Character Sheet


Luciana Chronaim


Luci, Lu-chan






Dirty blonde


Dark green


5'5"/115 lb




Pretty much a Yamato Nadeshiko. ;;orz She's shy, and doesn't like offending people or fights, but she can be surprisingly stubborn. She deeply cares about people, but her friends fall into 2 categories- Those she can't see the faults of, and those whose faults won't go away. She doesn't like the fact that she seems to categorize people like this, but she still does. She cries easily and doesn't like her neck being touched, it really freaks her out. She can get surprisingly jealous of people who are stronger or prettier than her, even if other things make them worse-off than her. Luci also doesn't like showing very much skin, and would rather wear baggy clothes any day, though she's at least starting to wear normal-ish clothes. |D;; She's usually a bit serious too, though she'll get scared if anyone else is serious.

After Drake's death on the other hand...



Before AoHEdit

She and Romeo are from a mid-sized town, in the middle of a river valley. Her parents specialized were Lightning Factors, who specialized in Time magic (which is why her last name is Chronaim. it's a very practical town) Her parents taught them Time magic at a young age, though Luciana was absolutely terrible at it. She had a gift for Dark magic... her parents had another family in the village train her. She was getting the hang of it, when a certain incident with a puppy (all that's known is: she got a puppy, and 5 minutes later, there was no puppy) traumatized her enough to make her vow to never, EVER use any type of magic again. As you can see, that worked out real well.

So, as they grew up, Luciana tried to use magic as little as she could (of course she had to use it sometimes, but even with her large eden capacity, she was pretty bad at it) When she heard Romeo was going to apply for the "Acacemy of Heroes", she decided to apply too, even if it meant using her magic more. Of course, she ended up getting in... but her brother didn't. Tearfully, she left for the Academy, wondering if she was ever going to see him again, or if she was going to just flunk out...

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit