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Character Sheet
20170527 Annwyn-Character-Sheet


Venna Vennadrinis




January 6th




Pale Blonde


Pale Green


5'2" w/o heels (5'4" with) / 125 lbs


Upbeat.  Perky.  Distractable and yet capable of intense - if short-lived - focus (to the exclusion of all else). Avoids or runs away from real issues; internalizes her fears and problems in the hopes they'll just disappear for her; some do, but the more serious stick with her and influence her decisions.  Easily made insecure.  Trusting (sometimes naievely so).  Highly independent but needy on occasion. Fearless and therefore somewhat reckless, though she is gaining some level of caution.  Driven to gain power.  Somewhat wary of strangers, but still tries to remain polite and helpful until something strikes her as 'off'.  


Tinkering, especially with plumbing or hydraulics systems, but also with other bits of gadgetry.  Collecting seeds to plant in Flau's forest.  Playing piano.


+Touching things, HUGS, researching things, the smell of old books, climbing trees, heights, the outdoors, strength-specific exercise (like carrying heavy loads or pulling herself up > running/cardio). Sergio Kalis.
-Being ordered around, the idea of eating sentient beings (VERY BIG HATE), being looked down on/excluded (if she notices it), not being listened to, serious violence, liars



Her eden type is Wind.  She doesn't cast normally, but rather casts by drawing runes in the air and pumping them with eden.  Thus, she is a slow casting type. 
Lightning Bolt: Level 1-3. Gained in Lightning class, Sem. 5 (with Rey).
Level 1 = "The bug zapper."  Weak; causes momentary paralysis in small creatures or numbness in a small area of a larger body.  Very small targets may gain burn/nervous damage.  Instantaneous cast.
Level 2 = Weak; causes momentary paralysis in targets up to the size of an average human, or numbness in a small area of a larger body.  Causes a small amount of burn/nervous damage to small targets.  Instantaneous cast.
Level 3 = Intermediate; causes a small amount of damage to targets up to the size of a normal human and a momentary paralysis/numbness of body, though in turn for doing damage the paralysis effect is minimized.  May be able to paralyze larger targets, within reason.  Almost instantaneous cast (one turn, with slight hesitation).
Nimue's Tears: AoE healing spell.  Heals ~30% of damage.  Changes targets' base element to water (offers fire resistance, may make it more difficult to cast fire spells). Gained from Combat class, Sem. 5.  Intermediate cast.
Wind of the New World: AoE buff spell.  Increases party speed by 30%.  Offers wind resistance. Gained from rp, Sem. 5 (with Sofya).  Instantaneous cast.
Blazing Aura: Infuses self with fire type eden until body is enveloped with an aura of flame.  Grants immunity to fire provided the foreign fire is not too strong.  Self-study, Sem. 6 (with Alistair).
Gravity Trap: Debuff or passive attack spell.  Lays a trap, and when stepped on, releases powders stored inside it or, if no powders, can be charged with eden instead for an explosive eden release instead. Gravity class, Sem. 6 (with Sielith).  Intermediate cast.
Cyclone Guard: Wind defense spell. Creates a spinning vortex of wind that follows the caster, repelling attacks until it is broken.  Intermediate strength.  Wind class, Sem. 6 (with Ranna).  Instantaneous - intermediate cast.
Storm Burst: Wind offensive spell.  Fires a single high-power shot.  Wind class, Sem. 6 (with Tien).  Slow cast.
Meteora (var. Brevis and Aberro): Fire offensive spell.  Fires up to five small fireballs.  Brevis fires them straight from the runes in something like a quick burst.  Aberro allows her to control them in zig-zags.  Fire class, Sem. 6 (with Alistair).  Very slow cast.
Light Perception: By bespelling her old magnifying glass, Venna can look through it to see "abnormalities in the natural flow of energy."  To her, this translates to seeing magic in its runic form.  Light class, Sem. 7 (with Yuki).  Slow cast.
Water Orb: Creates a barrier in the shape of an orb that affects water fields specifically.  One can either create a bubble of air that water cannot enter, or a sphere of water that you can lift out of a lake.  Water class, Sem. 7 (archive).  Medium cast.
Path of the Wind: Creates cloud-like surfaces beneath her feet that she can stand on, allowing her to walk on air.  Wind class, Sem. 7 (with Tien).  Fast cast.  Recasts with every step.
Geyser: Draws water from the ground and sends it up in a powerful blast. Can be blunt and used as a propellant or can be sharp and used to break objects or attack.
Telekinesis: With events from the Tower rp, she developed a basic, crude level of telekinesis.  It is unrefined and takes a lot of energy due to being inefficiently controlled.  Her only spell skill that does not require a rune.  Instantaneous cast.
Spirit Summon: Using runes to call him, the forest spirit Flauredaeiald takes control.  Slow cast.  More details here .


Accel Potio: The ability to make a basic healing potion.  Can heal physical wounds, or in the absence of damage, rejuvenate eden.  If overused, one may become drunk.  Alchemy class, Sem. 6 self-study (with Ranna).
Capture and Reflect Magic: Using three ingredients of fruit, stone and crystal, she can bespell scrolls that can either nullify or reflect incoming spells.  Inscription class, Sem. 7 (with Ranna).
Botany: Ability to identify invisibility mushrooms, glowing moss, and a poisonous flower called the serket, used on an invisibility potion, a spray that can paralyze a target, and pills to poison them (the serket flower also creates the antidote to said poison).  Botany class, Sem. 5 (with Anila Fei).
Staff-Wielding: Basic combat.  Combat class, Sem. 7 (with Dys).
Speed-Reading: She is fairly book-smart. Though she finds herself distracted often from reading, when she does get engrossed she reads at about a page every 45 seconds (a 200-page book every 2.5 hours). She remembers the gist of what she reads (if she understands it), and can memorize parts if she focuses on it and studies it for a moment longer.
Partially Eidetic Memory: She doesn't have a pictographic memory, per se, but can, if she is allowed to focus, memorize shapes and remember them later. This doesn't mean she knows the significance of what she sees, however. With the level of studying she has done on runes, she can guess the purpose of runics she sees, but her guess is usually vague and limited to low-level or simple spells.
Tea Sense: Thanks to being in the Azureus teahouse as often as she is, she has now gained an ability to sense when teas are magical or not.  It's not 100% accurate, of course, but it's fairly reliable...


Weakness to Fire due to being part plant.  She is affected by loss of hydration more easily than a normal person.
If low on water, she'll start to get dizzy.  If it gets worse, she'll start to feel queasy and faint.  If direly low, she can form a fever that escalates until she hallucinates and eventually loses consciousness, after which Type 4 spirit summon would activate (see Flauredaeiald's page)


She maintains the typical human structure, but she now has a second 'heart,' in a way. This is the gem that is embedded into her back between her shoulder blades. This gem acts as gateway and receiver for the power from Flauredaeiald's forest, and the leaves that encircle her chest form a magic circle that converts that divine power into her natural eden. There are blood-vessel-esque vines that spread through her body alongside her regular blood vessels that distribute this eden to her body. They are filled with water, which is consumed by the energy as it transfers the eden into her cells, which explains her need for hydration as well as why dehydration affects her so deeply. Because energy is provided in this method, Venna does not need to eat very much; she only needs to eat to rebuild or repair tissue cells that wear out or are broken.
The leaves around her chest and upper back can also be used as indicators of her health. If she is unhealthy, they will lose their deep green color and start to turn yellow or brown.  In very special situations, they can do the opposite, turning so dark as to appear black.
If she channels too much power at once (such as type 2 or 3 possession), there is too much divine power at once for the magic circle to convert into her own natural eden. Since this changes the nature of her eden (from wind to plant/earth), her spells start to go awry. The more this happens, however, the more the magic circle will evolve and grow to accommodate heavier eden conversion loads.
While she keeps her regular cells (aka 'meat'), if she gets heavily injured the new tissue that forms to take the place of the old will be plant-based. They will function and look the same as regular ones, however. Usually.


Lotus Cornett: A ceramic cornett with a lotus-shaped end that comes upward, glazed with blue and green on the stem and pink on the petals. Left by itself, it tends to gather condensation. When blown into, the cornett draws water into the lotus, gathering within seconds about a cupful to hold, and when played it can manipulate the water into fun and interesting shapes and patterns depending on the song.  Purchased from the Event Store, S7.
Sergio's Necklace: A necklace that once was of great importance to her boyfriend, Sergio.  He gave it to her when he confessed his feelings on Christmas during S6.  She returned this to him mid-S7.
Friendship Bracelet: Beaded and decorated with metal leaves, there's a single charm of a seashell that represents Helena.  Helena has a matching one of seashell charms, with a single leaf to represent Venna.  Received for Christmas in Sem 6.
Air Music Key: A silver key found in the back of one of the drawers in the Azureus Teahouse.  If plugged into the air and turned, a large three-layer keyboard will appear in the air!  Touching the air keys will play music, much like a piano, but also different from it as well, as the tones change depending on a key that is pressed (brassy and triumphant to mournful and wailing).  Basically, it's a magical synthesizer.  She uses it in the band.  Found during the interlude between Sem 4 and Sem 5.
Speed Buff Runic Circle: Burned onto a paper by Sofya, it apparently was "a spell for what Venna wished most" at the time Sofya handed it to her. Her wish was "for time to pass more quickly." What resulted was a party buff speed spell.  Gained Sem 5.
Soul Remnant : One of five gems left behind by a ghost that disappeared during the (2013) haunted maze rp after she, Daemyn, Huma, Shuto and Helena offered it a red-gold locket.  Contains a singular set-spell that is activated simply by pumping eden into it.  Her spell targets something within her line of sight.  Once pinged, Venna's vision zooms in on that object and she sees it and the area immediately surrounding it up close.  She also knows exactly how far and in which direction that object is from herself.  Her immediate vision is dimmed and blurry, as are her other senses.  Cannot hear her target; only see.  If the target is sentient, it will feel as though they are being intensely watched.  Gained from rp, Sem 5 (Haunted Maze).
Cage Bracelet: A bracelet that has the ability to create a floating cage. Activated by pointing and saying "enafilis." Deactivated with "silifane".  Cannot be destroyed from the inside and is unaffected (from the inside) by magic; magic can be cast through the cage bars to the outside, however.  It can be destroyed from the outside by magic or by strong physical attacks.  Possibly good for transporting wounded?!  Gained from rp, Sem 5 (Stolen Wings)
Poison Pills and Antidote: Gained from Botany class, they are the product of the Serket Flower ((See S5 classes))
Glowing Vial: Gained from Botany class, it is the product of Glowing Moss ((See S5 classes))
Mr. Stalk's Seeds: Mr. Stalk was a very friendly plant in the Tower.  Venna planted two of his seeds in "her" forest. She has two more left on her and plans to plant them elsewhere. 
Beach Set: Given to her by Sergio.  Includes towel, umbrella, sunscreen, and a cute beach bag! ((Beach Bash concert rp, 2014))
Spelled Swimming Goggles: Gained from the Beach Bash concert rp (2014).  Spelled to illuminate the way before someone when in water.  Comes with a pair of flippers!
Blinky Plush: Came out of a pinata during the Matchmaking Mixer event.  Imminently huggable!
Cupeach Seed: The seed of a cupeach (fruit from a tree in Eregan'ri, which floats on a puff. When eaten, the seed is freed to fly higher and at a faster rate).  
Pendant from Home: A necklace that broke pretty quickly. She keeps it stored in a drawer in her desk.

Random FactsEdit

  • She memorized Morse Code at some point just because it seemed interesting.
  • Has absolutely no sense of time. You could trick her into thinking it was a week later...possibly even like, a year later.  Life has seen stranger things, to her...
  • She's left-handed.


Before AoHEdit

Pafema (her mother) and Borin (her father) own a horticulture/landscaping business. They home-schooled all their children until they reached the age of sixteen, when they would choose their own type of further education. Oftentimes, the children helped out with the business or explored the nearby wild-ish forests that surrounded their property. They are near the city of Eivarne (roughly an hour and a half of travel by horse-drawn wagon), so while Venna grew up in the center of wilderness, she also has been to the city many times in growing up.
The family - especially their parents - are something of inventors, specifically in hydraulics and plumping, some chemistry (especially with soil compositions and geology), and basic mechanics (pulleys and levers and the like). They are always trying to come up with new gadgets or ideas that make the running of their greenhouses or their business faster and easier - or sometimes, just more fun. They are carefree in their own way, more interested in keeping life interesting and lively than in making money or providing constant stability. However, they always supported their children's ideas and wishes to their fullest extent and provided an abundance of love and care for them all. It appears they have a secret past.


Venna spent her life immersed in such a childhood, tagging along with her parents as they made new inventions, harvested plants or seeds, cared for the plants in their greenhouse, or just did household chores. When not with her parents, she bothered Adrin to tell her a story or wandered off on her own to explore the wild. 
In exploration, her protective father was always nearby, whether she knew it or not. Because her mother would urge her father to let her do things on her own (she wants to go to the top of that tree? Well, don't just carry her, let her climb it herself!), she is used to a high level of individual freedom. However, if her father deemed something too dangerous, he would swoop in to save the day regardless. Whenever he did save her, though, it was always 'coincidence' or 'on accident' or he was 'just passing by, and hey, why don't you help me harvest some hopu-hopu seeds?' Thanks to that attitude, Venna doesn't realize how much she has been protected. 
It is thanks to her active nature and determination to not let anything get between her and where she wants to go, added to the heavy work it takes to be a landscaper, that she's developed a pretty strong and athletic body with a good amount of stamina.

Young Adult

When Nis turned 16, she moved out and is even now living at university dorms as she studies to be an engineer. Adrin, at 16, decided to live at home and travel to Eivarne every day to work at the library - a job he is in love with.  
When Venna turned 16, she still didn't know what she wanted to do.  She assumed she would just continue her life as she always had. Nis, however, pressed her to find a purpose outside of the family business, wanting her to look into higher education (and not waste her potential).  At first, Venna didn't see any reason to enroll at a school in order to study (I can just read the books and experiment on my own!).  However, not long before her 17th birthday, she had a small incident with a clockwork machine she had been tinkering with in which the little device started to move about on its own!  It stopped soon after, but it made her realize there were things she couldn't study from home.  Good magic books just aren't easy to find!
Adrin had no real opinion on Venna's decision to leave for the Academy, and her parents were supportive.  Nis was not there to protest, though she probably would have. Strongly.  Thus, with her parents' blessings, she joined the Academy of Heroes to study this phenomenon.  Whether or not she succeeds, at the very least there's probably cool stuff up there! Stuff that she's never seen down on Edenia! 
Her most painful memory - As revealed in the Tower rp (referenced below), Venna's most painful memory happened when she was 10.  She woke up in the night and decided she would drink some milk before going back to bed.  When she snuck downstairs, however, she realized her parents were still awake and talking in the study.  When she got near, she heard them arguing - about her.  Her father was angrier than she had ever heard him, and so was her mother, as they fought over whether or not to do something.  Her mother wanted to, but her father angrily denied her, saying "She is our daughter."  Her father stormed out of the room soon after, as Venna hid behind the sofa, listening to her mother break down and cry and trying not to make noise as she, herself, shook where she sat.  A part of her has always wondered why they fought.  At that time, as she realized she was the source of their arguing, she formed a secret desire to one day remove herself from that house and disappear, so they would never fight again.  This wish has faded and been forgotten over time, though not disappeared entirely.

Academy of Heroes [Pre-Year]Edit

Venna first joined the Academy on a tour upon which - she insists - her tour guide got lost.  She ended up camping in the Azureus Teahouse for several months, exploring the Academy and garnering a collection of various and sundry things - many from the Azu Lake, though perhaps notably, she has also come into possession of the strange and wonderful Air Music Key she came across in a drawer of the Azureus Teahouse, seemingly forgotten there.  (See "Possessions" above.)  She also met Lenore, the sentient wall of Virens, though she thinks her name is Lenora and not Lenore.
The Tower:  She later had the opportunity to join the exploration of a heretofore invisible tower floating above the Azureus' lake together with Conan, Mori, Viveka, Laymann, Ebo, Dys, Taiga and Lakhana.  There, she was tested by having to flee from strange creatures of darkness that chased her and the others up a staircase, met a wonderfully friendly plant dubbed "Mr. Stalk," from whom she gained some seeds and who later saved the party from the dog-like abominations that hunted them, was forced to relive her most terrifying memory, and opened a door to a place of shrieking pain.  She joined the fight versus the shades of Phaidra and Emidio, then later versus the possessed Conan (taking the name of Conri) and unfortunately helping rescue the possessed Viveka (taking the name Alarice), whom they also had to fight.  During this second fight she eventually gained possession of the enchanted (by Mori) magnifying glass that had revealed the tower in the first place.  Mori's enchantment had been to reveal Viveka, who had turned invisible during their fight.  It appears to have returned to normal, now.  It is possible that Venna forgets, from time to time, where she got the magnifying glass.  She developed a dislike for electric shocks from the final fight with Viveka, and was haunted by the memory for some time.
Forgotten Winter:  Later, she was transported to the world of Edenia 13 years into the future, during a time when Celie had destroyed much of the world and the core of the Academy's floating island had become unstable because Celie, who had changed her name to Reine, went back in time to stop herself.  Others who appeared with her were Laymann, Conan, Ebo, and Ascher.  Venna, confused but going along with the flow, was caught in conflict between the forces who had established military rule (run by none other than the future Viveka, her friend) and rebels (run by her other friend, the future Taiga).  Unsure of what to do, she still went along with the rebels who saved her and the others from a murderous Viveka, and then joined the forces who planned on penetrating to the core themselves in an attempt not only to stabilize it, but to send her and the others back to their original time.  She picked up a gatling gun, but in realizing what shooting it could mean (the taking of life, the repercussions of violence), she ended up not shooting it.  They found the core, and Taiga and the other rebels ended up fighting Viveka, dragging along the rest of the party, even though Venna tried to stop them (her reasoning, though she did not have time to say it, was that Viveka was telling them their method for stopping the core from being destroyed would not work, and that since Viveka clearly had been studying the core, she probably could be trusted more than the stranger, Nora/Helen, who said she could fix it, and it would be stupid to fight if they both had the same goals).  Arthur stabbed her through her right shoulder to stop her, since she had begun to swing her gun at them, which took her out of the fight.  In the end, she could not save Viveka from being killed by them.  She came to harbor a belief that reason and logic alone could not change the world, but instead that power and violence did - and so she developed a new resolve: to gain power, so that she can take fate into her own hands.
By the end of her pre-year experiences, she became able to consistently call her eden, and also developed a crude and sloppy, energy-draining form of telekinesis.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit

Haunted Maze: During Halloween, she entered a haunted maze with Daemyn, Helena, Huma, and Shuto.  They then met a ghost who wailed for their "precious gift, given them" that was "round and red."  It turned out to be a locket, which they returned to her and she disappeared, leaving behind five red gems with crests on them (the Soul Remnants).  During this rp, Helena made an off-hand comment about how thick one needed to cut human flesh in order to cook it well, and Daemyn indicated he knew something about that subject as well.  This made Venna distrust both of them, and Shuto as well since Shuto is Helena's boyfriend.  This distrust faded with time, and was forgotten.

Botany with Anila Fei Ye
Lightning Bolt with Rey
Combat with Amadeus

In Botany, she learned to identify Glowing Moss, Transparency Mushrooms, and the Serket Flower.  Glowing Moss glows blue in the dark and shocks those who touch with bare hands, and is only found on trees struck previously by lightning.  Transparency Mushrooms emit spores of light at twilight.  Serket Flowers have eight petals and eight leaves on each stem and is a navy blue color; the flower is poisonous, but the root is an antidote.  She gained potions and pills of all three of these.
In Lightning, she learned the spell Lightning Bolt.  It grants paralyzing status if strong enough, and if stronger yet can offer burn/nervous damage.  Practiced by zapping lightning bugs that carried a charge (that made them easier targets).
In Combat, she paired with Laymann and Incendia to scale a tower.  On the way, they fought Mushroom Knights and their boss, the Mushroom King.  The Mushroom King had high defense with a barrier it created, and used a water-based healing spell to revive fallen Mushroom Knights; Venna was able to memorize this spell from him as it used runes.  It is an AoE spell, and also grants targets the water element (fire resistance, weakness to lightning).  Then they fought a Flame Knight, and then snuck past Tomato, Amadeus' pet wyvern, during which Venna used her invisibility potion gained from Botany class.

Extra Curriculars

She joined the school's first band, named Re:Alter, with Llyr, Shuto and Sergio. She did so to learn piano, and has kept up with practicing it since.


Winter Ball: She went to the winter ball with Laymann as her date.  She dressed up as a magpie after a magpie myth in a fancy dress, believing the theme was going to be mythology (even though in the end it was pirates).  She coined herself "a pirate's bird."  


The exam involved pirates who had stolen an important thing from the headmaster. Venna decided to man the cannons and fire at the wind dragon and its attacks, defending the ship!

Interim [1]Edit

Lost Life: In a strange situation, as Venna was practicing her magic outside suddenly she heard a thought that came from inside her.  "I'm not home. I must find home."  Confused, she fell into a dream-like state where nothing really seemed real, where she dreamt she grew wings and flew away from the academy, landing "home" and then...something left her.  Something important.  Then she blacked out, only to reawaken, fully herself again, with Huma bending over her and Laymann and Llyr not far away, at the edge of the forest she had dreamed of.  She panicked, feeling an intense need to regain the "thing" she had lost, though she did not know what it was, and begged the others to let her go - to which the others agreed to go with her.  The path she took them on led them straight into the heart of the forest, which soon became clear was infested with strong atmospheric impure eden (miasma).  They fought a tainted mossy lemur the size of a small bear, climbed a vine wall, fought with a giant swarm of Sylphlettes, and ran a gauntlet of vicious trees that would attack and thrash wildly if touched. During the climb down from the vine wall, Venna fell unconscious, having slowly been feeling weaker as they walked, but not before identifying a not-far-off light as the nebulous "thing" she needed.  At the source of the light, they found a clearing with a giant eden crystal - but one overgrown and not actively purifying eden, as though there was some film blocking eden from entering it.  They were also met with a large, four-legged, centaur-like creature that was highly tainted with impure eden that turned out to be the source of the light.  In an attempt to clear the area at least of miasma, Laymann started purifying the air while Laymann and Huma protected him and Venna.  Once enough eden had been cleared, the creature itself took over the task and purified the whole forest, revealing itself to be the forest's spirit, Flauredeiald.  However, in the meantime, Venna had actually died.  The spirit revived her and turned her into its vessel, giving her a gem that connects her life with the energy of the forest.  It was revealed that she didn't have her own eden gate, so without Flau dwelling inside her (as it had been before, for reasons), she would die from lack of energy. [ For clarification, Venna is not undead.  She is fully mortal as before.  Her spirit never left her body; her revival was akin to someone giving her magical CPR. ]
Stolen Wings: On their way back from a day at the beach, Huma, Sergio and Venna were assaulted by a strange woman and her coachman, who were targeting Huma's wings.  In the end, the woman used a magic ring to seal Huma's wings, shot Venna in the leg, and fled.  A couple days later, the three of them infiltrated the woman's manor, having researched and learned who she was.  She was Frieda Blackwood, a noble.  Sergio and Huma both infiltrated her manor invisibly, using some of Venna's invisibility potions (which they harvested mushrooms for to obtain), and Venna went in as the solo visible decoy to talk with Frieda.  In talking with Frieda, the woman showed Venna her collection of rare beasts - and rare people.  Frieda was a collector, and she went out of her way to obtain rare and beautiful living beings, which she preserved and put on display.  This included, of course, sentient and humanoid beings.  After showing Venna her collection of wings (Huma's not included), Frieda agreed that if Venna could trade her a set of wings more beautiful and just as large (or larger) than Huma's, then she would agree to return Huma's wings peacefully.  However, as they went back to Frieda's study to sign a contract to this deal, Huma and Sergio entered it ahead of them and alerted Frieda's giant pet snake, Meg.  When Frieda entered, she realized Meg had smelled an intruder, and their peaceful negotiations deteriorated.  Huma was incapacitated by pain from his sealed wings, Sergio took a shot to the chest (specifically lung), and Venna was bitten by the snake and poisoned.  However, miraculously, Sergio still managed to knock Frieda out, and Venna killed the snake.  Huma, regaining the ring to his wings' seal, also gained a bracelet that called up a cage trap, and flew all of them out of the manor to safety.
King's Coast: A school field trip to the King's Coast city of Eregan'ri, hometown of Conan Heimrich.  There, she dressed in a blue sari and sash to participate in the Twilight Festival!  She got souvenirs for her family (hair clips for Nis, a bookmark for Adrin, and matching bracelets for her parents), met Sirsta by chance, enjoyed eating cupeaches, and viewed the sunset.  Overall, she had a good time.  She started to forgive her parents.
Sergio's Fire: On Sergio's birthday, she stopped by the Virens dorm to give him a gift and have some fun!  But it ended rather abruptly when Faris interrupted a spar between Shuto and Sergio, after which Sergio left the party without a word.  Concerned, Venna, Helena, and Fantine all trooped into the dorm to bring him the gifts he'd left behind.  When he didn't answer, they got worried, thinking perhaps he suffered from a concussion, and eventually broke down his door upon hearing an ominous thud.  They found Sergio slumped against the wall, and when they approached, the last vestiges of control crumbled and Sergio's formerly sealed fire powers released, along with the fire spirit they had been sealed with.  Venna was knocked out, but Helena managed to defend herself and Fantine hadn't been close enough to get hit.  Helena and Fantine put out the fires around the room, but weren't able to douse the flames around Sergio himself.  Weakened, Sergio approached Venna and bit her shoulder, about to sap her eden from her, but his contact made Venna's deity aware of the situation.  Flauredaeiald took control of Venna and restrained Sergio with vines, eventually also assisting in getting the fire spirit that was controlling Sergio under control before releasing Venna again.  Venna, greatly dehydrated (though burns healed), passed out.
Continued from that, as Sergio decided to leave the Academy and find answers about himself, he was quickly kidnapped by two mysterious people - dryads, to be exact, one of which put Sergio to sleep and the other of which held off Shuto, Helena and Venna as they tried to save him. In the next couple days, while Shuto and Helena recuperated and Venna researched as much as she could, Dysdamion also heard of the commotion and decided to help. The four of them headed to an ancient forest relatively near the academy, and soon were facing Leanan's powers over plants and the forest. She went too far, however, and Sergio - who she was keeping in a coma, life supported by her vines - started to be affected by her neglect. Thus she turned her attention back to him, and her partner, the raven warrior Huginn, stepped forward to stop the party. He attacked first with sleep and nightmares, which caused Venna to lose control and Helena and Shuto to almost kill each other while Dys slept peacefully on the side. Eventually, however, they broke free, and the fight began in earnest. After Helena landed a solid hit on him, he transformed into a giant bird form.  The party decided to flee and try instead to find and rescue Sergio instead of face him directly.  However, when they did, Sergio had already freed himself...or had he?  He was acting strangely.  Soon afterwards, he sealed Venna's connection with Flau, incapacitating her for a moment.  The others leapt to her defense, and began a fight with 'Sergio'. It soon became apparent this wasn't really Sergio, but a being named Astaroth, and the fight was harsh and one-sided until Huginn stepped in and sealed Astaroth away partially. Astaroth decided to let his vessel die, tired and bored of the present, but after Venna offered her life to keep Sergio around, he changed his mind. Flau remained sealed.
Gods: Flauredeiald was under watch, apparently, and upon his revival an organization of god hunters took the initiative to attack him.  They infected his forest with a poison against the god, and Venna was called in by the villagers because "something changed."  Upon reaching the village, she was faced with a couple of strangers.....and with a great deal of discussion, they decided on a trade: they would cure the poison of Flau's forest, if she would help them gain control over a different god that had been sealed roughly 25 years ago. Venna asked her friends (Huma, Sergio, Viveka, Helena, Shuto) to help them all out with this, since this would be a job requiring multiple people. They faced a rock golem, a giant sea serpent, a swarm of bats, and a stone elemental, gaining a series of crystal fragments from each they defeated as well as pins the size of swords, to be used later.  When they faced the god, Venna unsealed it, revealing her own parents to have been the ones who formerly took care of it.  In the battle, they were supposed to use the pins to keep the god chained in place so Ouri and Clara could re-seal it within a new device that would allow them to claim it for their own.  However, Venna's friends decided not to, and as a result the god Yueathta broke free, killing Clara.  In turn, Flauredeiald fought Yueathta in a battle over Yueathta's territory, hoping to gain it for his own and break his poisoning himself.  He failed, Yueathta having been reunited with the fragments of its power, and so the party retreated with Ouri.  Ouri took a memento of Clara, and afterwards he cured Flauredeiald's poisoning nonetheless, warning Venna's family via letter that Defisio, the organization of god hunters, already knew of both her and Flauredeiald's existence - and that of her family, who long ago had defected from Defisio and were marked as traitors and enemies of the organization.
Dys' Ruins: Dys was feeling under the weather, so in order to figure it out, Sergio and Venna accompanied him to visit his dad and the ruins at which Dys lost his mother and gained a huge load of dark eden that is sealed within him.  The seal was tainting his eden, so Dys returned the eden to the trap in which it originated, which also opened a door deeper into the ruins. The cave also collapsed behind them, forcing them further inside into a trap where they had to fight some dark beasts.  The magic they used in their fights then activated a crystal in the center of the room...which in turn opened a rift, a giant Labian crawling in from the other side.  Even as they defeated it, a Monroth took its place, forcing the three of the to defend themselves until they could flee.  Sergio was knocked out, and Venna was forced to rely on Flau's power temporarily - but for some reason, it seemed as though Dys had regained his former glory!  They escaped and left the Monroth trapped inside the ruins.

Academy of Heroes [2nd Year] (S6)Edit

Round 1 Classes
Gravity Trap with Sielith Xenon
Cyclone Guard with Ranna

In self-study Gravity, she learned how to cast Gravity Trap, which is activated when walked on and releases either a powder poured into it, or releases a charge of eden if no powder is put inside.  Sergio helped her by bringing her to the forest to test it on a Bubcat.
In self-study of wind, Helena helped her practice casting Cyclone Guard to defend herself from snowballs.  Her slow casting speed was a detriment, but a certain memory helped her cast it instantly...her first time doing an instant spellcast!  Though she doesn't think she could do that again.
Toxia:  Shuto's hometown, Toxia, was in bad shape as Shuto's family, the Miyazakis, were under constant assault from the ruling Warlord and his forces.  Driven to a breaking point, Shuto decided to end it once and for all, and invited Venna and friends to come assist (including Sergio, Dys, Viveka, Helena, and Huma).  The seven of them infiltrated the warlord's tower and climbed to the top, fighting the warlord's immediate underlings as well as him before releasing the goddess of Toxia, Ookamiou.  Ookamiou took the warlord's and his underling, Jasu's memories in exchange for cleaning up the pollution that ravaged the city, transforming it into the paradise it once had been. *in progress*
Matchmaking Mixer: A school event put on by Helena, she met a bunch of people, and won a Blinky plushie from a pinata as well as some candy (including a chocolate rose she later gave to Sergio).  There was a side event where a beach crab stole candy both from Ranna and Noin, which escalated into a stand-off battle between 80 of them....but they eventually left, giving Ranna and Noin candy bars.  One of them died when Ranna sprayed perfume she'd won from the pinata on it, so Noin and Ranna roasted it.  The event ended with sending off some lanterns with wishes on it...or names of their important ones. Venna sent one up with Sergio's name on it.

Round 2 Classes
Storm Burst with Tien 
Meteora, var. Brevis and Aberro with Alistair

In wind class, she learned to shoot single-shot wind missiles with heavy destructive power.  Being her first destructive spell, Venna was hesitant to fire, squinting her eyes shut when she did.  Thus, she was not good with aim, but passed with luck.
In fire class, however, Alistair forced her to practice keeping her eye on her targets and actually hitting them with precision.  Under his strict (yet kind) eye, she gained two variants of Meteora - the straight-shot cannonfire of brevis and the zig-zagging projectile aberro.  With Helena's help, she tracked down a small swarm of vespids, burning them to a crisp with this spell.

Academy of Heroes [3rd Year] (S7)Edit

Round 1 Classes
Combat with Dysdamion 
Perception with Yuki

In Combat class under Dysdamion, Venna decided to learn how to use a staff weapon. And with Dysdamion's careful eye, she managed to learn how to attack, block and parry/counter-attack using it. (still in progress)
In light class, she learned how to ensorcel something see-through in order to use them and see through illusions or to find things that are unnatural and distorted. (still in progress)
Winter ball.  She attended with Sergio and had a very relaxing and fun time.
Floople Event: A family of Flooples (Astradii Floricus) had kids in the Azureus pond for Blinky to raise over winter. Blinky, being overwhelmed by the task of corralling so many younglings, greeted Venna for the first time to ask her for help in getting more students to assist him with entertaining the creatures. Venna duly conveyed the message onwards, and spent several weeks playing with the various Flooples (a name she created because it sounds so much cuter!!) before they transformed into their adult forms and flew away. Upon doing so, they all sang a lovely song of appreciation to the friends they'd made as they matured, dropping sparkling light behind them on their path to wherever the winds blew them. Blinky then blessed his helpers (via kiss) with a charm to reduce fire damage for the next year.

Round 2 Classes
Capture and Reflect Magic with Ranna
Path of the Wind with Tien
Water Orb from the archive
Geyser from the archive

In Inscription class, she learned how to bespell scrolls that can either eliminate incoming magic, or capture and reflect it back at the caster. The scroll is consumed upon use.
In the Path of the Wind, Venna learned how to cast a spell to create solid air under her feet. This allows her to climb the air like stairs, or merely land on air so she won't continue to fall.
In the water class, Venna learned how to make a field that won't allow water to pass through it. It can be used to make a bubble of air for swimming for extended periods of time, or it can be used to lift spheres of water out of a water source, such as a lake or stream.
In her second water class, Venna learned to call forth water from the ground, get it to pool and then to burst upwards in a powerful geyser.  The geyser can be blunt and used to propel something, or sharp and used to pierce a target.



Yuwela Sheera: Maternal grandmother, 76 years old. Retired, lives in the city. Formerly named Quena Areesh.
Thedd Sheera: Maternal grandfather, 77 years old. Retired, lives in the city. Formerly named Theodore Areesh.
Evis Vennadrinis: Paternal grandmother, deceased at age 52.
Oerdar Vennadrinis: Paternal grandfather, 80 years old. A very strong-minded, stern man. Doesn't see Venna much. It seems Borin and he do not get along. Formerly named Corther.
Pafema Vennadrinis: Mother, 52 years old. The practical one, though she enjoys their games as much as he does - but she's the one who's paying attention to how dangerous things get, whereas Borin can easily lose sight of that. Formerly named Pamela (pronounced pa-MAY-la) Sinidris.
Borin Vennadrinis: Father, 51 years old. The joke is that he didn't want to live up to his name, and thus works to keep life interesting every day. Formerly named Boretas Sinidris.
Nis Vennadrinis: Older sister, 30 years old. Engineering student in Choinam Collegiate Hall for Scholars. (Choinam: think prefecture or state).  Very business-oriented and logical and hates frivolous things. Will soon graduate with her master's (or equivalent thereof).
Adrin Vennadrinis: Older brother, 28 years old. Works at a library in Eivarne but lives at home, commutes every day.  He loves books and might harbor a not-so-secret hope that one day he'll finish a novel of his own and contribute to the shelves of posterity.  The easiest person for Venna to talk to.

Friends and AcquaintancesEdit

Aeollis Fjorde: A partner in her Light Perception class, she doesn't know her much yet.  Seems normal.  They've hung out a couple times, but only interacted in passing. She met her brother once.
Ciramath: He used to speak a lot of stuff in a language she didn't know, but he seems to have toned that down. He likes to cook, like her, and is in general quite the amicable fellow. She wonders about the cane, though.
Daemyn: He's a quieter, more self-contained fellow.  Seems a bit shy at first, but got excitable and friendly once she got to know him.  Now Venna sees him as a nice friend. They took Botany class together in S5.
Daryl: Doesn't know much about him.  He seemed quite upset the other day that Helena and Venna were singing he against the holiday spirit? O:  He also made a fuss with bombs and the Christmas tree...maybe he doesn't like the holidays?!
Dervon: A friendly giant of a young man!  He's quite delicate despite his size, able to help her garden without harming any of her plant friends.  He's also a good listener, able to let her confess things to him she otherwise doesn't feel able to tell others.
Dysdamion: He's fun! Someone she understands - kind of - since he seems as excited about exploring as she is.  He's also really powerful, wow!  She's impressed. She doesn't quite get his love for fighting, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy watching him do it. He's nice!
Flora Lovebell: She seemed cheery enough!  They met by the free cake early in Sem. 5, then played volleyball again on the beach.  They later went shopping for clothes; they have a lot of the same preferences!
Gabe: He seems nice enough!  And really good with animals - he caught and became friends with a horse that had destroyed one of her pouches.  He also tracked them down to begin with.  Pretty neat! They took Path of the Wind together. He's personable and seems nice.
Helena: Various events since then, including singing together in the school band or being comforted after a nightmare, having a sleepover, visiting Helena's hometown and saving Sergio together have made Venna and Helena best friends.  Helena gave her a friendship bracelet last Christmas.  Venna cried when Helena mentioned graduating and moving on...
Huma Lysander: A quiet fellow, they went camping together before and he was one of three who saved Venna's life during the Lost Life rp.  Venna trusts him a lot, and considers him a good friend.  He seemed conflicted about this and stated perhaps that it would be better if he kept his distance, but Venna refuses to let go.
Koji: Shuto's younger twin brother.  He seems sensitive and polite, and he seems to worry a lot, making Venna want to check and make sure he's doing okay sometimes.  Like an extension of Shuto, she sees him as a brother.
Noin: An acquaintance!  He seemed to have some sort of interesting encounter with crabs during the Matchmaking Mixer event...
Ranna: Her wind teacher!  She also seemed to have some sort of encounter with crabs during the Matchmaking Mixer along with Noin.  She never did learn what happened...  Ranna seems very grown up and yet still very fun!
Sergio Kalis : They met originally as bandmates.  Over the next year, they went through a lot of experiences together, including both fun and danger, during which she started to develop feelings for him.  She assumed it impossible and tried to ignore them, but on Christmas of semester 6, much to her elation, Sergio confessed his feelings to her and she accepted.  They were an official couple between S6 and the first half of S7.  They have since grown apart.
Shuto: Big bro! Always dependable and protective, and one of those people she always trusts to have her back and help without complaint.
Sielith Xenon: Her Gravity teacher, she seems nice!  She also gave Venna the flight charm back in the Halloween event, though she doesn't remember who did that.
Sofya : She's smart!  She gave Venna a mysterious runic circle burned into a paper, and set her feet on the path to learning runic magic.  Venna's very much a fan!  She was surprised later to find out she was a teacher, and for a while became headmistress.
Viveka Felice Ermengilde: Venna's first acquaintance when she came to the Academy. Venna thinks she's very knowledgeable. They've had a few rough patches, but Venna now sees her as a trustworthy friend. Viveka works in town, so they can hang out periodically.
Yuena Song: Met in passing, Venna knows she sang for a while in the band while she was not an active member.  Clearly, she has a nice voice~
Zeenyx: Ara said he was a pervert, which she doesn't know much about save they're people to avoid.  He seems nice enough though, always cheering her on during concerts.

Friends No Longer Around

Aracelis Abdi Amariyah: A rather kind fellow who disappeared for a year but recently came back.  His name is far too long to remember, but he's very nice and friendly!  She calls him by his nickname, "Ara." Recently, Venna's noticed he has a horn that he never had before...
Conan HeidrichMAGNIFYING GLASS BUDDY- A dependable sort, though one to fade into the crowd at times.  If he is his usual jolly self, she is relaxed in his company; if he gets too serious, however, it can put her on edge, remembering the events of the Tower rp when he was possessed. He left to return to his hometown.
Crow: Met during the Matchmaking Mixer event, it seems he also plays piano!  She invited him to play together with her sometime, not noticing his uneasiness or dismay at the thought.  She thinks he's cool!
Draco Vesylia: Has been filed under "dangerous." He appears to think it is no big deal to eat a person! And the only reason he doesn't is because he doesn't think they taste good.  She is wary about him. However, she does remember when he was making little ice sculptures move, and thinks in that respect he's capable of pretty things.  8'D;
Ebo: Venna looked up to Ebo a lot, as she was strong and open.  They've had a few arguments in the past, though, and now Venna isn't sure what to say around her.  Venna feels a bit awkward around her. Venna doesn't know what happened with her, but she knows she graduated.
Faris Theil: She has a big undead dog! And is nice enough and lets Venna pet her pets well Tuff anyway and thus she is filed under "cool".  Venna also thinks she's a great dancer, and a nice person.  Others seem to be wary of her, but Venna's never had a reason to be. She hopes Faris will come visit now and then! ...When she's not being chased by cops.
Hobbes Dragonis: She doesn't actually realize he's there to be a student.  He seems more like a wanderer...  She hasn't seen him in a while.  Did he wander away?
Incendia: Her roommate, they scaled the tower in Combat class ((S5, 1st Year)) together.  Venna thinks she's a reliable person and seems really capable! She wonders what happened to her; she hasn't been around as of late...
Llyr Eaverniai: A very unique individual, his voice is really really pretty!  Heck, so is he.  A beloved member of her band, and she likes him a lot!  She sees him as capable and dependable.  He was one of three who saved her life during the Lost Life rp, and the one who carried her when she couldn't walk. He left to return to his homeland in the ocean.
Madison Strikefall: He was very tall!  But he appeared to be pleasant enough. ' v ')  He gave Venna an apple, and encouraged her to keep working when she was having difficulty with casting spells. He died in exams at the end of S5.
Maria: Maria's hair was so mysterious! And there were always such interesting things inside!  Venna wished she could have crawled into it...but Maria always told her not to. Venna misses her. She died at the end of S4 exams.
Mori Starsein: Stern and hard to read. Venna's a bit afraid of him, but at the same time thinks of him as a big brother already. She sees him as a very protective person, though also quick to point out if she's done something wrong (in her mind, he is, anyway). She probably would go to him for help, so long as she didn't think he would yell at her for something she did. Sadly, he graduated before she really got to know him. Apparently, now he's a cook.
Lakhana: A person who was always on the move. They seemed quite nice! And she baked a lot and could be found in the Virens house.  She gave Venna a tour of the green house's first floor once. u w u They met the wall, Lenora, that day! (yes, Venna thinks the name is Lenora, not Lenore, as it truly is) She seemed reliable, and she could fly, and flying was immensely fun! She fell into a coma at the end of S4 exams.
Laymann: When they first met, he said a lot of things that made Venna excited to learn here at the academy. And he made pretty things, including a spelled bracelet that started their relationship (that broke later).  They had an argument about the reason one seeks power - and what to do with it - that just served to confuse Venna greatly (she didn't really get what they were talking about to begin with, much less understand what he was saying).  She suspects he's too quick to violence to get what he wants.  They worked together in climbing the tower during Combat class, and their relationship was more or less repaired.  He was one of three who saved Venna's life during the Lost Life rp, and she still trusts him to help, though she doesn't always know what his methods will be.  She suspects their methods are very different; so, in short, she trusts his heart but not his actions. He graduated and left midway through S5. Venna doesn't know where he went.
Saga: They've had a few light interactions.  Not enough for Venna to develop much of an opinion.
Taial Io Serinas:  A very pretty lady with super-nice clothes!  She's kinda quiet, but that's all Venna though of her. She dropped out soon after S5 started.