The White Dragon generally refers to a branch of oriental dragon race which appears in Asian myths. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Like other type of oriental dragons, White Dragons have the appearance of a lizard with serpent-like body covered in white scales, long snout that may look like crocodile or wolf, lion or tiger-like manes, deer-like horns, 2 pair of legs with talons on them, furred or fin-like appendages growing from the neck across their back till the tip of tail which may ended into a tuff of fur or tail fin. The length of the dragon varies depend on their age, and the older it goes the bigger it is. Unlike the Western counterpart of their kind, all oriental dragons include the White Dragons are lacking wings, but they have the ability to fly just like swimming in the water. As a water associated race, White Dragons have the ability to breathe in underwater and have the capabilities in water manipulation.

The lifespan of a White Dragon is considered very long as there were records showing some of them lived over a thousand years. There was a saying that every oriental dragons possess a life orb of its own, and its life remains as long as there are magic within the orb. The color of orb depends by the magical properties of the dragon and a lively dragon's orb is shown as if it is burning with fire regardless of what affinity it is. Because of this orb, White Dragon have the ability to shapeshift into human form, however for younger dragons they are unable to hide their ears, horns and tail well in this form.

Ecology & SocietyEdit

White Dragon often described as the guardians of seas as they lived in the seas, and often being worshipped as god by the humans in the area. They generally live together with their blood family. However, there are reports showing that White Dragons may form clans of their own and lived in colonies. The dragons are generally carnivorous and feeds on sea creatures such as fish and marine mammals. Despite their diet, the dragons are able to coexist with other marine creatures in peace.

White Dragons may seen to distant themselves from each other, however reports showing that there are links between each White Dragon families and even clans regardless of areas, as they may meet with each other occasionally, although there were no proofs showing this yet. 

People from this clanEdit