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Taiga is a nice boy with a kind heart. Although he looks like a carefree personwith no problems in this world, whatsoever, he actually has a lot of problems on his. He tries to hide these whenever he's with his friends or "family" since he doesn't want them to worry or anything. Always keeps a cheerfull and nice personality, though making him angry would be a bad idea. Although that rarely happens, since he always keeps his cool and rarely losses it.

Although most of the time he is quite gentle, his power matches his gentleness just as much, being very skilled with water magic he's looking forward to taking it to the next level which is ice magic. Not only strong when it comes to magic he's also quite physically strong as well and would accept any challenge to spar since he considers it a "good workout". He also hates Idling around as it prevents him keeping himself physically fit.

Ironically, he doesn't like studying very much. Sweets(especially chocolate) hits his sweet spot the most and it would be very easy to make him do anything when you carry a bar of chocolate with you.


Weapons. As in, collecting weapons. He always did seem to have a thing for swords and shining metal blades, although he collects more than just that.

Currently in his collection:

  • The Harbringer - His first gunblade. It wasn't originally his, of course, as most things he uses are inherited from his dad. He, himself gave it this name since he didn't know what his father called it. He remembers something in the news papers that called his father "The Harbringer". The gunblade was previously owned by his father, and reminding him of this, he decided to call the blade "The Harbringer".
  • The Grand Cross - A really large and heavy gunblade. Carrying it alone is already tasky let alone swinging it. Belonged to his father but he earned the right to inherit it after defeating him at the Azu Teahouse. One of the four weapons that Tai got on that day.
  • Swift Kill Claymore - Contrary to it's partner the Grand Cross, this gunblade is light, thus making it easier to swing and carry. It's so light, in fact, that swinging it is easier than swinging an ordinary kitchen knife. The inscrptions on it says: "The faster you kill, the earlier you get dinner.". It is nonsense, and was, in fact, written by his father, Kai Kurosu.
  • Rising Sun and Falling Moon - Twin pistols that were modified to fire tranquilizer rounds. Originally owned by Kai.
  • Erin's locket - A family heirloom from his mother, Erin Feathersoul. It is a seemingly ordinary locket; it's true form, "Riscatto di Cielo", is a shining armor consisting of gauntlets, greaves, and paulders to which wings are attached to, making the wielder look like a warrior from heaven. Being an heirloom, its true form may only be unlocked by those of Feathersoul blood. This is the reason why Kai cannot use the locket and Taiga can.


Before AoHEdit

"Hmmm.. perhaps I should start from the very beginning"

Fortune's Crossing. The place where the story starts and birth place of Taiga Kurosu. Taiga was son to two very special people. They weren't very famous or anything but the townspeople knew their names at least. Erin Feathersoul and Kai Kurosu wasn't the ordinary couple; both of them had something special to them. His father was a Demon Slayer for a living and his mother was pretty normal, both was as loving as they can be. He grew up loving them both although his father was away most of the time; his mother would always tell him not to worry about Kai since his daddy's strong and invincible. And that's just what Taiga believed.. his father was his hero.

Every town had its stories, every village, its legends. When Taiga was still very young the town was beseiged by demons. Nobody knew why and the town's militia could do very little at the very best. It was a slaughter outside the town as they tried to defend themselves. As the town's defenses fell, the demons were able to enter with ease, killing every single human in sight for no apparent reason. Finally at its last legs at the town hall where everyone was gathered there he stepped up, not a single hint of fear in his eyes or on his face, and everyone believed in him, or at least they wanted to. He went out to face them on his own and after what seemed like an eternity something came through the doors. To everyone's relief it was human, although covered in wounds and bruises, he slowly walked inside. Everybody cheered at his entrance and the room was filled with relief and joy; they were saved. And town hailed its saviour: Kurosu, Kai.

"Huh.. yeah, I remember that day. I remember it clear as yesterday, but what I remember more was the day after."

The day after, his father left without a trace, a word, a gesture; nobody even know how or when he left and it seemed as if he just vanished, even Erin didn't seem to know where her husband went. The town still celebrated their hero, however, and a bronze plaque in the middle of the town was made to commemorate his deeds that day. Taiga, however, was disappointed. Where was the hero his town was celebrating? Why did he suddenly go away again? Days and weeks and months and years went by and Kai never returned. Believing his father abandoned them, Taiga eventually grew to hate him.

"I didn't hate him because he left us. I hated him because of what he left us with.".

It was straight downhill from there. After that the town had all sorts of trouble from bandits to famine. Life was hard in Fortune's Crossing and pretty soon the town had forgotten all about their hero. It was particularly harder for Taiga's family, with no father no one was there to provide for the family. They didn't have any income, and so his mother had to work for them. Eventually the stress caught up with her and she became seriously ill. They called doctor after doctor and all said the same thing...

"There's no saving her, they said.. You must find it hard to imagine how bad things went in a span of five years."

Taiga was orphaned by the age of eight. He barely gets feeds himself by working as a delivery boy in the morning and lifting cargo in the docks by afternoon. It got him far enough. Two years of working like that and he was able to get by, remaining strong for himself.

Raika and RaeEdit

"I lost my family.. now I got a new one. And I will defend it with my life."

Taiga and Raika met in a marketplace in Fortune's Crossing. As he was out to buy something for supper, he spots a small boy in the corner, in rags and surrounded by boys at least a year older than he was. He was being picked on and Taiga, feeling sorry for him, stepped in. He didn't really want a fight but they weren't really going to listen to reason. Good for him, however, they were easy enough to dispatch with a threat or two. Taiga then invited Raika to come home and join for dinner. When asked for his name, the little boy wasn't able to give one saying he had no name, so Taiga decided to give him a new one: Raika. From then on the two had been close as brothers.

Rae was a noblewoman who wasn't from Fortune's Crossing. She came to town running from a band of brigands and thieves who call themselves The Hounds. Apparently she was from a nearby town to the north of Fortune's Crossing, she ran away from home and she was ambushed by The Hounds just outside of town. She managed to make it into town, however, and shake them off. This was when she bumped into Taiga and after much confusion he decided to let her stay with him and Raika for a little bit until they were sure The Hounds were gone. The next few months seemed peaceful and this gave Rae a chance to bond with the two boys who helped her. It was just momentary, however, when they received a letter one afternoon, threatening to raze the entire town if Rae wasn't brought to them outside of town(Their leader had an affinity with magic and is able to use fire magic at will). Taiga was unwilling to give Rae up and so he challenged their leader to a duel. This was Taiga's first real fight and it was here that he learned he had a talent for magic. After the fight, Rae once again had a choice to go home but she decided to stay saying they were more of a family for her than her family was.

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