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Rae Clarimonde Von Ritterheim








Normal - Black, Actual - Silvery blue


Normal - Blue, Actual - Left blue, Right gray




Rae’s main visible trait is that she is VERY anti-sexist. She absolutely HATES people say that someone can’t do something just because they are female. She is strong-willed and a dreamer. Her goal in life is to prove to her Kingdom that a woman does not necessary have to ‘look pretty’ and do ‘petty stuff’ all the time. Because of this, she works hard to improve herself and learn as much as she can outside the Kingdom.

Rae seems very polite and classy-like but when she found something/someone that she categorizes as ‘CUTE’ she will… change. She also 'changes' when she eat sweets. She will go WILD

She usually quiet and withdrawn to her books and drawings and doesn’t approach people and s

he doesn’t know how to act around people because she was isolated by everyone except for her father, brothers and her youngest sister for a long time but she can be very friendly to people who approach her. If she is very fond of you, she will protect you with her life, but she also a bit of a loner and enjoys peaceful solitude (sometimes)

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Rae doesn't know what a cellphone is when her friend Volker mentioned it to her.

She LOVES salmon and is waiting to discover the meaning of 'sushi' xD she also like to climb trees.

Rae LOVES to duel. You can spar with her anytime (as long as the campus

allow it) She also can be a little overprotective and paranoid (careful not to scare her… especially if she wield a weapon oAo . Lastly (fiyuh) because she lived in a old-style Kingdom, she is absolutely CLUELESS of the modern stuff, such as electronics and… uhh.. everything modern hahah.



Before AoHEdit

Rae came from the second-highest noble family called the House of Ritterheim from Siegford Kingdom. Ever since she was small, she hated her fate to be a Lady, like any other woman in her House and even her entire Kingdom. She spent her time learning secretly of the basics of Dueling with her older twin brothers. She spend a lot of her time watching her brothers fight A few years later, she declared that she wants the Kingdoms female to join the Army forces.

Ritterheim House usually bears many children. The reason for this is because the main thing that mattered to them is the protection of the country and so they preferably produce many good men as possible. That is why Rae has 7 siblings. She is the 3rd daughter of 7. She has 3 older brothers (an eldest brother and a pair of twins) and 3 younger sisters.

When her father and her eldest brother found out about her behavior and goal, they keep it to themselves, to see what will happen, and when she was 13, her father tested her and was he was defeated when Rae’s Dyrie (ancestor host) Kaethe protected her.

Her father announced to the whole House of Ritterheim (for he was the Crest [leader] of the House), and told everyone about Rae’s vision and that it is one of the ways to defeat the House nemesis, House of Felistein, who was the highest noble family in the Kingdom. She will prove to everyone that woman can fight too, in the Tournament of Youth.

The Promising Knight is the only status that the Families could train to be chevaliers to the throne, without any interference from The Bloodline Vow.

But the Tournament only open for 18 years and older, in order to realize Rae’s plan, they need to wait another 5 years.

The plan was raised an uproar amongst the Family. Most against the idea of woman participation to be in War, some against the confidence in Rae’s skill, and those who are the same age as Rae, against the idea of selecting her as the Chosen (candidate) for the tournament, and without any requirements, and many others complaints.

Rae was overwhelmed by the complaints of the whole House. Only her father, brothers and youngest sister agreed to the idea. Her hope was almost shattered.

With rage of determination, she stood her ground, and thundered that she will prove herself amongst her family by defeating every male in her family in duels then rightfully, through skill, gain her right as the Chosen.

Indeed that 13 is an unlucky number. For 5 years, she suffered isolation, insults, beating and any other means from her own Family to push her down and make her give up. She was physically, emotionally and spiritually challenged continuously. She broke down a couple of times but her brothers, and soon, all her sisters, support her and will her to recover. But her mother remained her distance with her.

And she succeeded. After she was renowned as the Chosen candidate, she covered her identity and aliased herself as Raenef then participated in the Tournament of Youth. Because of her harsh training over the years, she managed to the last round, but barely. After all, she only had beaten her House, not the others. She then confronted her final opponent.

The heir of the Felistein House. Her House’s nemesis. Her eldest brother’s rival. HER rival.

Ehren Feinstein, The Promising Knight.

No one really surprised that a Retterheim Chosen and a Felistein Chosen clash blades at the end of the tournament for it has been going on for generations. But no expected what came after that; Rae, who was unmasked by Ehren, shocked the other Houses in the Kingdom.

Rae had lost. The plan was ruined. Her father’s expectation was that she reigned as champion first before revealing her true identity.

King Manfred stood up. Enrage, he ordered Ehren to kill Rae. She fought for her life and suddenly, her appearance began to change; her outfit changed into a True Knight’s armor. Rae regained her energy to counter but Ehren sent her Rapier flying, her magnificent Armor dissolved back into her previous appearance. Rae was about to be stabbed at the heart when suddenly, Kaethe emerged again and stopped the final blow. Because of Rae’s sudden burst of energy while fighting Ehren, Kaethe could change into her real form, dazzling in her True Knight’s Armor. It turns out that Rae briefly inherited Kaethe's armor.

Finally being able to show her true appearance, she confronted Manfred. The truth revealed; Kaethe died because she was protecting Manfred’s grandfather, Leonhard, the First King.

Kaethe used her Knight Anthem that was given to her by the First King that enables her to demand ONE Order than no king of this Kingdom can undo, only to give consequences. Her demand was to give Rae a chance to pursue her Goal.

Unable to change the Order, King Manfred fall to her command and let her continue with her dream. However, The Bloodline Vow was still intact, without the interference with Kaethe’s order. So Rae would be the first Siegford citizen to be sent out of the Kingdom, to learn from the outside world. She had sworn to her Kingdom that she would not bring them shame and do something that could destroy the Kingdom.

Supported and blessed by many because of her acts, she feels like a Ritterheim’s Noble again, after 5 years of suffering.

Determined, she set out on her quest to realize her dream. She enrolled in The Academy of Heroes, a new world and a new shining hope.

She turned back and stared up, glaring at her primary hatred in life, her nemesis, Ehren Karlheinz Von Feinstein.

“One day, our blades will clash again”

Noticing his feral anticipation spark in his eyes, Rae turned and walked off.

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