Mr. DeerEdit

Woman. Get out of my forest.

Lord of the Forest; Always seems to be scowling and hates when people enter his forest. Will ram people with his horns when angered, paws and lowers his head in warning before he charges. Looks down on mankind, only fond of certain people from the Academy.

Cheesus CrustEdit

"You are the meatball on my vegetarian pizza."

Claims to be the leader of Snow's fanclub, though he has currently left the club. Has many contacts within the fanclub who keep tabs on Snow for him. Tends to make many pizza/food puns that aren't that funny.

Waitress A and B+CookEdit


A trio working at a restaurant near the harbor. Part of an underground slave-trading organization. Thought Snow discovered their secret and attempted to have her killed. Plans went awry when they discovered she was a strong Factor.

Wormy Junior and Cousin HohoEdit

Creeps of an unknown species. Wormy Junior is a very earnest and childlike blob that eats ovaries. Oozes on people he likes, chews on those he doesn't. Cousin Hoho on the other hand is much risque, and likes commenting on people's