Character Sheet
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Blinky the Demi God of Azureus






Unknown, usually referred as male


Light Blue


Brown to black



Blinky is the Demi Koi God who resides in the lake in Azureus dormitory area. He/She is a giant silvery blue koi with 3 eyes (2 on sides and 1 on top of head) and some blue spots on his/her body. He/She can turn into human form after living in the Azureus Lake for more than a year. His/Her human form, or gijinka form, is a young teen (or shota) who has long light blue hair with 3 streaks of stubborn hairs on the top, blue eyes and blue crystal/gem resembles an eye embedded on his/her forehead.


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Blinky in gijinka form -- by peachmomo

Blinky is a sadist God who would do anything if He/She doesn't get the sacrifice from the Azureans on every Tuesdays, but He/She will always protect Azureus as long as the sacrifice is offered in time. A grumpy God, but will act a little childish at times. He/She usually stays in the depths of Azureus Lake. Blinky is especially friendlier to the Azureans and will sometimes offer rides on his back or even words of wisdom to them.


"Once upon a time, the Academy of Heroes held its very first Spring Festival. The Azureus students constructed a booth and served tea there. They served many kinds of tea, both delicious kinds and.... non-drinkable kinds.

However, the guests quickly avoided the non-drinkable tea. However, that tea had to go somewhere.... and it was deposited in the lake. The fish in the lake, they drank this tea, and not all of them with happy results. However, one of these fish, he grew.

And grew...

And grew...

And grew a third eye. He became a spectacle of the lake, and the ruler of this aquatic kingdom. The students, they noticed. They felt a strange power emanating from the creature, and they began to worship. Nowadays, there are rumors about strange noises coming from the Azureus grounds every Tuesday night.

Thus, Blinky was born."

Tuesdays are Sacrifice Days for the Great Blinky!

Origin of the SacrificeEdit

Tuesday Sacrifices for Blinky began roughly around the close of Semester 1, when the group was making preparations for Semester 2. At that time, to be "shot" was a popular slang term to indicate that someone was pointing out what they said was stupid or not serious. The question of "Where do all the shot people go?" was brought up, and it was imagined that someone from Azureus was sniping people from an unknown location and the targets were to become sacrifices for Blinky.

It also happened to be a Tuesday, which is why that day of the week became the main sacrifice day.