Edit

During one spring day, when Ivory decided to visit the Teahouse again to see if anyone had come (only to find it empty yet again), a small bird with a helmet on chirped at the window. Curious, she approached the bird carefully- as not to scare it away, but found that it was actually waiting to give her a small piece of golden paper, a magic pen and a small note that read: 

"Do you have a memory you would like to last forever? Could it be something or someone you truly cherish? A precious moment? Write or draw it here on this golden paper and I'll give you something special in return." - Monet

She looked back at the bird that seemed to be smiling at her. Leaning on the window sill, she thought long and hard about what to write. There was too many precious moments, that she could not decide on one. In the end, she fell asleep after writing, "I miss everyone." (see video )

Shortly after, the bird collected her sentimental message, leaving behind illuminated feathers that fell beside her head, and merged to form a golden coin- Token of Memory. After waking to find this magnificent shiny little coin, Ivory added it to her treasure chest under her bed. 

Academy Heroes [Year 3]Edit

Semester 5Edit

After having met Fantine at the beginning of this semester, she decided to get off her lazy butt and become more active in the Academy. Meeting Fantine reminded her of lively and energetic self when she first came to the academy, and she realized that moping around and training by herself isn't going to do much good. 

She attended classes again, her main class is of courseWind , where she learned how to create an extra-limb/ extend her limbs out of the air (and just when she decided to be less lazy LOL). She was going to take it easy since it was the first lesson in a while, but Tien-sensei was having none of that, and forced hard-mode on her when he saw that she was finding the class too easy. She also took Water as an elective class, and learned the 'Parry Shot' - a move that allows you to block an attack and transition quickly to counter-attack.

At one point, she met Noin again, a little fox guy who she used to play with during Semester 2 and 3. Neku used to bring him along to the academy all the time, however she lost contact with him after Neku suddenly disappeared. Noin took her to see Neku again , and she discovered why he left. 


The Winterball started off with much energy. Ivory woke up (from a nap) late, and ended-up having to chase after the Airship (where the ball was taking place). She used one of the beta hover-boards Fereinn left behind and managed to catch up by the second 'game' that was taking place at the Winterball. 

Springball Chapter 1: 2nd Game 'Truth, Dare, Kiss or Out' (Log )

She was welcomed with a kiss --lots of kisses actually--  the second game was a 'Truth or Dare' kind of game where players had to press a button and 'target' another player. The game would also dictate whether the target would recieve a truth, dare, kiss or out. As Noin helped her board the ship, she was kissed on the cheek by Ao Xue. After a few rounds, she was then kissed by Helena- who took her first kiss on the lips. As the game progressed, it seemed like everything Ivory did was kiss or be kissed (|l|OTL). She also had to kiss Fantine- which she did on her forehead. 

Chu by littletreehugger-d78nz1v

Chu~ Winterball 2014

Fantine for some unknown reason began to fantasize Ivory and Noin in a romantic relationship and proceeded to demand others to put them in romantic situations. In the end, she was able to fulfill her wish as she targeted Noin in the game, and dared him to 'please embrace Ivory and kiss her on the lips ' which he reluctantly did so... with much embarassment and akwardness. Noin lost his first kiss, and Ivory fainted.

That was the first time Ivory became aware of the opposite gender.

Springball Chapter 2: Treasure Hunt! (Log )

Ivory drags Nyx, Noin, Ao Xue and Rodrick into her 'crew' for the treasure hunt game, before they get to the venue for the Springball. 

Final Exam Edit

By the end of the ball, the pirates who hosted the event turned against them because of a crystal the headmaster stole. It was to bring back the old headmistress Celie but they wanted it. A battle takes place, and Ivory joins Tien who taught her everything she knew about Wind Arts to battle against the boss pirate.

Divine WeaponryEdit

Ivory and Taiga set out on an adventure to recover a legendary sword. [ongoing]

Leaving Edit

At Fereinn's return, Ivory takes him up on his offer and leaves the academy on an airship to find her long lost brother.


After AoH Edit

Forgotten Winter ArcEdit

Sky Pirates (with Fereinn)Edit



Captain and Crew



Razelein 'Raz' : One of the first friends Ivory made at the academy. Ivory met her during her visit to the Azureus Teahouse during the First Spring Festival at the end of S1. She grew very attached to Raz because of her chivalrous personality and looked up to her as a role model. She would follow everything that Raz did as she was the first female figure in her life, you could say that Ivory considered her to be like an older sister (if she ever had one). Because of Raz, normal cho-censored-in-fear-of-Raz-going-crazy- chip cookies cannot satisfy her anymore as it must be Raz's peanut butter cookies. Before Raz left the academy, she was given the responsiblity of looking afer her blobcat Ran. Ivory misses her dearly. 

Fereinn 'Fere': Ivory's roommate and probably closest friend in the academy. She is intrigued by his creations, and the shiny metal he uses to create them. It may not be apparent, but Ivory sees Fereinn as an older brother- probably to fill in the void of her own missing brother. Fereinn says he'll help her search for her brother.

Luciana 'Luci': A very kind but shy and timid girl. Ivory met her during the First Spring Festival and subsequently became friends with her after repeated visits to the Teahouse. 

Neku : Ivory considers Neku as another older brother, she finds him to be a very caring and warm person who doesn't seem to care much about himself and so, feels the need to take the job of taking care of him. She's not very good at it, but tries to express it by giving him bandaids whenever she finds him wounded. 

Setto: She thought him to be a really friendly and carefree person at first, but she was very wrong. During her visit to the Teahouse in the First Spring Festival, Setto asked for milk and she- after searching through her hammerspace bag- found an empty bottle which threw Setto in a fit of laughter. Confused, she just thought him to just be an eccentric person, but it turned out Setto is actually a very serious person. She got closer to him through sparring sessions as he helped her get stronger. 

Nyx: Ivory enjoys Nyx's company very much and has a lot of fun being with her. They have a 2 year gap but their similar personalities (such as being mischievous and playful) as well as sharing common interest (treasure) makes her feel like Nyx is of the same age. They get up to a lot of trouble together and play innocent pranks on people. 

Purivo 'Puri': A very eccentric but exciting girl. She always seemed to bring destruction and chaos, but that's what made her fun. 

Snow : A sweet girl who served her tea during the First Spring Festival. A nice friend. 

Viveka: Uh- Viveka's not an extremely friendly person. But still, as she was always in the Teahouse, Ivory just kind of, started considering her as a friend as she was part of this Azureus family. She had a chance to get closer to Viveka as they were part of RaViOry group (consisting of Raz, Viveka and herself if you couldn't tell) for the S2 exams. She sees Viveka as a reserved person who also provides some help and advice. 

Taiga: A seemingly mysterious but nonetheless, nice guy. Ivory doesn't know much about him or has interacted with him much,  but she sees him around the Teahouse a lot. Like Viveka, she just kind of started considering him as a friend as they were always in the Teahouse together, engaging in Azu-activities. Recently she has gone on a trip with him to find a Divine Weapon. 

Nik: A very lively guy, fun to hang out with. Ivory likes you cause Teahouse ruckus with him as they fight for barbeque ribs or for the hotpot. 

Nick: Ivory met him during the First Spring Festival also. He was a visitor like herself, who wanted to enter the academy. He charmed her headband, which made her float, helping discover her eden alignment was air. 

Enro: A helpful and friendly person, Enro helped Ivory out during S3 when she accidentally signed up for Fire Class and could not summon up a flame due to horrendous flashbacks of her trauma. Enro found her in the forest (just after she cried-not because of the difficulty of the task but because of a traumatic memory) as they were looking for dragon ball- uh- balls with stars on them as part of the task. She tried to hide the fact she cried and did not tell Enro about it (who probably assumed it was because of the difficulty of the task) but she was grateful he found her at that time.

Kat: An innocent looking but actually very mischievous person! He tricked Ivory into drinking some Anti-tea once, though that memory is a bit vague as Ivory does not have any recollections of her Anti-self. All she remembered was blacking out after some tea. She considers that incident to be a very good prank. 

Fantine: A random girl who approached Ivory during the beginning of S5. At first Ivory thought she was a new student because she had never seen her around before, but it turns out she had been a long time student and was just part of the Incarnatus House. Ivory sees her as a spunky and energetic girl, reminding her of how she was before many of her close friends left the academy. 

After the Third Winterball however... Ivory feels she is a actually a strange and dangerous person. Nevertheless, she likes her company. 

Noin: A very friendly little fox. Neku used to bring him to the Azureus Teahouse frequently during Semester 2 & 3, so Ivory played with a lot with Noin. They lost contact after Neku disappeared from the academy at the end of Semester 3, and were reunited when Noin enrolled in Semester 5. Unfortunately, he ended up in the Incarnatus house. However... recently Ivory becomes flustered around Noin and tends to avoid him without meaning to. This is due to the recent events at the Academy's third Winterball, where Fantine dared Noin to 'embrace Ivory and kiss her on the lips.'