Kairi Kyros
AoH Kairi by Kai and dranzerfire



Real Name:

Kairi Kyros






Light blue on top and darker blue at lower




5'6"/101 lbs


Kairi is a cheerful girl. She loves being with friends and people who she loves. She can like a lot of random cool/cute guys XD. Kairi has knowledge, but the ways she acts somehow make she sounds so childish and immature. But she is really smart, in facts, it's just this is the first time she met people, in AoH, outside of her small world in the cold Alaska place.



Before AoHEdit

She was born and raised at Alaska, with all the coldest wind and snow. Kairi enjoyed them, in fact, just as same as her brother. She loves and respects her brother so much, she used to even want to study more about medicine to help him. But then, Kairi realized she wanted to study what she really enjoy and good at first. So Kairi chose to research and study in order to find a way to help her brother by herself, at home, along with school.

Kairi really interest in Dark Magic, not in the bad way though. She believe she can find out a lot of interesting things in it. She read a lot of books about Dark Magic, know quite enough spells but never used or try (actually, haven’t found who should she try on yet) About Ice magic, again, her hobby of reading helped a lot for this. Also, the weather at Alaska had helped develop her potential, Kairi can use Ice magic by her own.</span>

In Kairi’s childhood, she never actually had a true friend. Her first and best friend ever was Mars. But Kairi doesn’t depressed about that and she doesn’t hate her own abilities, favourite either, because she can express herself in that way only.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit



Mars - A siberian husky, the 3rd son of his family. Mars has two older brothers and one younger sister. He had followed Kairi since he was born. Mars is not a normal puppy, he can become a wolf when Kairi needs. Mars is a proud dog, he has swear to protect Kairi forever. As Mars is the name of the God of War in Greek Myth, being called by this name, he always does what he supposed to do, fight with all he got. Mars can let people hug him if Kairi agrees about that. He can be very sweet if that's the person Kairi loves, respects. But can also became very scary, as a wolf. His blood has 50% of Wolf blood, so that affected to him. He can become a scary and powerful wolf when Kairi needs or orders for him to do so.