Winged Tiger is a type of beast-like hybrid race introduced by Akari-Scifo

Physical AppearanceEdit


Huan Zhen Lin, Neku's father showing his magic ability

As the name implies, Winged Tigers are generally appear as tigers with feathered wings growing on their back. This race was from Alter Sekai, a world similar to ancient China or Japan. The Winged Tigers are strong in both physical and magic, which considered as one of the strongest race, or youkai in their world. They also have the ability to shapeshift into human form with cat/tiger ears, stripes on parts of their skin, black sharp nails and a striped tail. They have their wings on in human form but can hide them magically if needed.

Ecology and SocietyEdit

As Winged Tigers are from another world, not many reports are shown on this race. However apparently they lived in the same pattern as Ancient China in clan of multiple hierarchy levels, with an Emperor as leader. There are also reports shown that the Winged Tigers are at war with a nearby White Dragon Clan, however both clans ceased their fire in recent years.

People from this RaceEdit