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Niklaus Finnegan Romulus


Nik (friends), Finny (mother)






Dirty (used to be Platinum) Blonde







Niklaus Finnegan Romulus is a former student and current member of the S2 League graduates. He is also part of the SUPA SHINY NAKED DESU BRO TRIO , along with Flavescens' Laroque Birchwood and Soren Merle.


Somewhat of a douche, smooth-talking Niklaus isn't necessarily the most pleasant person to be around but he somehow manages to charm girls in his weird little way. He's always spewing out ridiculous comments and has a tendency of running into trouble. Although he doesn't like to openly admit it, Niklaus is in fact a huge sissy. Behind his asshole facade lies a kind-hearted boy. He has a soft spot for kids and animals, it's rumoured that telling him sad stories can bring him to tears.

Overall he's just a big kid, although there are times when he can surprise you with a nugget or two of wisdom. Sometimes, Niklaus goes missing from the academy, only to come back in a few days in some kind of a predicament or with strange doodads. No one really notices but those who have has tried to question him only to receive an unclear answer. It's kind of hard to read his mind, Niklaus is a strange one indeed.

Then again, who isn't in the Academy of Heroes?


It is noted that Niklaus enjoys music and is apparently quite adept at the trumpet. He also seems to like cooking and baking despite his "questionable" secret ingredient. From time to time, he also dabbles in tinkering with machines. Additionally, according to Niklaus himself, he's a pro at "being a pimp and a BAMF," although alot of people gives him a sorry look that simply says "No."


Before AoHEdit

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit



Nicodemus Romulus: His father. Niklaus has a somewhat strained relationship with him, usually referring to him as "that jerk" or "butthead".

Magdalena Romulus (née Evans): Nik's beloved mother. Bakes the most bitchin' cookies to ever entice the tongue and will make all your boo-boos poof away with the slightest touch. Some of Nik's friends consider her a MILF, only to receive a cold, judging stare from him.

Elyion Genevieve Henrietta Romulus: Little sister and middle child of the Romulus family. Elyion and Niklaus fight like cats and dogs, but during times of peace they're pretty good buddies.

Jonah Alexander Romulus: Nik's often overlooked little brother, the youngest child of the Romulus family. Despite being constantly overshadowed by his siblings, he holds a deep respect for his brother and sister.


Love Interests (Past, Present and Otherwise) Edit

Countess Lainy of Riverside: Nik's first ever romantic relationship and girlfriend at the Academy. They started as rivals but eventually warmed up to each other. Due to Nik's constant flirting with other girls and other factors, him and Lainy parted ways.

Claire Amour: After being with Lainy, Niklaus became infatuated with Claire. Finally on Valentines' Day, the duo's feelings for each other was revealed and they became a couple. For some time, Nik enjoyed being with Claire but soon he began to drift away. It had seemed like he had feelings for someone else. When Claire found out, she confronted him about it, resulting in a fight which ended up with them breaking up. Niklaus still feels awful for how he treated her.

Aderyn Tact: Niklaus seems to be fond of Aderyn, sometimes a bit too fond. During the PARA'de Fest, Niklaus visited her Kissing Booth and paid (an extemely large amount, more than what was required) her for a single kiss on the lips. No one knows why did that, the creep.

Ina: The two met at the PARA'de FEST when Niklaus visited her booth, it was awkward. 'Nuff said. Niklaus enjoys Ina's company and (maybe) has a developing crush on her.

Kathryn Kluge-Seiler: A strange but adorable gi-- what are you even thinking? She is sadly a minor. Any "like-like" feelings towards her can be received as symptoms of pedophilia. Do not pursue, this is a danger zone.

Rino J. Hark: A one-sided fling. They met on Rino's first day at AoH and helped her with directions. Rino has unrequited love for Niklaus although he only sees their relationship as platonic.

Amelia Friday: Niklaus' childhood rival and ultimately, the girl who "holds his heart". She may be the source of Nik's sexual frustration and the indirect cause for many of his breakups, poor girl doesn't know anything about that.

Laroque Birchwood: ...I beg your pardon? Whatever romantic-oriented feelings are you blabbering on about? Shhh... only bromance here, bro.

Others: Self-explanatory, ayeup.