Kathryn Kluge Seiler
'OHOHOHOHOHO Say, would you like to make a contract? <3


Kathryn Kluge Seiler








The Terror of S4, The witch of S4, Kathynyan <3




Contracting, making tea, practicing magic, torturing others, derping around


Wind Blade, Telekinesis, Contract binding, Understanding of Magic Cilrce and Alchemy Theory, kidnapping, capturing the destroyed hopes and dreams of others

Favourite thing

her scarf

Favourite Person

Meeko Myles Zionn

Kathryn Kluge Seiler - The terror of the fourth league of the Azureus House. Inside that cute 12 year old girl, liesa lustful black demon willing to consume the entire academy in her twisted fetish ideals. Although quite prone to being scolded, she will do anything in order to get what she wants.

Kathryn (Kathynyan, Kath) is an impulsive, calculating, immature, sadistic and easily around character. She has an interest in magic and witchcraft but only understands the theories of magic. This includes alchemy which she practices daily on other people's tea. of hergreatestmagic related joys is contracting others into her divine harem(shes a freaking kyubey /shot shot shot). Her other interests include sewing and dressing up herself and others in extrememly revealing costumes. She's the manager of the Milky Maid Cafe and designer of the many outfits they supply there.

Kathy is actually a scary person if you get on her bad side. Every month she has to take a teaspoon of 'The Destroyed Hopes and Dreams of Others' in order to stay psychologically stable. Her room found in the lone corridor of the ninth floor of the Azureus Dormroom. It is in this hallway that you can hear the constant screams of despair and terror of her many many 'toys'. Only 4 people have ever walked in there. Each had to contract with her, forcing them to never speak of what is held inside ever again. Rumors have it that she has every student's picture with nothing but underwear in there. Be careful m'dear.


Meeko - self proclaimed husband/boyfirend. Constantly abused by his loving waifu. <3

Faris - self proclaimed mama turned papa. The person who always has to deal with kathrn's crazy ideals.

Skylar - best friend of Kathryn (well at least to Kathy). She has been turned by Kath's dark influence <3

Aderyn - Kathryn's favourite plaything. <3 She loves tormenting her but loves her also.

Dusk - Self proclaimed sister. They haven't seen eachother in a while QnQ.

Sam - Self proclaimed pap turned mama. Their tight. I think.

Tide - Other favourite plaything. Already took his dignity and pride in a certain rp in a certain place that involved a certain drug with certain people. All that's left is his underwear...wait she stole that too.

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