Character Sheet
Viveka CS 2015


Viveka Felice Ermengilde


Vivie (from siblings), V-man (from Raz), Onee-chan (from Lian)




December 9






Blue (left), Red (right)


5'6" (167.6cm)/ 130lbs (59 kg)

She is no longer student at the Academy; however, she's been seen around the campus again several times recently. She has no interest in being a student of the Academy anymore, but she is here to take care of a responsibility.

Currently she works in town near the Academy part-time at a potions store, while also taking on various assignments around the island as a mercenary. She lives in a small house in the town, and is most often seen in town or in the forest. At time, she will also take assignments for the needs of the Academy's staff, which will bring her to campus.


Typically, she is a quiet person who acts with a cold politeness. She is very shy and reluctant to open up to people (uncomfortable around a party of more than three or four), but she is afraid of losing those who are most dear to her, especially by her own fault. Although distant to people, their best interests are always in her mind, even if she is not kind in showing it. She is not very expressive with her feelings and can be awkward when talking to people about them. Viveka is a very studious and meticulous person who drives herself to do better; from this however, she has also developed a slight superiority complex to others, is a bit of a show-off, and takes failure extremely seriously. Often when things happen, she finds a way to blame herself. She also has a good memory, and judges a person's character rather quickly. However, she is very kind and concerned for those who she is closest to.

Since the Ice Phoenix incident, she's had more trouble than usual with casual conversation, and mentioning the incident can produce a visibly shaky reaction from her. She finds it difficult to sleep, and people irritate her easily.


Her hobbies include reading, her favorite books being about magic theory, history, and fiction. She also likes to swim at night during the summer, and skate on the water if it is frozen in the winter. She also likes teaching to a degree, but her impatience overrides the pleasure in that activity.


The person whom Viveka becomes after drinking anti-tea, Anti-Viveka is extremely attached to anyone she likes, often clouded by delusions of love and desire. She will blindly follow almost every order given by such a person. She is usually upbeat and happy, until she starts to believe that her love is not returned, after which she will become extremely violent in order to convince them of her love, stalking them to the ends of the earth if need be. She takes a sort of pleasure in injuring and maiming her loved ones, believing she is doing the right thing and that it is simply an expression of her love. Approach with caution, but give her your full attention and you have nothing to fear (since the Anti-Tea wears off in a few hours anyways).

There is little change from Viveka's appearance, except that her eyes are light blue and pink.


Before AoHEdit

Before Vanna and Viveka were born, their father's job involved clearing the land of dangerous creatures that threatened nearby dwellers. Some months before their birth, their father received a particular commision which involved capturing a pair of elemental dragons in the nearby forest. Their mother, who came along to assist with the mission, suffered a few injuries due to stray Eden. It was a side effect of this incident that gave Vanna and Viveka their current Eden alignments.

That incident aside, Viveka was born in the city of Emeranne, a major city in the nation of Arcuvansiel. She and her sister attended primary school and secondary school there. Her Eden first started going stray when she was seven, and as Dark Eden was often distrusted, people grew afraid of her and started to avoid her. From there on, she tried to hide her true element, and in secondary school focused her magical study entirely on Water magic. However, she could not grow to trust other people as well, and did not make any close friends.

She graduated at 16 years old, as was usual there. After that, she took a job working in her mother's potions store under an apprentice license. She heard about the Academy of Heroes in her senior year. Wanting to do something good in the world, and under the urging of her sister to go for an experience away from home, she sent in her application that summer.

Academy of Heroes [1st Year]Edit

Viveka began as a bit of a loner, somebody who was awkward around other people and tended to withdraw after trying to mingle with the others. She put herself apart from the others, believing herself to be more mature and skilled as she had graduated from her own country's schooling system before enrolling in the Academy. She had expected much of the same maturity out of the others, but she was disappointed and disturbed by the others' lackadaisy, wild freedom. Some students whom she had first met at the Academy during the enrollment time included Lian Phuonicis, Bai Tian Yao, and Nikolai Stroganoff. Nikolai developed a huge crush on Viveka and continued to stalk her throughout most of Semester 1, with Bai spending much of his time around Viveka correcting Nikolai on how he should be acting around a lady. Bai's well-mannered nature was attractive to Viveka, though, and she soon developed a crush on him. Nikolai, wanting to separate them, interfered in an outing they had together to reveal that Bai was actually currently dating another girl named Shiyoru after he had just shared a kiss with Viveka, and was successful at abruptly ending their friendship.

Her first true friend at the Academy, however, was Razelein, a senior who had initially offered her some tea and explained a few things around. Viveka soon considered Razelein to be her best friend at the Academy. They were often seen together. A notable moment was exploring one of the secret passages of the school, where Viveka obtained a mysterious spellbook that contained a seemingly friendly spirit. Spending most of her time communicating with the spirit, Viveka spent more and more of her time shut away in her room, causing her friendship with Razelein to drift apart. The spirit, Alarice, showed her true nature when on Halloween she took over Viveka's body to carry out the human sacrifices for her own resurrection ceremony to return after her death more than 200 years ago. Raz, being the final student targeted for the sacrifice, was able to reach through to Viveka's mind and reminding her of true friendship, Viveka was able to gain the willpower to break Alarice's control and stop the ceremony. While everyone involved revived and forgot the incident, Razelein and Viveka were the only ones who would remember, but were unable to tell anyone due to a spell that Alarice had left behind forbidding them to speak of the incident.

Besides this event, Viveka found life at Azureus to be too rambunctious for her tastes so she spent much of her time at the neighboring house, Roseus, whose students were a little more mellow although lively as well. She took frequent visits to Roseus, where she made friends with some of the students there, including Ascher and Lee. Lee was someone she grew close to, to the point where she had developed a crush on him as well which she never admitted herself, until on a winter night, he took her aside and openedly questioned if she had feelings for him. Despite being rejected, she still returned to visit often and picked up the courage to ask Lee to the Winter Ball that year, which he accepted.

Academy of Heroes [2nd Year]Edit

Viveka's life went into a state of limbo after Semester 3 examinations. For a time, she was less social than before, due to her close friends having left the Academy and holding disdain towards many of the new students. Without any classes to take, most of her time was spent in her room or just walking around on campus. Eventually, she took on a day job working part-time in a store that brewed potions for sale, and has another job as a mercenary working for anyone who needs a magical hand.

During the PARA!de summer festival held by the school, she ran the Azure Crepe Cafe booth, making custom crepes for customers. Her coworkers were Nereus, Lian, Lillieth and Nyx. The booth itself was a huge success and the profits were stored away in the Azureus treasury. It was during this summer, however, that her close friend Razelein finally departed from the world of Edenia. 

A search for a Christmas tree with Professor Conan led to the discovery of a colony of Cephalopinus - a species of giant tree-like squids. Having accidentally provoked them, she and the Magister fought back the colony with the help of some other students. The colony queen was defeated by the end of the night, but the attack also led to a fire burning down about a third of the visible forest on the Academy grounds before being put out by a Rain Dance spell cast by Taiga with the assistance of Viveka and Conan. From this event, Viveka believes that all trees are more than what they seem.... to put it loosely. She said, before putting out the fire, that the forest gives her "fond memories."

At a point in the winter, she visited Professor Idris to help him file his documents, but the simple task turned into an incident which nearly took her life. She doesn't speak of this under promise to Idris.

In the spring, Conan discovered a tower with a magic spyglass. She and Conan went to lead an exploration party to see what the Tower contained, but it turned into a terrifying fight for her own soul. However, one benefit of the experience was that it lifted a spell from her which forbid her from speaking of an earlier possession episode, lifting a great secret off her shoulders. However, for the rest of the year she would avoid any interaction with Conan.

Academy of Heroes [3rd Year]Edit

Viveka's lifestyle has not changed much, and the third year of her stay at the Academy had begun without any difference from the second. She hardly stays on the campus herself though, except to sleep in her dorm room, and most of her time is taken up by her jobs. However it's often easy to run into her on the campus.

In November, she took on a mercenary contract with Conan and some other students to investigate a mansion which was allegedly haunted. She had originally intended to go alone, but much to her frustration, everybody who saw the flyer wanted to sign up right away as well. Despite how irritating she found them at times, she was glad to have gone with a group in the end, since she found that she was very mistaken to have been able to face the mansion alone. Things were much more terrifying than she had expected....

The winter brought the next round of exams to the Academy. Being free to participate and wanting to help out her underclassmen, she signed up along with Taiga as her exam partner. However, an anomaly happened and she found herself in a strange dream world of an endless winter, taking her to a tall clock tower that stood amidst the ruins of the Academy. She climbed the top of the tower and there met a person who delivered a secret message. However, a dragon who seemed to be the guardian of the world arrived to eliminate her and her classmates before they could escape to the real world with their new secrets. A battle ensued with the dragon, but they were able to hold it off until the messenger was able to deliver them back to Edenia with their new secret mission to stop their respected teacher from bringing about the end of time and space. Despite how dream-like the world was, Viveka found that it was not a dream at all, by evidence of the items she brought back with her, and she had to face the mission which she had been given. 

Together with Professor Conan, she faced Professor Celie head-on. When trying to reason with the ice magistra failed, they fought her directly, and were able to defeat her. However, a strong presence of Eden emerged from Celie and she seemed to evolve into an otherworldly being, who suddenly took down Conan in one hit. Viveka, shocked, was left alone to face what used to be her teacher, and suffered defeat as well. Afterwards, it was Taiga who found her unconscious on the ground and took her to the infirmary to be healed. She and Conan had been heavily injured and spent a long time to recover from their wounds.

When it was all over, she decided to take a long holiday from the Academy and all the terrible situations she had been in. 

Academy of Heroes [4th Year]Edit

Before the Semester 5 enrollments, Viveka finally took all of her things and moved into a flat in the village. She started to make her living as a mercenary, and took on a part-time position at a store selling potions to supplement her income. The incident with Celie was a bitter experience, and she avoided going near the Academy after that. To her, the Academy of Heroes was only a lie. It was a surprise to her that the Academy had begun Semester 5 after all, and she took a trip to the campus to see if it was real - and in fact, there were some new students there.

In the village again, she met Evelyn, Celie's sister, for the first time. Noticing the resemblance, Viveka started a conversation with her, and it was through this conversation that Viveka made a conjecture - Evelyn was looking for Celie at the Academy, then maybe Celie was still there after all, sleeping for months. After all, even though she hadn't seen Celie since winter, she did not know where Celie had gone either. Viveka has a new goal now, to find Celie before she has a chance to rise and destroy Edenia again.

In order to have more opportunities to investigate the campus proper, she enrolled in Semester 5 classes, taking Abyss Defense Mechanisms and Gravity, while also taking up Dark Arts to study on her own. Her attendance was often sporadic, not even showing up for class until a week after they began, owing to her activities outside of classes.

After she found no leads on her own, she decided to ask the new headmaster, Tien, about the fate and whereabouts of Celie, but has promised the headmaster to keep what she learned a secret. After that meeting, she seemed to have gone missing for a time and could not be evaluated on her performance in classes. Viveka was later found escaping the forest by Ascher Kladvin, and revealed the reason for her disappearance to be a dangerous assignment which didn't go quite as planned. In the end, she never finished her classes.

She participated in the spring festival hosted by Azureus House, mainly to have an opportunity to be around the sakura trees and to make sure that nothing drastic happened at the event. However, something almost did - she was approached by Fantine who persistently questioned her about what happened in the Semester 4 exams, triggering Viveka into nearly breaking down. Viveka refused to reveal anything more, and if it were not for the intervention of Abellana and Ascher, a more violent altercation might have resulted.

Academy of Heroes [5th Year] Edit

Afterwards, the Academy had hosted their annual ball in the late spring, but Viveka declined to attend. However, by chance, she happened to be en route home from a contract when the airship she was on passed by the Caelestis Edenia, which was being attacked by pirates and their summons. Feeling a need to help defend the students, she jumped onto the ship's deck from mid-air and joined the fray. Accidentally drawing one of the pirates' attention to herself, she was injured and later woke up in the infirmary with Ascher and Abellana. After the event, she heard of the news that Tien had gone missing, along with the Crystal of Miracles he had been trying to retrieve. Assuming that he was going to use it to revive Celie, her fears and nightmares have returned since then.



Sedley Oliver Ermengilde: Older brother by 4 years, currently 26. He works on a mountain reserve for wild dragons in the country. He was never particulary kind to his younger siblings, but protective when it called for it. He enjoys teasing Viveka by carrying and throwing her in the air.

Vanna Fortuna Ermengilde: Older twin sister, she most distinctively shares Viveka's eye colors. Rather impulsive and headstrong, and also prone to acting rashly and violently when stirred. However, she's very optimistic and likes to push people a little so they can live better. She used to be Viveka's main source of understanding and inspiration, but the events of the Ice Phoenix left such an imprint on Viveka's mind that she's having a hard time feeling close to her sister again. Currently she practices magic in Ruvein.

Norbert Warren Ermengilde: Younger brother by 4 years, currently 18. He sees Viveka as the closest sibling to him, despite how distant she is with him. The youngest one in the family, he's often left alone, and developed a quiet personality from growing up with 3 argumentative siblings.. Shy among older people, but very sociable among those his age, and can even be snarky and manipulative. He often seeks to make friends now since the house is empty with all three siblings grown up. His birthday is on October 27.

Friends & OthersEdit

Razelein: Viveka's first and closest friend that she met at the Academy, their relationship was a detached but understanding one. It was rather strange that they became friends, based on Razelein's eccentric personality, but she was the first person who guided Viveka around the Academy. While she was persistent enough to persuade Viveka out of her shell sometimes, she was also respectful enough to let her be alone  when needed, and these qualities made her a friend that Viveka treasured. Since Razelein disappeared though, Viveka realized that she took their friendship for granted and did not spend nearly enough time with her as she could have. It's a deep regret for her. She was one of the few people whom Razelein told about the World Tree. Since Razelein became the World Tree, Viveka still pretends to talk to her spirit by conversing with plants around the forest. 

Lian Phuonicis:This phoenix girl sees Viveka as an older sister and usually calls her Onee-chan. 

Bai Tian Yao: She remembers him as a person who treated her kindly in her first few days at the Academy, and became attracted to his kind and gentle nature, which contrasted so sharply with those who pursued her affections. He took her out once, and stole a kiss from her, but very soon after she found out he was in a relationship with another girl. Feeling betrayed by this, she quickly ended their friendship and didn't speak to him again. After he didn't return from the Semester 2 exams, she thought him dead and was filled with regret for not forgiving him while she still could. She met him again one day, but things between them have not repaired. While she wishes him well, they have gone their own separate ways, and she would prefer not to see him again for what he put her through.

Lee Greenwater: A friend of Viveka's from Roseus, she lost her friendship and her heart to this young man. Originally she met him when she started spending time in the Roseus dorms. She appreciated his sincerity, selflessness, and even found his cowardice to be cute in a way; by winter she had fallen for him. He figured it out and wormed a confession out of her, after which he apologized for not returning her feelings. The two have promised to stay friends, but his rejection left her deeply hurt. Because she hates to lose friends however, Viveka still tries to stay in contact with him. She remembers many good moments with him and misses him a lot. She maintains an attachment to him based on the fact that he is her one remaining close friend from before "everything changed." Viveka is one of the few people who knows he is from the future.

Ascher Kladvin: She mostly remembers that Ascher was usually around Lee, as a cute, stuttering furball. Since the both of them have graduated, their friendship has drifted. Today they are not particularly close, but still maintain a friendly relationship. She's run into Ascher a few times around the Academy since class and was one of her classmates in Semester 5. 

Taiga Kurosu: An unlikely friend to Viveka, she didn't really get to know him until after the exams and Razelein's departure. She still thinks he's kind of weird, but he has her respect from how he'd kept prodding her about her feelings, so as a result she is more comfortable opening to him than other people, if only to get him to stop bothering her. They occasionally partner up on mercenary work. 

Conan Heidrich: Initially Viveka took a little pity on this magister, and wanted to help out the new teacher who looked lost and awkward. She didn't think much of him before, but he was kind and funny. He confessed to her once that most people thought he was stupid and Viveka was practically his only friend at the Academy. She felt a little guilty about this, so she takes care to be nicer to him from now on and get to know him better, even though she still thinks he's a bit stupid.

Idris Arthfael: Being her first teacher at the Academy, and the one who treated her in the way she most expected of a teacher, Viveka holds a lot of respect and admiration for this teacher. To her, he turned out to be much nicer than she had expected, but since some dangerous situation had followed her encounter with him, Viveka is still a bit scared to talk to him. However, she's put a lot of trust in him, since he's saved her life. Since the Semester 4 exams, she wished he had been around a little more often. It would have been nice to have at least one reliable teacher around.

Lakhana Z. Weinstadt: Viveka started talking to Lakhana around Semester 4 - before then they had little reason to interact much at all. To her, Lakhana is a nice enough person who gives her too much unfounded credit, which annoys her a little at best, and makes her suspicious of sycophanty at worst. However, she at least sees Lakhana as a junior to keep under her wing, and taking some responsibility to guide her is a way for Viveka to make amends where she has found disappointment in the past. She hasn't seen Lakhana since the Semester 4 exams and doesn't know about her current condition. 

Laymann Scorn: Her first contact with Laymann was the worst, as he said some insulting things to her during the S4 Winter Ball. However, he did come around again to apologize to her, which smoothed things over between them a little, and after getting to know him over a few adventures, she sort of... tolerates him. Usually, though, she'll initially pretend as if seeing him disgusts her. Despite his unpolished social manner, his skills and intelligence makes up for it, and he's proven to be a decent team member for commissions.

Moribund Starsein: His friendship has had somewhat healing influence on Viveka, being someone she finds to be a like-minded person, and having met him just after the Tower incident. She finds that he has a lot of good advice to give, and besides that, his cooking is fabulous. She also thinks he has much more direction than she does concerning plans after the Academy. She regrets not getting to know him for very long before he decided to depart from the school, but since they have promised to meet again, she hopes that they will continue to be friends.

Celie S. Eiriol: She was once somebody whom Viveka trusted and respected. Despite being even younger than herself, Viveka was able to look past her age to admire her expertise and power. However, learning of Celie's secret and then facing her at the end of the Semester 4 final has changed all that. What used to be respect has turned into fear, but Viveka can only leave her broken trust behind. She doesn't think she could ever face Lady Celie the same way again. As Celie was the headmistress of the Academy, the encounter has changed Viveka's feelings towards the school as well.

Evelyn D. Eiriol: She first noticed Evelyn out of her resemblance to Celie. Because of what she knew about Celie though, she is highly suspicious that Evelyn is actually a similar being to Celie, and hiding a great destructive power. Although she sees Evelyn as a cute and sweet girl on the outside, she cannot let her guard down either. 

Venna Vennadrinis: A cheerful girl who likes hugs and has a short attention span. She mainly knows Venna from when the girl started to stay at the school waiting for the Semester 5 enrollments, but Venna's boundless curiosity made an impression on Viveka as someone who wouldn't survive on her own for long.  It reminds her of Lakhana a bit. She generally thinks Venna is a little annoying, but sometimes her kindness can bring a smile to Viveka's face.

Tien Fong Xen: She respects him both for his position as the new Headmaster and for his known ability in magic. She thinks Tien knows something about the event and they had a private conversation about it, but currently she is unable to fully trust him. Although he told her to stop investigating the matter, Viveka is unsure if Tien was simply trying to hide it from her, so she continues her search. It is perhaps important to note that they were on the same side during the Semester 4 exams, but Viveka may have forgotten this.

Azalea H. Lillium: Viveka did not think much of this dryad but found his presence to be calming, even if she wishes he would cheer up at least a little. However, being from one of the early Leagues of the Academy like him, she has some understanding of what influenced his current personality. Generally, she likes being around Azalea since he is a quiet and empathetic person in a time when she very much needs company.

Fantine Rêve: She finds this girl a persistent, annoying presence who keeps prying about the Semester 4 Exams incident with Celie. True, one may be curious about the mysterious event, but her incessant questioning brought back terrible memories to Viveka. Fantine may have apologized, but Viveka hasn't truly forgiven her, and wants her never to ask of the incident again. Other than that, half the time she doesn't understand whatever Fantine is saying.

Helena Rosemary: Viveka first became acquainted with Helena through the Academy's bar, and mainly remembers her for serving a mysterious drink called "Jovial Juice," and twice Viveka has had to intervene in situations where people who had consumed Jovial Juice started to wreak havoc on the premises. She mainly sees Helena as a cause of trouble and never up to any good. It's only recently that she's starting to discover more of Helena's friendly side, but she's still cautious about anything that the girl would suggest.

Sergio Kalis: A quiet young man whom she finds to be rather similar to her in disposition. He's kind of offended her, though, and she hopes he'll regard her as a normal person.

Daemyn Bancroft: She finds him to be a very kind and helpful young man. Rather cute actually, unlike his older brother Locke.

Huma Lysander: She's gotten to be around Huma since Venna's adventure. For now, she sees him as a sort of cute, quiet kid who listens to her, and his innocence is a refreshing aspect of him.

Ciramath Nehant: An annoying and persistent child, who has tried her patience more than once. He keeps asking her about the Ice Phoenix incident, and Viveka doesn't understand why it matters so much to him since he enrolled at the Academy long after it happened. Not to mention, his long rambling conversations convince her that he only wants to approach her in order to hear himself talk.

Magic & AbilitiesEdit

Viveka is able to perform a rather balanced set of offensive and defensive magic, and her abundant Eden capacity is a distinct advantage, giving her the ability to cast more spells at farther range. She is best at ranged area-of-effect magic, but off the field she also has a good talent for magic which makes use of measured rituals and calculations. Her natural Eden affinity is Dark, but with taking an extra step to convert her Eden energy she can use Water and Ice magic as well.

Her physical strength and stamina have improved since thanks to her mercenary work, but physical combat is still not a strong suit. She has only few hand-to-hand skills, but she has been prone to violent reactions to unwanted attention (from men) however, which has led to misleading impressions of her fighting ability.

She wields a scythe which can be summoned from her shadow.


  • Tracking: Used to detect a known Eden signature within a certain area, depending on how much Eden is used in the spell. This area can be manipulated - for example, focusing in one direction, rather then a 360-degree radius, can adjust the area of the spell to cover a longer but narrower range. Up to half of the Eden used in the spell can be reclaimed. She learned this from her father.
  • Shadow Bind: Manipulates the shadows around an area and uses Dark Eden to bind a target's limbs in place. It's very strong, though a good amount of lightning or light magic can break it.
  • Shadow Barrier: Uses Dark Eden to manipulate shadows in order to shield the user. Appears first as a chain lattice pattern of Dark Eden, which supports the barrier. The fewer shadows there are in an area, the more Dark Eden is required to cast it. It is very good at absorbing elemental attacks and physical impact. Weak to light and lightning magic.
  • Glacial Spear: Uses Ice Eden to freeze around a target. Taught in Ice Class, Semester 2.
  • Slow: A scribed spell used to cut the speed of a target (including oneself) in half, able to affect targets up to the size of a horse and lasts for a 30-second duration. Casting it requires a paper and a spoken incantation. Taught in Suppressive Arts class, semester 2.
  • Living Shadow: Detaches part of the caster's shadow and allows it to be shaped and controlled. It is powered by the remaining shadow of the caster, which determines its duration. It can be used to spy on places, or hold and transport things. Taught in Dark Class, Semester 3.
  • Ice Missile: Conjures needles of ice which are then launched against the target, or multiple targets in any direction. Viveka's ice needles are about 9-10 inches long each. Learned from a spellbook that was gifted by a friend. She uses this spell the most often.
  • Stop: Halts the movement of a living object (human, animal, plant, anything with a heart or soul) for three seconds. This spell is scribed on the palm of the left hand, in two concentric circles drawn counterclockwise with the incantation, "Llyfr Coch Hergest." The specific incantation for this spell is "Rhoi'r goran i gorff". Once cast, the spell will remain charged and ready to act for half a day. The spell is performed by direct contact of the left palm towards the heart of the target. When performed wrongly, this spell can injure the left hand, in some cases amputating the hand itself. Taught by Idris in a private lesson in Semester 4.
  • Eden Thread (?): Generates threads out of Eden. She's been working on strengthening the threads to use on physical objects as binds. The threads are only maintained as long as she concentrates, and are able to piece through flesh without leaving any damage (although causing great pain). She improvised this from what she was able to learn in Abyss Defensive Maneuvers.
  • Ice Wall: Generates a physical wall of ice to shield the user from harm. It's more solid than her shadow barrier, but its direction and coverage is more limited.
  • Dark Slash: An offensive spell which uses Dark Eden and leaves destruction wherever it hits; however, it can only hit anything once.

General Abilities:Edit

  • Water Manipulation: She knows some basic skills with Water magic, having studied it in secondary school. As utility magic, she can use it to pick up liquids and to dry objects. In combat, it is only effective when she has an abundant source to use. She can also conjure some small amounts of water (and by extension, ice), but it is slow and inefficient in combat without using formal spells.
  • Shadow Manipulation: She can move shadows around and uses it mostly to form binding or shield configurations as seen above. In darkness she can pull shadows "from the air."
  • She can also see in the dark by filling her surroundings with Eden, which tells her the shape and locations of surrounding objects. However she cannot see colors or printed words this way, and it has a more limited range compared to normal sight. She tends to do this subconsciously, and because of this her Eden levels are lower at night.
  • She also has the ability to see ghosts and other Dark-affinity spirits. Usually she wears glasses to block them from her vision. The glasses are dark as a side effect of the spell on them, and from being used to wearing them, her eyes are sensitive to light. As the magic used on the spell has been improved, her newer glasses are much lighter in tint that before.
  • Her affinity for Dark and also for Ice gives her a certain resistance to cold. She feels comfortably chilly in snowy conditions.
  • Viveka is also rather skilled in potionry and knows how to make several potions from her mother, including a healing potion and cold medicines. She usually keeps a few stocked on her person.


  • Light Eden gives her nausea when affected by it, ranging from headache to vomiting depending on the amount used. Besides this side effect though, she can be fully healed by Light-based healing.
  • Previously she wore a necklace to enhance her usage of Ice Eden; it was a special gift which has since been lost in the Tower incident. Currently, she has bracelets containing Eden crystals to serve this purpose.
  • She now has a different pair of glasses for field work, which have a thicker frame for more durability, and a strap to keep them on her head.
  • She has a scar on her left palm in the shape of two concentric circles, caused by a backfired Stop spell. While it could have been healed, she keeps it as a reminder of that the dream-like winter was not a dream at all.
  • She has more scars related to her fight with Magistra Celie. They are concentrated around her upper chest, right arm and a few on her legs.
  • She also has a new scar on her stomach thanks to the pirates in the Semester 5 Exam.