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Ming Hua Yi












6'7"/164 lb




Once considered as a black sheep of the flock, Ming is a socially awkward person and doesn't really go well with crowds, he speaks very little. He can be seen as cold hearted and distant from others he doesn't talk much unless its with someone he knows very well.

He isn't very good around too many women and tends to say as little as possible. He tends to distance himself from anyone he deems as a 'loose woman'


He enjoys learning new things about human actions n behaviors



Before AoHEdit

Neku Shirogane's cousin...

in the white winged tiger clan , there was an old fable of the black tiger that brought calamity and death to all that it appears in front of. That being said it was an old fable they thought, but as time passed and genetics were passed from clan member to clan member, and ming, a member of the branch family was born with the genetic trait of black fur.

troubled by this matter min's parents sought the help of neku's father, Huan Zhen, the emperor at that time he told them that as long as nothing happens they could keep the child. however other families of the clan did not agree with his decision, and as min grew up he was made fun of. when he grew older his looks attracted the glances of all the daughters of both the branch and main families in the clan.

being from the branch family it is forbidden for the women of the main family to approach him, soon enough one girl was brave enough to confess her feelings to him. he was shocked, and refused immediately. this caused great pain in the girl and she was consumed by immense rage and jealousy

she returned to the house of the main family and killed one of the ladies in waiting, telling the gaurds that it was ming hua who killed her.

Huan zhen allowed ming 1 more chance, if another death occured then he must be put under house arrest.

after one of their clan member's sudden murder, everyone began suspecting ming and treated him badly. He would recieve several beatings from some of the villagers and wouldn't dare fight back.

-to be continued

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit



Single Child born in royal branch family of the white winged tiger tribe. Has no siblings, and is stuck with the genetic trait of the cursed black fur.

  • Liang Fa Fan Yi-Father(Deceased)
  • Meili Huan Jiao-Mother(Deceased)

Other people of his family

  • Huan Zhen Lin-Uncle(Deceased)
  • Shirayuki Sakurayin-Aunt(Alive)
  • Shirei Sakurayin-Cousin(Alive)
  • Xue Yun Lin-Cousin(Alive)
  • Xiao luo Lin-Uncle(Deceased)
  • Yue Chun Lin (alive)