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Nereus Ligeia)

Real Name:

Νηρεύς Λίγεια




Female (Previously Male)




5'3" (human), 6'0" (Siren)


Because of his voice magic Nereus speaks rarely. He is unsociable and prefers reading an interesting book to a conversation. However if you are succeed in becoming friends with him Nereus can be very loyal. Nereus prefers not to smile – his left part of lips almost motionless because of the seal. So his smile looks weird and ugly. But his eyes can show you any emotion.


AoH Ultimate


Before AoHEdit

Nereus’s family leads its origin from ancient goddess of the sea – Siren Ligeia. The blood of sirens woke up in female descendants of the family for ages. Every girl was taught to control her powers since childhood when they had had no powers yet. But in the last generation the siren blood woke up in a boy. Nereus wasn’t ready for it and was forced to seal his powers with dark magic.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit




Abilities: The talent for possessing water magic is in Nereus’s blood. He can summon tides, whirlpools, streams of salted water. He doesn’t take it from the air – he calls it from the ocean. If 70% of Nereus’s body is covered with water he turns into a siren (or merman if you want). To transform back he need to dry more than 30% of his body (it is obvious, isn’t it?) But the most powerful part is Nereus’s voice. Sirens are able to control human’s mind, charm their thoughts, and win their will. But the only problem is siren’s magic affects only males. Nereus’s magic woke up when he was 14 and a poor boy was chased by a crowd of charmed guys. Nereus wasn’t able to control his voice and was sealed by his grandmother. The seal on his left cheek was burnt with burning hot steel. Now Nereus’s voice magic is blocked but anyway it has a small effect on men. Guys can find Nereus a good person without a reason, become friendly with him. The main Nereus'a weakness is music - he can be easily hypnotize by the sounds of piano, violin or harp. But all other music can charm him. To avoid this he wears two black glass earrings on his left ear. They prevent charming effect of birds' songs, singing of people around and quiet music of guitar and some other instruments. But the sound of piano, violin and harp still affects Nereus very much. In other magic Nereus is very weak he can hardly make a small flame flash, lightning or wind. Also he has great intellect and study fast in sciences.

AoH vday


Random facts: -Nereus has a cousin who was supposed to be a Siren descendant – Reah. She is 12 now -Nereus don’t like swimming much -Nereus can breathe under the water -Deep in his soul Nereus likes the fact he can affect guys’ minds. But if you ask him if he prefers guys to girls he will never tell you the truth. -Nereus never has his underwear on because it can tear in pieces when he transforms into a siren. He also never wear boots. In warm weather he doesn't wear his cloak but when it is cold - the cloak is his only warm clothes. Now his old cloak was burnt by one of the students but she made Nereus another one. UPD: -(thanks to the chatroom) Nereus has a plenty of towels under his skirt? so he can give one to you if you need S1endUPD: -Nereus is now a girl 8D He drank some potion Terra made and it change d his gender accidentally x'D -Nere has a dancing penguin called Pen. Originally he was a plushie but Nereus felt so lonely to make him alive accidentally [1]

Ἄρης (Ares)

Age: 18

Height: 5’3” (160 cm)

Gender: Male
Ares av


Ares is Nereus's anti-self. He started to form as a new personality when Nereus was 10 and formed finally at 14. In AoH he caused some troubles in Nereus's body and pissed "his boy" enough to be divided from him. Ares's body was created from sea water, all his apperance was made by Nereus. And Ares still cpmplains about his huge ears x'D

Abilities:Originally Ares was able only to use some boiling water. Now he got assimilated with Chessire - some strange demon who he took from Nurse (~yellowflowerevy) Now Ares uses fire alot, also he can teleport and turn into different animals. Loud noises sucks his powers and he can even faint because of them.

Personality:The main part of his personality is Lust. He can't control it so everything he can think of is sex ^^' Pervy jokes, touches, kisses... You should be very careful near him. Alot of people lost their virginity because they were too naive >3 Inside Ares is scared of only one thing - that people who he thinks are frineds to him will hate him. This happened with Atlas, for example. Ares was hurt enough to leave academy for awhile. Now he has only one friend and it makes him even more nervous.In addition Ares was tortued by Azizi (*RokxtheShadowFox7) recently and was left alone chained to a wall for several days... And it hurt his mind a bit... A lot. Ares is afraid to stay alone now because "walls and trees start to talk to him" .____. Also he can suddenly forget what happened to him in recent time or laugh hysterically for several minutes. Sex List:Nereus, Hunter, A!Hunter, A!Teiri, Atlas, Fai, Nettle, Nurse, Bai, Kazeki, Azizi (omg! Please! If I forgot someone remind me ASAP!! QAQ ) UPD: Ares left AoH