Xun Lei Xi


Lei, Lei-er




Azureus (formerly Virens)


September 8th


Virgo, Dragon


5"6' (168cm)




 LeiXi's always grinning and smiling, as it is always better to act happy than sad. She almost always moves with her back straight and her head held high, for a good posture shows confidence. She walks deliberately and purposefully, for it would not do for her actions to exude anything but strength and power. 

"Be decisive, take charge, and most importantly, do not let anyone see your weakness."

LeiXi was raised on those principles, and to a point, her entire attitude and personality was built upon them. She can have a horribly one-track mind at times where she forgets about everything but her goal. LeiXi will also never let anyone see her when she isn't at her best. She doesn't think that it's okay to cry; LeiXi wouldn't even cry at a funeral, as tears are a weakness that is only allowed in private. LeiXi will lash out if she is caught off guard.

Despite all this, LeiXi is a generally happy person. She sees the glass as half-full rather than half empty, and would rather see the good in people than the bad. LeiXi is fiercely protective of her friends to the point of occasionally forgetting that her friends are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. She is confident almost to the point of arrogance, though only in her chosen fields. She isn't easily angered, but when provoked, LeiXi is very violent. She isn't very good with words when upset, so if someone does manage to piss her off, she'll likely punch their face in.

LeiXi is mildly paranoid due to her past. She is twitchy and jumpy in unfamiliar places and has a habit of always unconsciously seeking out possible escape routes. She has also accidentally injured people who have surprised her. However, she's friendly with strangers and will go out of her way to make people feel comfortable. Lei Xi knows her paranoia and unconscious suspicion of everyone isn't healthy, and tries to compensate by being more friendly and ignoring the little voice in the back of her mind that says to trust no one.

Because of AoH's more relaxed environment, however, Lei Xi is significantly less on guard and is more comfortable letting loose. As a result, she is often very mischievous and generally just enjoying acting like a kid.


LeiXi was born in Xian to a fairly high ranking military family. Her father was a general and was too busy to spend much time with her. Thus, her half brother, Arrats was the one who trained and practically raised her. He drilled her in martial arts daily because it would be shameful to for a Xun to be a poor fighter.

Lei Xi almost worshiped her older brother, and didn't want to do anything to disappoint him. She trained hard and joined the military as was expected of her. She excelled and was put on a supposedly easy mission to Killikos, whom Xian was not on good terms with. At all. Unfortunately, the mission was compromised a few weeks in, and Lei Xi lost most of the team, including the team leader. Lei Xi ended up taking command of the few left and they managed to (barely) complete the mission and return to Xian bruised and traumatized, but mostly in one piece. The Xian military were very pleased with how Lei Xi handled the situation, she was selected to participate in numerous other black-ops missions.

History at AoHEdit

About a year later, her father was killed in action and between that and the mental strain of black-op missions, Lei Xi could feel that she was reaching her limit. She requested a leave of absence to collect herself and left Xian. In her travels, she happened upon AoHC, and was floored by how carefree and fun the academy was. In exchange for staying at the school, she agreed to help teach and mentor the students at the academy.

After one semester at the academy, Lei Xi was recalled to Xian. They wanted her to run another mission into Killikos, and though Lei Xi still wasn't feeling her best, she agreed. She completed the mission and was just settling back down in Xian when when she received a letter from Kaeddyndetailing the catastrophy at AoHC and requesting her return. Worried for her friends and students, Lei Xi immediately set off back to the academy, leaving only a note to explain her sudden departure from Xian.


LeiXi started martial arts when she was very little and has always known her eden as chi. As a result, she is familiar with using her eden to increase the power (and even range) of her strikes. She can punch through walls and punch people through walls. She can even knock a table over just by kicking near it, but she can't lift a car for an extended period of time as she doesn't technically have super strength.

She is a hand-to-hand combat specialist; LeiXi tends to throw any weapon she gets her hands on rather than use it properly. She is somewhat familiar with escrima sticks and knows her way around shorter swords, though.

She can also deflect small projectiles and magic with eden infused paper talismans. She uses the talismans as an extention of herself, pushing eden into it as she does to various parts of her body then releases her hold on the eden, letting it rapidly expand and create a small explosion (more like a burst, really) to deflect. She sometimes uses this technique to buffer her falls.

Her gauntlet helps her channel eden to her talismans, as her control over eden outside her body is abysmal. As such, she can only use her talismans with her left hand. Though she knows she should practice with her talismans more, Lei Xi's managed as she's better at blocking with her left side, and thus far she's only used her talismans defensively.



Arrats Xun - Lei Xi's half-brother 19 years older than her. He's a very serious, no-nonsense person who Lei Xi loves and respects very, very much. He practically raised her and was honestly more of a father to her than their actual father.










- She doesn't really use doors. She likes to enter rooms through windows or...walls.

She can only lie under pressure (life or death situations). Otherwise she's a TERRIBLE liar.

- She has an unreasonable fear of babies and toddlers. Anything under the age of 5, really.

- Over half her scars were obtained because she was a stupid kid, though she'll deny it

- Her training vest is her security blanket. She's had it for forever and it used to be navy in color. 

- Hospitals and LeiXi do not mix. Bad Things happen. Even if most of those Bad Things are usually the result of LeiXi trying to escape from the Evil Nurses. The caps are necessary.

- The tattoo is proof of her alligence towards the Xian military. It also serves for identification purposes if she was killed. It's magical in origin, so it can be removed should Lei Xi need to hide her alligence (cough black-ops cough).