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Lendys of the Bronze Dragon Clan


Lendys, Len








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Before AoH

Broken dragon tattoo

The Broken Dragon tattoo on Lendys' left chest below collarbone

Lendys is born in the Bronze Dragon Clan , a kind of dragon race with copper color based scheme. However, Lendys was born as a Broken Dragon, a forbidden but unavaoidable existence in the clan who borns every 50 years. As Broken Dragon, Lendys lack the ability to control magic, and was branded as one in the moment when she was a year old and her magic nature was clear. Since as a child, Lendy was treated by some of the people in the tribe as a child, while others treated her as a weakling, and even called her retard because of her status as Broken Dragon. In their view the Broken Dragons are weak and unable to do anything especially when magic is involved. Even so, Lendys was still determined to learn magic so that she could prove herself worthy to her parents, ignoring the others' comment and criticize. 

When Lendys was 10 years old, her mother sent her out from their home in underwater caverns to live together with Haurach, who lives on the surface alone, in fact she was being exiled from the tribe. Hearing the rumors about the older Dragon who was being exiled from the tribe, Lendys was scared of Haurach at first, and later she realized that Haurach was the Broken Dragon just like herself. He told her the truth about the Broken Dragon, how their existence threaten the tribe, why they were exiled and lived on the surface. She lived with Haurach for few years happily like a family until the older Dragon died of old age right before Lendys joining the Academy.

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Suicidal AttemptEdit

Before the start of examination period, Lendys' mother, Loushia, decided to visit her suddenly, reminded her about her status as Broken Dragon and even tell her the truth that no one will love her. After her mother's visit, Lendys had been haunted by nightmares about being alone for the rest of her life, which she hated most. After several times of haunted nights, she woke up in a stormy midnight, remembering all the critics from her people and her mother's words. She attempted to find Professor Iah Saphiir, the teacher she respected most for help, but the teacher just turned her down. Desperated, she destroyed everything in her room and even had the thought of suicide. The ruckus alerted Kenneth Rycroft, a Roseus student and Aaden Marbon, a Flavescens student  who apparently around the dorm that time.

Kenneth went to Lendy's room to check on what was happened, however there were no respond in the room which made him worried and opened the room. However what he saw was Lendys on the edge of window, gave him a weak smile before jumped out. He tried to stop Lendys but it was too late. Lendys had jumped down from sixth floor, her motionless body in the pile of blood washed by heavy rain. With the help of Aaden, Kenneth managed to send Lendys to the infirmary in time, however the fall cost her wings and her left eye.

After few days of coma in hospital, Lendys finally woke up but only greeted by Loushia. She demanded Lendys to return to the house where she used to live. but Lendys refused. Without anyway to convince her, Loushia told her that her sister will come later to pick her up. Lendys didn't said anything, but afterwards she never woke up from her slumber, hoping that her time will stop so that she could live with her friends, no wanting to live alone in the house anymore.

Lendys remained in her statis state in months before the beginning of new semester when her roommate, Yuki Mizukawa resumed her study. Yuki was extremely shocked on what happened and immediately rushed to the infirmary to visit Lendys. Saddened by the state Lendys was in, Yuki broke into tears, blaming her negligence. However, Lendys woke up shortly afterwards hearing Yuki's crying, and they hugged together crying. After the incident Yuki had decided to adopt Lendys as her younger sister so that she could take care of the younger dragon.

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  • Loushia - Lendys' biological mother. She is the one who keep reminding Lendys on her status on Broken Dragon and her promise in fulfil the role, which occasionally led her into desperation. She is excel in mental magic and able to cause nightmare to a person in sleep.
  • Haurach - The previous Broken Dragon before Lendys. He looked like a persson who was hard to get near due to his isolation from the tribe, but in fact he is a kind-hearted person who treated Lendys like his own daughter. He died when Lendy was about 16 years old due to old age.
  • Thuril - A Bronze Wyrm that Lendys picked up as egg when she was 10 years old by Haurach's suggestion. A shy young wyrm who has the ability to shapeshift into a teenage boy, however he lacks the ability to talk, apparently.


Yuki Mizukawa - A White Dragon Clan girl who shares the same dorm with Lendys and often being called Aki by her. She left from the academy after a while before comes back. Yuki acted like an older sister to Lendys and often teach her on many stuffs on the surface.

Oskar Horton - A human boy who Lendys had a crush on but he only considered her as friend. He left the academy after semester 2 as unable to handle the academy. They often contacted with each other ever since.

Syphen - A pervert newt guy who would try to take advantage on Lendys if chances arise. However Lendys still considered him as friend. He also left the academy after a year and became a doctor in a hospital.