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Neku "Yue" Shirogami / Yue Chun Lin 月春林










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Current StatusEdit

Neku eventually fell ill to his long term injuries. He returned to the teahouse after graduation and from managing his clan. Sin followed him, knowing that there wasn't anything he could really do to help at this point. Neku wanted to see his friends one last time but he could no longer find the strength to move.


Neku's soul fragment state that can't talk or touch but is simply there due to his attachment

"I realized that I may have caused them some troubles. I was after all naive and very ignorant. Perhaps even foolish so to speak. However I really wanted to thank them for putting up with me. Perhaps we will meet again somewhere. Even if I don't remember anymore, even if I'm no longer "Neku" I wish to become friends with them again. A pipe dream probably."

" Hey Sin, I know that once I'm gone from here. You'll leave me for another "Data Composer" but even so please... don't let my memories get over written. I...don't want to lose the precious times with everyone." 

" Find me again, Find [Neku] again. Thanks for working so hard Sin. Thank you for staying. Thank you for letting me meet people who I can cherish." He smiles and whispers, " See you again." 

Although no longer having a physical body Neku's spirit still barely lingers around due to his attachment and you 

might just see him. 


Neku Shirogami, or Yue Chun Lin, was born in another world from the World of AoH. The world was called "Alter-sekai (World in Japanese)" where Youkai/Demons live. He is born between the leader of two opposing clans, Winged Tiger Clan and White Dragon Clan, and he is a Tora-Ryu (or tiger-dragon hybrid), an extremely rare hybrid between different races. He has the features of both Winged Tiger and White Dragon, with silver hair and horns of a dragon, ears of a tiger. He have two tails, a dragon's and a tiger's, they can merge into a thick tail with stripes and furs of dragon's tail. He also has wings like the winged white tigers but underneath the white feathers is like a dragon's scales. Neku could use his magic to hide his dragon features, and sometimes disguise as human, though he couldn't hide his stripes well especially the ones on his hair as human.

When Neku first arrived to the academy he was an emo prick, trapped in the timeline of his past. He couldn't move forward and was always depressed and emo. He never showed much expressions but pain which offended a lot of people. Neku always had these thoughts in his head "I'm a deadman I shouldn't have rights to live", "It's my fault they died", "I couldn't save them" etc. It was until later his friends at AoH knocked sense into him and he started to brighten up Narin passed on and Sin finally made him understand that he wasn't dead. He was alive all along as a being named "Neku" the only one AoH knows.

Though Neku has brighten up after a lot of events happened, he is still Shy and is the speechless type of person. Deep down he has a gentle personality, kind and easy to befriend. He cares a lot for people even if he doesn't show it. He still doesn't show much expressions possibly because he lack of emotions since he lost his heart and the one he possess is an artificial one to sustain his life.

He is a Mr. NiceGuy and often it gets mistaken as being a player, a secret worrytart. Neku is loyal to his friends no matter how harsh it is he will never betray you. It is hard for him to truly hate someone. As part cat so he gets startled easily, he is also an otomen which means he behaves quite girly at times, and he loves girly stuff. He can be really cold towards you when he wants. Used to have trust issues but opened up to those he familiar with.


  • Creating music boxes
  • upgrading his weapons
  • Playing traditional instruments and singing
  • Traditional Dances
  • reading
  • cooking and sewing
  • Flower arrangement and Tea ceremony
  • Training
  • Art in any forms


Before AoHEdit

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit



  • Huan Zhen Lin - Neku's father and the leader of Winged Tiger Clan. He used to hang out in Azureus's teahouse ceiling until the Lin family incident. He has simply vanished, as people would assume dead but he could possibly be in fact searching for his wife. He left his emperor title to Neku and Yun. 
  • Shirayuki Sakurayin - Neku's mother and the ex-leader of White Dragon Clan. Due to an incident, she went missing and was assumed to be dead.
  • Shinrei Sakurayin - Neku's elder sister, the current leader of White Dragon Clan, She is born as White Dragon unlike Neku who is a Toraryu. She took on her mother's family name due to becoming the empress of the white dragon clan. Shinrei is quite short tempered and a lady not to be messed with. She is extremely protective of her brothers and will do anything to make sure they are safe. As an Empress, she is well respected and is quite wise in her decisions. She re-formed the truce between the two clans due to her not wanting to fight her little brothers in war if possible. She took in the reincarnated Yuki into the clan later on.
  • Xue Yun Lin - Neku's twin brother and a Winged Tiger. Yun is smaller than Neku due to a disability he was born with and he is unfortunately unable to feel pain. Yun cares deeply for his twin brother and usually talks to him through twin telephany. Yun has come to visit Neku on several occasions. 
  • Ming Hua Yi- Neku's cousin from the branch family.
  • Xiao luo Lin- Neku's Uncle and the younger brother of Huan Zhen. When Neku was little and his father had work to do, Xiao luo was usually the one playing with Neku. He was very kind and admired his older brother's strong resolve and unwavering bravery. However due to getting tangled in a Jorogumo's web sent by Tenkoku's higher forces. He ended up causing the disappearance of both his brother and his wife. After the "White blood day" incident. He changed drastically and took over the clan for a bit, and was a tyrant leader.He was eventually freed of control and was killed by Neku. His body was last seen being carried away by his elder brother.
  • Noin Kuzunoha - A young ninetails that Neku saved from a forest fire. He later adopts him and treats him like a little brother. Noin is very optimistic and is friendly to everyone who is Neku's friend. He calls Neku "waka" which was an old way of calling someone "Young Master" in Japanese. Noin is still young and he only has 3 tails as of now. Noin is actually from the proud family of Kuzunoha which was a very well-known Kyubi clan.
  • Akumi - A silent but easy to befriend karasu tengu that was found as an egg and was raised by Neku. He calls neku "ouji-sama". Akumi befriended Kat and now holds a camera given to him by Kat.
  • Sin- Although not really family, Sin watched over Neku ever since Neku found him on the border of human and Ayakashi's world. At the time Sin was neither human nor Ayakashi but in order to save Neku, he made a contract with Kassim who was the current holder of the title "Hades" and became a hellhound working under him. Sin lost an arm when he got attacked by an out of control Shinrei before he became a hellhound. Sin cares for Neku deeply and in turn promised to stay by his side no matter what. He has hinted on several occasions that he knew "Neku" before the current one. He became the advisor for Neku for the short time that he managed the Clan. However with a thought that they were simply just a "master" and "servant" relationship he didn't really confess his feelings.


Yuki Mizukawa= Someone that he really treasured like an older sister. TBA

Taiga Kurosu= His first ever roomate and one of his best friends. He really treasured the friendship between him,Taiga and Arthur. Neku is willing to do anything to help his friend and always has his back knowing that Taiga has his back covered too. The three used to hang out a lot together. He eventually told Noin to give Taiga his Guan dao because out of everyone he wanted Taiga who was the closest to him to keep it the most as it is also Neku's father's weapon as well.