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Razelein Esia








Dark green close to blue




5'6"/124 lbs

Raz is currently acting as the World Tree of her world due to uprooting the original tree for unknown reasons.


-Eccentric, LIKE HELL, especially in her habits. Generally comes off a bit menacing in her actions at times
-She is aware of how people see her and is fond of seeing their reactions to whatever she says or does
-Open-minded, laidback type most of the time.
-Hates being weak in front of others, so asking for help is a hard thing for her to do.
-She’s a bit distant and doesn’t reveal too much about herself to anyone.
-Can always be seen with an amused or wry smile of some sort
-Prone to spontaneous physical violence towards men when she feels like they deserve it—and can take it, or just to relieve some stress. (Not so much to girls. :'D)
-Calls people 'cat' until they tell her their name, and even then she will.
-Usually speaks her mind, but mutters certain things to herself a lot
-Generally good-natured, but prone to certain mischief from time to time
-Willing to help out or give advice, but knows her limits and tries not to go pass them.
-Cares deeply for those around her and dislikes seeing them in trouble.
-Confident and stands up for what she believes in -Likes dramatizing things and overreacting
-At times, depending on her mood, she becomes a bit like someone who has seen things for a long time and uses that knowledge to make things go as she wants them to; can be described as a dislikable chess-master of sorts [This has only been seen when she was temporarily changed to a younger male. Whether or not it’s her real personality is your decision to make. |D]
-Avidly tries to remain in a good mood

  • After the [Memory] Chapter, she seems to have peace with herself in a way. She's become a lot more open and freely talks without putting some distance between her and the other person.


Traveling, material hunting, uprooting trees (and replanting them later), watching people, trying new recipes out, baking


Before AoHEdit

• A Childhood of 12 YearsEdit

Raz was a stillborn that came back to life.

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Academy of Heroes [Year 1]Edit

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Academy of Heroes [Year 2]Edit

• [Destruction] ChapterEdit

Things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Thus far, the combined will of Razelein and Lakyen had been able to keep the destruction of her world at bay. That temporary fix couldn't hold for long, and soon the inevitable took place. Natural disasters began occurring in increasing amounts, minor at first, then growing larger in scale.

As the Vessel of the World Tree, Razelein could feel every instance of it.

All she remembered was a flash of white hot pain, and next thing she knew, she was waking up in a hospital. Fortunately, as Lakyen had thought might be the case, by moving her to another world altogether--the effects of the destruction would be greatly toned down--and Razelein's body would receive as little damage as possible. Had he not done so, Raz would've been dead after the first wave of disasters.

Though unbearable at first, Raz managed to endure the attacks and act as usual around her housemates. She didn't frequent the Teahouse as much however, and soon began leaving campus grounds for outside locations to find information on how to revive the World Tree. Plus by doing so, if any attacks occurred, she needn't worry anyone she knew. Life went on as usual, though many of her friends began having many unfortunate events happen, and she tried her best to help them through it--from Viveka's incident with possession to Luciana's voyage to Hell. With everything that happened, she saw no need to burden anyone with her own issues--and steadfastly marched forward alone.

Lakyen had always been present in her mind for advice throughout their first year together at the academy, but with the recent string of events, he was "away" for long periods of time looking after affairs back home. She found herself actually missing his little side comments here and there.

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World Traveler ArcEdit

• [Memory] ChapterEdit

"There was something I wanted, more than anything else.
...even if that meant losing my place in this world.
" -Razelein

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Rowena Marei Isantri: Mother [Deceased]; Though she had decided on the name of Wren for a daughter before Raz was born, she was adamant on a different name after the fact. She had a strained relationship with Raz and always put a bit of distance between them, something Vernon could never quite fix. Raz was quick to see this and made sure to treat her with polite formality whenever her father wasn't around. "If she doesn't like me, I don't need to like her!" was a short-lived mindset before she settled on "This is just how it is." Even so, however, the few times they actually did mother and daughter-like things were fondly remembered by Raz.

When an illness left her bed-ridden, Raz took care of her while her father was away. It was within those last few weeks that they became 'close' in their own way. Rowena always had long hair tied back in a single braid. Raz wears her hair with a braid somewhere to remember her by.

-Had a small Gift of Foresight, which Raz didn't inherit.

'Vernon Will Esia: Father- Papa; "PAPA, PAPA, PAPAAA" (Don't give me that look lol eve) After Rowena died, they only had each other--so Vernon somewhat reluctantly chose to give up a lot of things to focus on raising a daughter on his own. To his surprise, he found his daughter to be rather independent and adaptive to the new circumstances--and came to cherish their time together. It was like father like daughter, and they did everything together--from traveling around after his early retirement to doing the odd job here and there. Raz loves and admires him to death, and he's equally fond of her.

Raz acts a bit like him subconsciously. She inherited the Gift of Telekinesis from him.

Miria Daswal: Stepmom- Miria; Though the two got off to a rough start thanks to Raz's ingrained habit of distancing herself from a mother figure, the woman slowly grew on Raz--and now they're pretty familiar with each other. She longs for the day Raz calls her 'mom' instead of Miria, but she doesn't mind waiting. Raz is still too sheepish to call her that though. Has a Gift that involves thread--she can embed her feelings into the clothes she makes, giving them certain properties (fire resistance/temperature stability) that aid the wearer. She uses it in her job and sends Raz new clothes from time to time.

Aldenh: Stepbrother- (15) Den; It was hard for him to get used to not being the oldest and having his way anymore. Raz didn't help by babying him needlessly just because he was younger. So, he got irritated by Raz initially and kept rallying his younger siblings to play tricks on her. Due to certain events however, he came to grudgingly accept her as a sister. Also developed a mild crush on her when she began treating him as an equal--though that went nowhere fast. He likes being relied upon and, though he won't admit it, wishes Raz were around more.

Mahten: Stepbrother- (12) Mao; Was always ready to jump onto any evil plans Den whipped up since he thought Raz was weird--the bad kind of weird. He looked up to his brother and shared his opinion on everything. Though when one trick went to far he sobered up and apologized. After hanging out with her by himself more often, he came to like her a lot and started thinking for himself. Can be pretty blunt and honest to a fault, a trait Raz finds rather endearing. He's usually the first of the siblings to voice how much he misses her.

Anya: Stepsister- (9) An/Annie/Yaya/Anya; Raz finds her sweet and dotes on her with small gifts every now and then. The girl is still shy around her and thinks of her more as an aunt.

Random Fact: It's from her step-siblings nicknames that Raz picked up the habit of calling people 'Cat.'


Luciana- Raz considers her meeting with Luci during the Spring Festival to be the start of what would be a very, very eventful life in Edenia. At the beginning, she thought of her as very quiet and meek--and someone who needed looking after. Through their debaucles with teamaking and subsequent meetings, she found there was a lot more to Luci than met the eye--likebeingthelonelevel-mindedoneinagroupofimpulsivepeople--and grew to love her for it. She's also one of the few people Raz frequently addresses by name instead of "cat". Raz loves acting like a big sister figure to her, but finds Luci's decisions at times to be worrisome. Though she considers her a good friend, she also acknowledges that Luci doesn't rely on her that much--or is willing to place too much trust in her. A little bit hurt by that, but she understands.

After a few certain events, Raz has grown very worried for her friend's well-being. Raz feels like soon she'll go to a place she won't get be able to get out of, and that fact scares her. She'd like to do more for Luci, but her own issues with the collapse of her world took up a lot of her time.



Luka- If she had to pinpoint the time when she first started to ~like~ him, it would be when Snow brought gender-bending rings that had an effect on the air of the Teahouse--causing everyone to switch genders. Raz had the additional effect of growing younger as well. In a young boy's form, she had a rather amusing conversation with a female!Luka. His reactions and their exchange of banter--plus his lack of hesitation in insulting her to her face--that upfront honesty--made her opinion of him grow very high. It was only after they met a couple more times afterwards that Raz realized that she really did like him. Aside from the offhand comment here and there though, she didn't mention it at all and eventually just ignored the feeling. Then, it was time for the second Winter Ball--and Luka out of the blue asked her to be his date. It was a rare moment of flustered honest feelings from the both of them, and Raz had never felt so embarrassingly happy to accept. [to be continued]

Arthur- "Accented One" To the bitter end, Raz never had a good opinion of Arthur. He always seemed weak-willed and dependent on others to make himself feel worthy as a person. At least initially. At first he was just an ordinary customer at the Teahouse, but when he started a physical relationship with Snow her opinion of him went waaaay down. Still, with his frequent visits to the Teahouse he became a part of it and Raz slowly just got used to him being around like it or not. When his relationship with Snow faded, she finally was able to tolerate a few conversations here and there with him. TBC haha I SHOULD BE STUDYING


Ivory- Like Luci, Raz is exceptionally fond in an older-sister like way of Ivory. Her eager, adventurous personality meshed well with Raz's--and together they'd terrorize the city as ~keepers of peace~. Being around Ivory lightens her mood a lot--so she's rather fond of her company. Raz always tries to make peanut butter cookies beforehand in case Ivory comes by. Close to her ending-arc, Raz gives her blobcat Ran to Ivory to take care of.



Ebo- Raz's initial impression of her was a cheerful cat girl from Flaves. They never really had the chance to talk much though, even after she started coming to the Teahouse more to be with Nicholas. Still, Raz thought well of her. After a long period without seeing her, the girl was covered with several injuries. Soon she would meet a horrid figure Ebo called her "father". Not wanting her friend to be alone in their father-daughter abusive sparring matches, Raz joined the fray. Though she soon found she couldn't be of much help offensively--she still wanted to prevent Ebo from getting outright killed. TBC